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The Bayou is the lower-class district of New Marais, where more of the poorer citizens lived.


The swamp is located on the northwestern corner of New Marais, near Flood Town. There are quite a few civilians living in the area. Many explosives can be found in the area, which would serve a benefit for fighting the Militia. There is a trophy the player can earn for returning to this area, named "Back to the Bayou." There is also a Dead Drop located in the slums where the inhabitants lived.


Entering New MaraisEdit

The Bayou was the first area Cole MacGrath had to navigate through during his entry into New Marais. The Militia used to have a blockade in the area until Cole pushed them out of there, though it improved very little of the citizen's way of living. It is located out in the shores of the swamps in New Marais, and despite being sparsely populated, it's a place where the prostitutes and drug users of New Marais live.

As Cole made his way through the swamp, he spotted a large generator that would activate the bridge leading into the swamp. Cole was presented with a karmic moment, in which he could charge it until the bridge lowers, or continue to charge it, causing an explosion that would kill all of the Militia and the civilians. As he continued through the swamp, he fought more Militia and took out all of their equipment by blowing up the gas tanks.

Stories Of The PastEdit

Main article: Stories Of The Past

A specific part of the area has special significance to the story, as it was the home of Nix and her family before Joseph Bertrand detonated the Ray Sphere. The explosion killed all of Bertrand's prisoners, which were composed of low-class citizens that lived in the city (people Bertrand thought would go unmissed), and granted Nix and Bertrand their respective powers. Nix later led Cole to the site of The Blast and explained the whole story to him.[1]



  • This area is where the player views the first broadcast of Bertand's propaganda.


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