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Alden's Tower is a location in inFamous.


Located within Tent City, Alden's Tower is the largest structure in Empire City next to the Staton Building. This massive behemoth of steel and concrete was created by Alden Tate to serve as his new body so that he could "take back what was rightfully his" from Kessler. However, after Kessler stole back the Ray Sphere with the assistance of Zeke Dunbar, Alden used telekinesis to remove the top of the tower to serve as a tool of destruction to unleash his rage on Empire City.


In the mission The Ray Sphere, Cole must scale the massive tower and power elevators to raise Zeke to the next platform. At the top a battle ensues between Cole and the Dust Men, a conflict which ends in Zeke activating the Ray Sphere, and Kessler appearing - Kessler subsequently runs away with both Zeke and the Ray Sphere.


The reason he only took control of the very top, which comprises only about 10% of the tower, and not the rest of the structure may be because that he did not have the power to do so. Perhaps Alden planned to reactivate the Ray Sphere to gain the power necessary to control the entire tower. According to comments made by one city engineer during a mission the tower was built by engineers and citizens enslaved and used as forced labour by the Dust Men- in the words of an engineer rescued by Cole "All I know is that working on that damn thing is a death sentence, all they want to do is work you until you drop then pop you in the head".


  • Moya mentions that Alden started gathering junk just after the Blast, indicating that this was his plan all along.
  • There are no Blast Shards on the tower, as it was built after The Blast.
  • Interstingly, at the end of InFamous: Post Blast (roughly 4 days after The Blast) Alden's Tower can be seen in the background, seeming almost complete. This means most of the work was done in just a few days, while in the following weeks there just some last pieces of scrap attached or Alden started to build his army ad prepare them for a nearing electrical powerhouse.
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