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Alden in Chains was the twenty-fifth story mission in Infamous. Cole and Zeke needed to help the police keep Alden secure in his prison cell until he could be extracted.


The Dust Men are going to hit it with everything they've got, and the extraction team is still twenty miles away. Do whatever it takes to keep Alden secure.
― Moya advises Cole on the mission objective.[src]

Cole made his way to Eagle Point Penitentiary in the Warren, where he met up with Zeke. He asked Cole to cover the police while they try to move Alden and the prisoners. Standing on the electric walkway Zeke rigged up for him,[notes 1] Cole used his powers to fend off several mortars being launched their way. The second assault begun as the Transients blow the front walls open and began swarming the prison grounds. At that point, Zeke insisted on fighting alongside Cole, but it was his duty to help the cops inside the prison.

Once the first wave was clear, the electric chair keeping Alden incompacitated was shut down. Cole was asked by Zeke to climb to the top of the prison and reactivate the power. Once he returned to the prison grounds, the Dust Men launched their third assault, causing the police to form a defensive perimeter around Alden. As Cole helped thesm fight off the remaining forces, Zeke abandoned his post to join the fight, believing the officer inside could contain Alden on their own. Then suddenly, the officers announced on the loudspeaker that Alden has broken free.

Zeke's Failure[]

Not sure Zeke's ever going to forgive himself for this... don't know that he should.
― Cole describes Zeke's mistake.[src]

Cole opens the door to all of the dead officers in Alden's cell.

Cole and Zeke rushed back inside the prison, only to find the officers dead and Alden gone. Full of guilt, Zeke left the prison, while Alden and the Dust Men were at Tent City, celebrating their victory over Cole and the police. Now, the Ray Sphere seemed farther than ever, and Cole knew that Alden would prepare, for he knew Cole was coming for him.


The next morning, Moya scolded Cole for failing to secure Alden and strictly insisted that he cut Zeke loose, as he was now seen as a liability.

As Cole headed north to the substation, he was contacted by Trish, who was at the hospital with Zeke, wondering why he was so upset. Cole explained to her the incident Zeke caused at the prison, which Trish was shocked to hear.[notes 2] Cole then firmly suggested that Zeke refrain from being involved any further in his situation, as things were very serious, with people dying all over the place and him being unable to protect everyone.[notes 3]


First assault[]

Cole uses his Shockwave ability as defense against the Dust Men threats.

Upon entering the prison, go left and climb over the entrance. When you get to the blue waypoint, approach the fence where Zeke and a few officers await. Get on top of the electric walkway Zeke has set up, and prepare for a few attacks from the Transients. They will begin their assault by launching giant mortars into the prison yard. Your job is to protect yourself and your allies by using Cole's Shockwaves to redirect them away from you.

Second assault[]

Cole goes toe-to-toe with a Golem Conduit.

After this segment, a section of the wall ahead will be blown apart, allowing a group of Dust Men to swarm in and start attacking, triggering a hefty battle. Began chugging as many Shock Grenades and Megawatt Hammers as possible, but for now, ignore the RPG Dust Men in the distance, as you cannot touch them until the walkway you are on is destroyed. Soon enough, a Golem Conduit will join the battle. Try to clear most of the enemies from the immediate area, then fire a barrage of Lightning Bolts at the Golem's arms. With its arms severed, just continue firing at its body until it goes down.

Charge the generator[]

Cole scales the dilapidated walls of the prison.

After this wave of enemies is cleared, you will need climb to the top of the prison to reach the substation that generates power to Alden's electric chair. Begin by approaching the pipes and windows above your location. Defeat a few Dust Men on this platform, then go toward the wrecked stairs. Ascend the left wall (where a yellow ledge lies) and climb onto the wire mesh. Leap to the staircase, then up ahead, leap to the next gap and bound your way around the wall here. You will see a bunch of beams and ledges here. A lot of them will collapse under Cole's weight, so you must move quickly while also dealing with Transients perched along your path. Make your way to the platform they were on, and it will collapse right away. Immediately grab hold of the pipe and pull yourself up.

Leap to the next pipe, and go out to the end of it so that you can spot the next few ledges that will lead you to a few more beams. What follows is another pipe you can climb to get to a large beam to the right. Jump to another one, then onto the next ledge. You should find some burning prison cages as you venture further up. Ascend straight up and take out the trash bagger at the top. The generator lies right behind him. Once you charge it up, return to prison yard.[notes 4]

Cole fights some Transients on the prison roof.

Though it is not so simple, you can access the roof by attempting to climb the slope to your right. Clear out the Transients here, then head to the north edge. To make it easier, just toss them off the roof using Shockwaves. You will spot some more enemies below, one of them weilding a Gatling gun. Snipe him in the head using Precision, then use grenades against the others. When it is clear, continue going down and eleminate the few more Dust Men you see. Follow the blue waypoint to return to the battle area.

Final assault[]

As the enemies begin to pile in for the final wave, get onto an electrified platform to maintain a constant supply of energy. A few Dust Men will stop directly in front of you, allowing for easy grenade kills. Use Precision to deal with the ones at the far end. Bear in mind that you can remain in Precision for much longer, so long as you remain on the electric platform.

When a Golem appears, immediately shift your focus to him. Like before, destroy its arms before going for the body. As you constantly spam these powers on the Conduit, you will end up taking out any surrounding enemies in the process. Once the Golem is down, search for any surviving enemies, then prepare to take down two Golems at once. One will appear a bit earlier than the other, allowing for a headstart on him. Since Shock Grenades and Megawatt Hammers create good splash damage, you could end up damaging both Conduits at once.[notes 5] After they are defeated, clear out the remaining enemies to finish the mission.[notes 6]



Infamous Walkthrough - Alden in Chains

Behind the scenes[]

The mission name is a parody of American grunge band, Alice In Chains.


  1. If one visits the prison grounds prior to this mission, the electric walkway is already there.
  2. Cole states that Alden killed every cop in the prison. This is an overstatement, however, as Alden likely killed only the officers in his cell and the control room, as well as a few officers he may have found on his way out. Also, Warden Harms and any officers outside are known to have survived.
  3. Depending on Cole's karma, Trish will either show sympathy or deny him.
  4. The mission fails if the player exits the prison yard and remains outside the boundary of the prison walls.
  5. This segment in the mission can be prolonged by intentionally delaying to kill the two Golems. Dust Men will continuously spawn outside and move into the prison yard. They can be killed for extra experience points.
  6. If the player takes too long to complete the mission, the power will go out in that section of the Warren.