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Blood Trail was the fifth story mission in Infamous. Cole was asked to investigate the mysterious disappearance of an electrician named Brandon Carey, but as he did so, he ended finding something else — his dead wife.


Reapers... no... leave my husband alone... where are you taking him... Brandon!
― Lynnae, from within Cole's vision

Moya contacted Cole to inform him that one of her important contacts, by the name of Brandon Carey, has not checked in the night before. She asked Cole to find him, as he was very important, plus he was an engineer. Cole began by searching the parking lot across from his position.

Cole realizing the cause of death

Upon reaching the destination, Cole instead found the dead body of a female civilian, which did not make any sense to Moya. Cole squatted down and used his Psychic Vision to see what happened to her. He soon realized that this was Brandon's wife, Lynnae Carey. In his vision, Cole saw Brandon being kidnapped by the Reapers, with Lynnae begging them to let him go, before being subsequently killed by the gang in this exact spot Cole was standing. What suddenly appeared was the green echo of Lynnae's killer, something that only Cole could see. He proceeded to follow it and see where it would lead to.

Cole being blown back by the explosion

While doing so, Cole was phoned by Zeke, who told him about some police officer scoping out their hideout, eating a fresh apple, which Zeke found unusual. Cole had no answers but assured him it was what they would have to deal with if they hoped to fix things. While still tracking the echo, Cole eventually chased it to Empire Electric, which contained the substation for the entire city. Upon being lead to it, he spotted a Reaper bomber, who then blew up the entire station, disabling power all across the district. The absence of electricity drained Cole's powers, leaving him no choice but to man up and continue his search for Brandon Carey, as he was their hope for restoring the power and stopping the Reapers.

Cole tracked the echo to a nearby sewer and ventured down inside to search for Carey. Moya figured that the Reapers may have required Carey's assistance in shutting down the underground linear transformer. She ordered Cole to find it and get it back online. Upon re-establishing the circuit, Cole received new touch-related powers, Pulse Heal (good karma) and Bio Leech (evil karma). As he pressed further, Cole came across an injured male civilian, who he used his new Pulse Heal ability on. The man thanked him and asked his friend Janet to open up the door for Cole to pass through. He warned Cole that the Reapers were running around with the engineer he was searching for and killing any innocent civilians they came across.

As Cole ventured further, he notified Moya that the transformer was back on and asked for the next step. She advised him to restart the distribution substation by charging up the voltage regulator attached to the front of the machine. Doing so would be enough to restore power to the surface. As Cole continued on, he silently expressed his empathy for the suffering civilians who happened to be living down here in the sewer.

Meanwhile, Zeke phoned Cole to tell him that Trish stopped by to grab some of her belongings, also mentioning that she barely said a word to him and became furious when Cole's name was brought up. Cole explained to him that it was because she thought he was responsible for her sister's death. Zeke backed Cole up on the matter by reminding him that he could not have known what the package contained and that he was lucky to have survived such an explosion, also adding that Trish needs to see the reality behind things. Cole, however, still remained skeptical of the situation.

Cole's encounter with Brandon

After a while of traversing the dark sewer, Cole finally found Brandon, who had barricaded himself behind a door, refusing to let anyone pass since he thought the Reapers would kill his wife. Cole contemplated whether he should just fry Brandon and open the gate himself, or tell him about his wife's death.

Good karma: Cole told Brandon that his wife was dead. Brandon, however, was curious as to how Cole knew her name. The latter explained that he saw her body and there was nothing anyone could do. Brandon became choked up about his loss and opened up the door for Cole. He then told Cole that he was aware of his abilities and that he had to take down the Reapers, which Cole assured would happen.

Evil karma: Cole fried Brandon through the gratings on the door, then opened it up and ventured through, passing by Brandon's motionless body.

Cole continued through the sewer and soon stumbled upon the substation. After it was fully recharged, Cole returned to the surface, and power was restored to his section of the Neon.


Upon beginning the mission, Moya will direct you to a nearby parking lot, where Brandon is supposedly located. Use your minimap to find it. You will not find Brandon but a dead female instead, which is revealed to be Carey's wife. After Cole has his vision, a green echo will appear and then run away. You must follow it to see where it leads, constantly pressing L2 to trigger Cole's Radar Pulse, which will allow him to see the residual energy of the suspect. You will eventually be led to an area, where you will fight off several Reapers. Once done, approach the substation, which will get destroyed by a Reaper bomber, disabling power all across the district.

You will need to head to the sewer marked on your map. Once inside, follow the map as usual to search for the circuit. Once you find it, press Triangle to have Cole interact with the device and re-establish it. Cole will gain the good karma power Pulse Heal and the evil karma power Bio Leech. You must use the healing ability on the injured civilian up ahead, lying near a closed door. Press R1 to lock on the civilian, then hit Triangle to heal him. He will have his friend Janet open the door for you.

Continue venturing on through the sewer until you find Carey, who will be behind a closed door. Upon approaching him, you will, once again, be presented with another karmic decision. You can either tell Carey about the death of his wife (for good karma) or fry him and open the door yourself (for evil karma). Whichever choice you make, the only thing you will have left to do find the substation, which is not very far away from this point. When you find it, charge up the regulator on the substation. Upon doing so, power will be restored to your current section of the Neon, and the mission ends.

On a side note, it can be beneficial for you to hold off on this mission as long as possible, as the district is completely lit up prior to this mission. This provides a benefit in which you can easily search for as many blast shards as preferred, which can help boost up Cole's energy early in the game.



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