ChaosKing44 said: I had an idea, what if for the next infamous game the character chooses the power that they want, like give 3 choices. for example, hydrokinesis, pyrokenesis, and control of metal. The character doesn't gain additional powers except ones that stem from their power of choice.

Each power would have their own pros and cons, for example water you could go in the water and you could recharge instantly be being submerged but in the centre of the city you would need to look for a fire hydrant. But you lose water if you don't recharge every now and again

Pyrokinesis, you need to deal damage to say a tree or a car to be able to recharge, or find an already started fire. But, coming into contact with water can drain your supply

Metal, you receive armour when you recharge, making you more durable based on how you per supply is doing and taking damage can reduce your supply. But your attacks will need to be arched due to the weight of metal shots.

This would keep the game engaging for longer periods of time. Feel free to include whatever you think to make this idea better and any other time powers you think would be a good fit.

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