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2018 (MMXVIII) is a common year that started on a Monday.



  • The events of InFamous: First Light took place:
    • Abigail Walker revealed her past to Brooke Augustine, about how she and her brother Brent Walker were going to sneak out of Seattle to Canada when she uncovered her Neon powers. Also, her brother died, and she swore revenge.
    • Abigail killed Shane, avenging her brother's death.
    • Abigail was then released into the custody of the Military, but with the help of Hank, she managed to escape, leading to the event of InFamous: Second Son.
  • The events of InFamous: Second Son took place:
    • Abigail Walker, Henry Daughtry, and Eugene Sims escaped from Curdun Cay and came to Seattle, where they met Delsin Rowe.
    • Delsin met Hank, who unlocked Delsin's Conduit gene and his Power Absorption power, giving him Smoke, which terrified Delsin.
    • Brooke Augustine injured Betty with concrete, and Delsin swore that he would find a way to heal Betty. He planned to absorb Augustine's concrete power for this.
    • Delsin and his brother Reggie Rowe went to Seattle where, after meeting the other escaped Conduits (and a few absorptions), Delsin obtained three new powers: Neon, Concrete, and Video.
    • Reggie was killed thanks to Augustine, leaving Delsin to take her down to avenge his brother's death and heal Betty.