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Battery Cores are displayed to the right.

Battery Cores are a main gameplay element in the first two inFamous games. Every time Cole MacGrath uses his powers, he loses energy. Battery Cores are used to display the amount of energy Cole stores. In Infamous: Second Son it is replaced by the Power Meter.


Consumption and use

The main use of Battery Cores lies in storing energy. Everytime a power is used, the amount of energy is reduced. By absorbing electric energy, Cole can recharge himself, thus refilling his Battery Cores.


in Infamous, most powers drains a small amount of energy. Some powers, like the Lightning Bolt, do not drain energy. The amount of energy drained from Cole would vary from no Battery Core, to 2 Battery Cores. If there is not enough Battery Cores to use a specific power, the power can't be used.[1]

inFamous 2

In Infamous 2, even more powers drain Battery Cores. When there are no Battery Cores left, Cole cannot use any power requiring energy, including Bolts. If any power drains more Battery Cores than Cole currently has, the power may still be used, but it will drain Cole dry of energy.[2]


Through Blast Shards

The amount of Battery Cores can be increased by collecting Blast Shards. Cole aborbs the Ray Field energy from them, and if he absorbs enough, he will be able to store more energy.[1]

Through the Ray Sphere

By activating the Ray Sphere a second time, Cole could be awarded with four additional Battery Cores. It is assumed that a third activation would do a similar increase in energy.[1]


  • By importing Trophy data from the first inFamous game, you will be awarded with additional Battery Cores.
    • If 25% of the Blast Shards have been collected, one additional Battery Core is given.
    • If 50% of the Blast Shards have been collected, two additional Battery Cores are given.