"Biohazard" is a side mission in Infamous 2. It is found in the Gas Works District of New Marais. Cole tracks down three Ice soldiers who have stolen volatile chemicals.


Cole speaks with a medic who informs him that “those ice men” had run off with some “extremely volatile chemicals,” adding his concern that “they’re going to hurt someone!”

Cole quickly chases down the Ice Soldiers who are fleeing through the Gas Works district. When Cole tracks them down and attacks them, the chemicals they have stolen explode when he defeats them.


Upon completion, Cole receives 100 XP and slightly reduces enemy activity in the Gas Works district of New Marais.


  • Though there is no time limit for this mission, Cole fails the mission if the Ice Soldiers reach their destination (one of the Gas Works warehouses).



InFamous 2 Walkthrough Side Missions Part 66 Biohazard

InFamous 2 Walkthrough Side Missions Part 66 Biohazard


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