Arc Restraint

Reaper Collar
Arc Restraint in effect on a Reaper Conduit
Mission gained: "Blood Trail"
Location obtained: Neon District
Attributed to: Electromagnetism
Upgradeable: No
Appears in: inFamous
inFamous 2

Arc Restraint is one of Cole MacGrath's powers. In order to use this ability, the player must stand over an injured pedestrian or enemy, then lock on to them pressing R1. Simply press the circle button, and Cole will send electrical energy into the ground around the target, forming into electric shackles around their hands and feet, trapping them in place until the police can arrive to arrest them. This can save or kill an opponent.

Use Edit

It is most likely that Arc Restraint works by aligning the electric "shackles" around the victims arms and legs to the Earth's natural electro-magnetic field, thus holding the person to the ground with a force stronger than gravity. Because of this, enemies and civilians appear to only ever be restrained with respect to the ground (the ground, a roof top, or in some cases the top of a car, train, railroad tracks, etc.) and not a wall or other vertical or metal object.

Tough collar 5

Cole performing the "Tough Collar" stunt.

Using Arc Restraint on downed enemies gains you a single experience point and some Good Karma for taking them alive, while using it on innocent civilians gains you Evil Karma and no experience points. Capturing a Conduit alive with this power gains you extra experience points, and is referred to as a "Tough Collar."

Another way to gain Evil Karma with this ability is to capture an enemy alive and then kill them while they are helpless, which will award an "Execution" bonus, though this Evil Karma is negated by the Good Karma.

Due to the fact that the karma you gain depends on which way you use it, it can be considered the neutral touch-related ability.
InFamous 1 Arc Restraint

A restrained civilian in InFamous


  • Originally, in one of the inFamous demos this power was called "Hogtie," not "Arc Restraint."
  • In InFamous, when this power is used on a downed enemy on the street, civilians can be seen giving the enemy the middle finger and kicking him.
  • There is a similar power to Arc Restraint that appears in InFAMOUS: Second Son, known as Subdue, and its effects are somewhat similar to its predecessor.
  • Out of Cole's three basic abilities, the other two being Bio Leech and Pulse Heal, Arc Restraint can be considered neutral, as it can give Cole Good Karma or Evil Karma, depending on who he uses them on. Whereas Pulse Heal only yields Good Karma, and Bio Leech only yields Evil Karma.