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2011 check

Bertrand's check, revealing the game takes place in 2011.

2011 (MMXI) was a common year which began on a Saturday.


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Real WorldEdit


  • The events of InFamous 2 take place:
    • The Empire City Quarantine is lifted.
    • The Beast shows up, as Kessler predicted. Cole MacGrath gets defeated and the Empire Event occurs, destroying Empire City and taking millions of lives.
    • Because of the Empire Event, New Marais goes under lockdown. Cole and the gang head there.
    • The Beast begins traveling down the East Coast, destroying all cities and heading for New Marais.
    • Joseph Bertrand III begins his reign against Conduits, and Cole MacGrath.
    • Cole learns about Sebastian Wolfe's research, and uses it.
    • Wolfe is killed and Lucy Kuo is taken by the Militia. Cole goes after Kuo and frees her from a chamber, but along with this, Cole accidentally releases the Vermaak 88, and they begin their reign of terror. Kuo also unlocks her Cryokinesis powers.
    • Cole and Kuo use the Power Transfer Device and Cole gains Cryokinesis powers, as well.
    • Cole defeats, and kills Bertrand.
    • The Beast shows up twice in New Marais and Cole defeats him the second time. He learns that John White really is The Beast.
    • Cole activates the Ray Field Inhibitor to save humanity, but along with this, most Conduits die.
    • After the Empire Event, Congress issues a law that suspended the rights of Conduits.