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Betty is member of the Akomish tribe, and a caring friend of Delsin and Reggie Rowe.

inFamous: Second Son

Now, I have to go back to my office... apparently, I'm getting a phone call.
— Betty, after telling Delsin "this is the last time" she will help him.
Betty being held by DUP

Betty being held by DUP

Betty heard a noise and comes out of her office, armed with a stapler, only to find Delsin, who jumped in from the roof after tagging his brother's Sheriff billboard. When they hear Reggie demanding Betty to open the door, she lets Delsin use the back door to get out so he can try to get to the Longhouse, which fails leading to Delsin's arrest by Reggie.

Later, her warehouse is set on fire by Bio-Terrorist Hank Daughtry, who escaped from the DUP, to create a distraction. Although Hank tries to help her, but refuses to listen to him. When Delsin arrives, Betty's relief gives way to shock when Delsin reveals to Hank that he'd become a Conduit. Heeding Delsin, Betty escapes, but is caught by Brooke Augustine. She soon watched in horror as Augustine stabs Delsin with her Concrete powers before he either confesses to being a Conduit or curses her, causing Augustine to stab Betty in the leg before they leave them for dead.

Wounded Betty praises Delsin for his actions

Wounded Betty praises Delsin for his actions

Later, when Delsin wakes up and finds Betty, she either praises him for trying to save the tribe, or scolds him. Betty calls at certain points in the story, such as when Delsin is crossing the 520 bridge, only to end the conversation shortly after. When he is scaling the Seattle Space Needle, depending on his Karma, Delsin either says that he is at the space needle and Betty asks for him to "bring [her] a postcard" (Good Karma), or truthfully states that he is "kinda climbing up the outside of the Space Needle", to which she humorously replies "Well, if you don't want to talk to me, just say so", unaware of the fact that Delsin is actually climbing up the Space Needle (Evil Karma).

Good Ending/Canon 

Betty wakes up to see Delsin healing her leg by removing the concrete spikes out of her leg with his own Concrete powers he absorbed from Augustine. Overjoyed, Betty asks about Reggie, but Delsin doesn't answer straightaway. He does mention to her that his brother saved his life.

Evil Ending/Non-Canon

Betty comes up to Delsin, in a wheelchair, disappointed and angry because of Delsin becoming evil and tells him he is no longer part of the Akomish tribe, before slamming the door in front of him. Delsin soon performs an Orbital Drop, presumably destroying the Longhouse and killing Betty.


  • Her role in the game serves a similar purpose to Wolfe from InFamous 2, as being a mentor-like character that's mostly seen off-screen.
  • It's unknown how she is aware of Reggie's death in the evil ending but is not in the good ending.


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