The following is based on non-canon content and is not considered to be part of the Infamous continuity.

Arc Lightning was one of Cole MacGrath's Evil Karma powers in Infamous.


It is a continuous stream of lightning shot from Cole's hands that chains off of conductive surfaces and enemies. It is an Evil Karma power only available if the player has completed at least five Evil Side Missions.


Template:KarmaPowers At Thug rank after initially buying the power, the Arc Lightning allows Cole to release a continuous stream of lightning towards anything that is aimed at until Cole stops or run out of Battery Cores to use. The Outlaw rank upgrade allows Cole to branch out the Arc Lightning to an unlimited amount of targets so long as they are close enough in the direction that Cole is aiming. It also increases the damage received by enemies that are hit by the Arc Lightning. The Infamous rank upgrade causes weaker enemies to trigger an electrical explosion upon death.


  • Cole's use of Arc Lightning is similar to the use of electricity by other popular icons with electrokinesis, such the Sith of Star Wars and DC characters Static Shock and Black Adam.
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