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Amp City

Anarchy city
Country: USA
Government: Unknown
Appears in: inFamous Anarchy (non-canon appearance)

Amp City is the main location in inFamous Anarchy, which is divided into several districts. By visiting them one can complete jobs and gain experience. New locations are unlocked as one level up.


  1. Amp City Avenue
  2. Player Districts: Each player has its own district. The player can customize it with near-endless possibilities. Players can visit each other's districts too, either as a Neighbour friend or as a rival.
  3. Dockyard
  4. Airfield
  5. French Quarter
  6. Gas Light District
  7. St. Rochelle
  8. Archer Square
  9. Historic District
  10. Swamp
  11. Haitian District
  12. Amusement Park
  13. Casino District
  14. Trailer Park
  15. Rivet Town
  16. Red Light District
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