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One of the Armored Buses.

Armored Buses are vehicles in inFamous.


The Dust Men have taken over a number of city transportation buses and equipped heavy layers of scrap metal armor coatings and machine guns on all sides. Cole cannot destroy the armored buses by simply shooting lightning bolts at them. The top of a bus has no guns or guards (most of the time) so Cole can jump onto the top and fight off enemies from there. At the rear of the bus is a generator which can be overloaded to destroy the bus. The Terror Bus sometimes appears in side missions as a target. They wander around decimating civilians. When the bus is destroyed there is no huge explosion and Cole isn't harmed even if he is atop the bus.


  • Trying to board the buses from the sides is exceedingly dangerous, a better tactic is to glide from a nearby building using Static Thrusters.
  • The terror bus can be disabled (Not destroyed) by thunder dropping on it from great heights.
  • If Cole is on top of a Terror Bus he is safe from the buses turrets.
  • The roof of the bus is chargeable by shooting at it (You will not see electricity running all over the roof) and can then be drained.
  • At the rear of the bus is a red LED generator which can be charged using lightning bolts.
  • Watch the path the bus takes with your map to better strategize the best place to jump from to get to it.
  • It's recommended the player eliminates all Dust Men around these buses; while the buses' turrets do weak damage, the combined firepower between the bus and Dust Men is usually enough to defeat Cole.
  • If the player has the Lightning Storm ability the attack will overload the feeder box. It is recommended that the player should stand in front of the bus with the Polarity Wall ability active.



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