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Desperate Times1

Cole and Nix pour oil over the banners in Bertrand Square.

Bertrand Square is a location in Infamous 2.


The square is devoted to Joseph Bertrand III and his Militia, with a large stage and cages in which "deviants" could be displayed. Surrounding the area were large banners, displaying the Militia's motif.

After meeting Nix for the first time during his search for Lucy Kuo, Cole helps Nix destroy the banners as well as the Militia troops guarding the area, in exchange for the Blast Core she has.


  • After Cole and Nix burn the banners in Desperate Times, they are replaced and cannot be destroyed again.
  • The squares decor remains the same even after Cole capture the territory.
  • Bertrand Square is the place where the default UGC assassination template happens.


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