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Concept of Alden's Tower.

Alden started collecting scrap, metal, junk, anything else he could get his hands on the moment the quarantine was put in place. Probably for use to that tower.
— Moya on Alden's Tower.

Alden's Tower was a tall structure constructed out of scrap materials. It was located in Empire City and was constructed after the Blast.



Located within Tent City, over what used to be a park, Alden's Tower was the largest structure in Empire City next to the Staton Building. Alden Tate and the Dust Men constructed the tower using any scrap materials they could scavenge. The very top of the tower served as a safe place to hide the Ray Sphere, which the Dust Men came into possession of after the Blast.

It additionally served as his new body so that he could "take back what was rightfully his" from Kessler. However, after Kessler stole back the Ray Sphere with the assistance of Zeke Dunbar,[1] Alden used telekinesis to remove the top of the tower to serve as a tool of destruction to unleash his rage on Empire City.

The Ray Sphere

In the mission "The Ray Sphere," Cole MacGrath and Zeke Dunbar had to scale the massive tower to reach the Ray Sphere. Along their way, Cole had to power elevators to help Zeke get up there. Once they reached the top, a battle ensued between Cole and the Dust Men, a conflict which ended in Zeke activating the Ray Sphere, and Kessler appearing. Kessler, along with Zeke, subsequently fled in a helicopter with the Ray Sphere.


  • Despite mentioning that they were working around the clock to build this tower, there is never anyone around it until the mission.
  • Moya mentions that Alden started gathering junk just after the Blast, indicating that this was his plan all along.
  • There is an absence of Blast Shards on the tower due to the fact that the building itself was constructed after the events of the Blast.
  • Interestingly, at the end of Infamous: Post Blast (roughly four days after the Blast) Alden's Tower can be seen in the background, seeming almost complete. Since the enormous tower presumably wasn't built in only a few days, it can be assumed that this was a mistake.
  • Alden's Tower is one of the stages in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, where it crosses over with the Sly Cooper franchise. The Ray Sphere also appears as a stage item.


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