Death by fire, the only thing you devils understand!
― Blast Shard Bomber when he is first seen.

The Blast Shard Bomber was a Militia soldier who used several Blast Shards to create bombs which he then planted all over the city. He contacted Zeke and agreed to surrender in an attempt to lure Cole MacGrath out, leaving a large blast shard bomb at his agreed meeting place he waited until his adversary arrived before detonating the device.

Though injured, Cole managed to get to his feet and gave chase. As he fled the bomber detonated several bombs he had set up throughout the Gas Works area, in further attempts to kill Cole. After being cornered in a factory, the bomber surrounded himself with civilians and threatened to detonate the bomb strapped to his chest, killing himself and his hostages. Cole had to choose whether to absorb the bomb's energy (Good karma), or blast the bomb, killing the mad bomber and the innocent civilians (Evil karma).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After the bomber's capture/death blast shard bombs still appear around the city. It is not clear why: it could be argued they are simply supposed to be bombs he had already set.
  • The Blast Shard in the Bomber's suicide vest cannot be retrieved, even if Cole takes the good option.
  • Though mentioned in an earlier mission, The Gauntlet is his only appearance in InFamous 2.
  • His character model is the same as the standard Militia officer.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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