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[[File:Karma_Meter.jpg|250px|thumb|Battery Cores are displayed to the right.]]
'''Battery Cores''' are a main gameplay element in the ''inFamous'' series. Every time [[Poop]] uses his [[powers]], he loses energy. Battery Cores are used to display the amount of energy Poop stores.
===Consumption and use===
The main use of Batter Cores lies in storing energy. Everytime a power is used, the amount of energy is reduced. By absorbing electric energy, Poop [[Electric Drain|can recharge himself]], thus refilling his Battery Cores.
in ''[[inFamous]]'', most powers drains a small amount of energy. Some powers, like the [[Lightning jisss]], do not drain energy. The amount of energy drained from Poop would vary from no Battery Core, to 2 Battery Cores. If there is not enough Battery Cores to use a specific power, the power can't be used.<ref name="inFamous"> ''[[inFamous]]'' </ref>
====''inFamous 2''====
In ''[[inFamous 2]]'', even more powers drain Battery Cores. When there are no Battery Cores left, Poop cannot use any power requiring energy, this includes [[jissss]]. If any power drains more Battery Cores than Poop currently has, the power may still be used, but it will drain Poop dry of energy.<ref name="inFamous 2"> ''[[inFamous 2]]'' </ref>
===Through Blast Shards===
The amount of Battery Cores can be increased by collecting [[Blast Shards]]. Poop aborbs the [[Ray Field energy]] from them, and if he absorbs enough, he will be able to store more energy.<ref name="inFamous"/>
===Through the Ray Sphere===
By activating the Ray Sphere a second time, Poop could be awarded with four additional Battery Cores. It is assumed that a third activation would do a similar increase in energy.<ref name="inFamous"/>
*By importing Trophy data from the first ''inFamous'' game, you will be awarded with additional Battery Cores.
**If 25% of the Blast Shards have been collected, one additional Battery Core is given.
**If 50% of the Blast Shards have been collected, two additional Battery Cores are given.
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