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An Old Friend was the seventeenth story mission in Infamous. With the help of two engineers, Cole MacGrath worked to lower the Stone Canal Drawbridge.


Trish, I think I found Roger. He must've done something to piss these guys off because they're all over him.
― Cole MacGrath[src]

Trish Dailey contacted Cole, explaining that she had to get a bus over to Bayview Hospital to see if there were any medical supplies available. Cole explained that the Jefferson Tunnel was trashed, and the Stone Canal Drawbridge was not lowered. Trish mentioned somebody by the name of Roger Miller, a city engineer who used to work with her father. Knowing that he would be the one to fix the bridge, Trish advised Cole to locate him.

Two Dust Men surround Roger.

Upon doing so, Cole saw Roger being held hostage by two patrolling Dust Men and figured he must have upset them somehow. Trish, however, explained that there was a rumor going around about the Dust Men kidnapping engineers and mechanics to use them as slave labor. To make matters worse, they publicly execute anyone who refuses to work. She warned Cole that he would need to execute the captors almost simultaneously, or they would kill Roger. After Cole took them both down, he approached Roger, and the latter recognized him as the man with the powers. Cole mentioned Trish requesting that he lower the Stone Canal Drawbridge.

As the two proceeded towards the bridge, Roger, expressing concern over Trish being stuck in the quarantine, mentioned how he used to go camping with her and Amy Dailey, but it was when Trish's father got transferred upstate that he fell out of touch with the two. Roger then inquired about Amy making it out of the quarantine. Cole reluctantly reassured him that she did.

Cole uses Precision to kill the Reapers surrounding Lou.

The two soon reached the control panel to the bridge. Unfortunately, the Dust Men were not to let them accomplish the task without a fight, therefore Cole used his powers to defend Roger against the incoming swarms of Dust Men troops. After a short while, the Dust Men backed off, but Roger only managed to get the bridge lowered halfway, as the hydraulics on the south side of the bridge failed to engage. Roger contacted another engineer named Lou Purgon, who was in the Neon District and would be able to activate the hydraulics on his side. However, since the Reapers were swarming all over the district, Lou refused to go anywhere without sufficient protection.

Roger sent Cole over to the Neon to find Lou. Cole found Lou in Memorial Park, and Lou too was being held captive. Cole quickly subdued the surrounding Reaper thugs and led Lou to the bridge. Along the way, Cole asked Lou why the Reapers captured him. The latter explained that the Reapers were aware of the transients seeking engineers to work on their tower, and figured they would get a reward if they were to trade him.

The bridge is now available for crossing.

Upon reaching the bridge controls, Cole prepared for a fight against the Reapers to protect Lou. As soon as the Reapers backed off for a moment, Roger, on the other side, began facing another ambush by the Dust Men. Cole rushed back over to the Warren to help him. Believing the transients would not bother him anymore, he sent Cole back to help Lou. After fending off the last of the Reapers, Lou realized that there was not enough juice to activate the bridge's hydraulics, which meant only one thing—Cole had to use his electric powers to charge up the control panels on both sides. After doing so, the bridge was finally lowered, and cars began crossing it. Cole then left Trish a voice mail message to let her know that the bridge was lowered.


Cole targets Roger's capturers using Precision.

Upon starting the mission, you will see Roger surrounded by two Dust Men in Valentine Park right below. You must kill them quickly before they assassinate Roger. Use Cole's Precision to accomplish this, then approach Roger. Lead him to the control panel to the bridge marked on your minimap. Once there, prepare for a fight against the Dust Men. These enemies consist of some Shielded Dust Men and a Minigun Dust Man, all of which approach you from the left side of the bridge. To avoid having to leave Roger behind, you should try using Precision from your position near Roger to take down the minigun Dust Man, then use Lightning Bolts on the shielded enemies. Approaching from the opposite direction are several Dust Men bombers that will rush towards you or Roger. Typically, Lightning Bolts help in some way, but a Shockwave can prove more effective against numerous bombers attacking at once. A few standard Dust Men approach from the same direction. They can easily be dispatched with Lightning Bolts or Shock Grenades.

Cole charges up the bridge panel on the south side.

At this point, Roger would have lowered the bridge down halfway. Your next task is to search for Lou Purgon, who is located in the Neon District, captured by Reapers. Cross the half-raised bridge to reach the Neon and head for the waypoint to locate Lou. You must save him the same way you saved Roger, by using Precision to take them out quickly before they can kill Lou. After freeing him, you will be leading him to the control panel on the south side of the bridge. Once you get there, you must cover for Lou, as Reapers will attack from all sorts of directions. Some Reapers will attack from rooftops, while some attack from the train tracks, which warrants the use of Precision mode. Fend off the ground foes with Lightning Bolts and Shock Grenades if necessary.

You will soon be called by Roger to return to the Warren to fight off some more attacking Dust Men. Once they are cleared out, you will need to return to the Neon and clear out the remaining Reapers. Once the area is clear, you will now be prompted to charge up the control panels on Lou's side, then head over to Roger's side and do the same. Once done, the bridge will be lowered, allowing access between the Neon and the Warren.



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