Archer Square was an iconic location in InFamous and InFamous 2, located within the Neon District of Empire City.




Overlooking Archer Square.

Archer Square was a meeting place at the heart of the Neon District in Empire City. Encompassed by three connecting roads, the square was home to a large statue with glazed pavilions on either side. There were also a host of planters and benches dotted around the square. Around the roads that circled the square were a number of office buildings, stores and even a museum, some of which had billboards and big screen TV's atop them. After the Empire City Blast, the area became dangerous, due to the Reaper faction taking control of the Neon and terrorizing the citizens.

After learning of a food drop in the area, Cole MacGrath and Zeke Dunbar made their way to Archer Square only to find the food crates had snagged on the damaged statue. Cole climbed the mangled structure and destroyed the link that had caught on the statue, allowing the food crates to fall to the square below.[1]

InFamous 2

Archer sq5

The destruction of Archer Square.

As Cole was about to leave Empire City for New Marais, the Beast appeared at the heart of Archer Square, destroying the square, along with the rest of Empire City. Additionally, the Beast ripped the statue at Archer Square from its foundations and hurled it at Cole, who was watching events unfold from the Empire City pier.[2]


  • The start screen for a new game in InFamous shows a view of one of the streets near Archer Square. Once you press start to begin a new game, you can see the Ray Sphere blast going off in the distance.
  • Archer Square is the location in Empire City where Cole first encounters the Reapers.
  • Archer Square is only accessible in InFamous 2 due to a glitch, though you can't actually enter the area, as it's just a hole and doesn't have a ground on which to walk on.



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