Cole holding Blast Core.

Blast Cores are collectibles in inFamous 2 that play a major role in the story.



The Blast Cores were discovered by a "happy accident", according to Dr. Sebastian Wolfe. Wolfe was looking for ways to refine the expended Ray Sphere Cores that appear after a Ray Sphere Blast occurs, in hopes of re-using them for later use. One of his test subjects got too close to a sample of the Core and absorbed it. Afterwards, the subject showed new Conduit abilities.

Bertrand then had set to utilize the Cores as a way to gain new powers, though Wolfe himself had some kept for safekeeping. After Bertrand had ordered Wolfe's termination, several of the Blast Cores were scattered all over the city, and some were picked up by several individuals. Meeting Cole MacGrath, Wolfe would then explain that he had to obtain and absorb all the Blast Cores in order to activate the RFI.

Cole and Zeke with a Blast Core

Cole and Zeke with a Blast Core.


The Blast Core is only usable by Conduits. If a current strong enough passes through the crystal, and the nearest Conduit will absorb the Ray Field Energy, resulting in the Conduit obtaining new powers. They are surrounded by a constant purple glow and, when used, Cole's body radiates purple light before rendering him unconcious for a short period of time while discharging short bursts of electricity.

Powers gained from Blast Cores


  • In the intro cinematic to inFamous 2, Kuo shows Cole a file on the Ray Sphere, which includes a memo which says "Blast Core is the Key!!" indicating that the cores may be the source of the Sphere's power, or that they originate from it.
  • After Cole saves Kuo, in some games it says that the player needs 4 Blast Cores for using the RFI, when he has not gained another one. Though this is corrected after he gains the next blast core where it says the correct amount of them to use the RFI.[citation needed]
  • It is unknown if Bertrand was ever able to absorb one of the Blast Cores.



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