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The Bayview Hospital.

The Bayview Hospital was a location that appeared in Infamous. It was located in the Warren of Empire City.


The hospital was very old and tall, and it was damaged mostly at the bottom. It also seemed to be heavily guarded, as Transients were often seen patrolling around the building, and had a few turrets mounted in the front. Often seen in front of the building were injured civilians, who Cole could heal.


Trish Dailey asked Cole MacGrath to help defend her armored ambulance while she transport some medical supplies and people in need of medical help over from the Neon to the hospital. When they reached the hospital, Alden Tate appeared and, using telekinesis, lifted and threw the bus, with Trish still inside, to the roof of the hospital. It was up to Cole to defeat the Dust Men swarming around the building, and then scale to the top to rescue Trish and her patients from the dangling bus.[1] After that was accomplished, the hospital served as the starting point of some future missions, and also a medical clinic for Cole if he needed medical assistance.


  • When approaching this area, a number of Dust Men will always spawn, including a Mad Bomber.


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