Bio Leech

Cole Evil Bio Leech
Evil Cole leeching a Militia in inFamous 2.
Mission gained: Blood Trail (inFamous)
Initial power (inFamous 2)
Location obtained: Empire City (The Neon)
Attributed to: Electromagnetism
Upgradeable: No
Appears in: inFamous
inFamous 2

Bio-Leech is a evil ability of Cole's which allows him to drain or "leech" a victims bio-electric, an action that results in the death of the victim as the nervous system runs off of neuroelectrical pulses.


The leeched energy acts just like the energy sucked from Empire City's power grid using Electric Drain, the energy will heal Cole completely and will recharge all his battery Cores, in addition to gaining some negative Karma and a single experience point. Although the energy will heal and recharge Cole almost instantly, it would be unwise to perform this ability in the heat of combat, due to fact that Cole is extremely vulnerable during the action and the sheer time it takes to overpower the downed target. The ability may be used as a last resort in an attempt to get Cole full charged again.

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Cole uses Bio Leech on a pedestrian

If used on a Conduit, the XP description says "Dark Feast" instead of "Drain", however, unlike the "Tough Collar" bonus from restraining a Conduit, Dark Feast does not increase the amount of XP you earn. You unlock the "The Hunger" Trophy by Bio-Leeching 100 enemies.


  • While selecting Bio-Leech on a downed enemy or pedestrian who is right next to a dead character or object, Cole will walk up to the Leech victim but continue to walk for a few seconds then eventually cease. You won't gain any XP for this or energy and the downed enemy or pedestrian will look as if you're grabbing them to bioleech.
    • This is however useful if an enemy or attacking pedestrian is knocked to the ground and is still alive, if you attempt to Leech them but fail, you can aim at the head and fire and you'll gain an infinite Head Shock XP.


  • Unlike other NPC's, Cole appears to drain the Reapers using his fist instead of his palm.
  • It's also good to know that Cole can use his polarity wall while using Bio Leech, altrough he can't move the shield while leeching.
  • Also when Bio-Leeching it appears that when Cole drains his victim's brain of its electric energy, as the electricity flows down his esophagus.
  • Originally, in one of the inFamous demos this power was called "Vampire Drain" not "Bio Leech".
  • Bio Leech has a new animation in inFamous 2 : Cole places one hand on his victim's head after overpowering him, drains his neuro-electrical energy, and finally raises his fist in triumph while the electricity is still flowing in his hand..
  • In inFamous 2, at the rank infamous Cole is given a Karmic boost called "Bio Leech Overload", which after a leech grants him unlimited energy for a short period of time.
  • In a Trailer for inFamous, the neuro-electrical energy being drained from a reaper is yellow (normal color being blue, or a lightish shade of red)
  • in inFAMOUS 2 if cole is shot to death with a pistol, turret or assult rifle as he finishes overpowering them he will fall off his victim the screen will turn gray, as if he had died, but he will then get up as if fine.



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