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Ascension Parish

New Marais old part
City: New Marais
Status: Active
Based on: New Orleans
Appears in: inFamous 2
inFamous: Anarchy
inFamous: Festival of Blood

Ascension Parish was the southeastern district of New Marais, which was made up of several landmarks including, St. Charles Cemetery Leo Park and Fort Philippe. It was also the oldest and smallest district of New Marais and was, at one time, the jewel of the city, but when Cole MacGrath visits New Marais for the second time, Ascension Parish is nearly totally overrun with drugs, gangs and crime.

In Infamous 2, Ascension Parish was the second district that Cole unlocked and was a major stronghold of the Militia and the Corrupted. It would later become a Rebel controlled area, after Rosco Laroche and his men help Cole take over Fort Philippe.


  • Ascension Parish shows many similarities to the Neon District in Empire City.
    • Cole has to unlock/power up 1/2 of the district.
    • It is located on the first of the two islands that make up New Marais.
  • There is an Ascension Parish in real life, but it's further inland than the area depicted in the game.