Adamson Building

Adamson Building patrolled by Dust Men.

The Adamson Building was an old brown, brick building seen in Infamous. It was located by the harbor of the Warren district in Empire City.


The building was situated on a large dock area. It was inhabited by the Dust Men most of the time, with two or three of them present at the area and roof of the building. There were also turrets stationed around the building. The building also featured a small water tower on the top, close to the edge. A satellite containing a Dead Drop message could be found on the roof of this building as well.


Secrets Revealed

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After Cole MacGrath restored power to the remainder of the Warren,[1] he was phoned by undercover agent John White, who told him to meet him outside the Adamson Building, that way they could discuss their plans regarding the Ray Sphere. He told Cole to come alone, but unbeknownst to Cole, a helicopter appeared, causing John to flee from the area.


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