"Bomb Scare" is the 8th story mission in Infamous 2.[1]



Prior to the mission, Zeke informs Cole about an unusual device located on Gaffney Street. Zeke suspects the device might be a lead on Wolfe's location. Cole meets with Zeke's source to find out what the device is. The pedestrian points Cole to a nearby building, which has a strange glowing device attached to it. As Cole tries to get close enough to see what it is, it explodes knocking Cole off of his feet and killing an immense crowd of civilians.[1]

Blast Shard bombsEdit

Bomb scare 2

Draining the Blast Shard bomb.

Another device like the first one is found at a nearby location. Cole runs up to it and drains its electricity, thus defusing it. Once drained, Cole pulls out its power source and discovers it's a Blast Shard. He calls Zeke and tells him that someone is making bombs out of Blast Shards. With the second bomb defused, Zeke informs Cole about a citizen who is carrying a Blast Shard walking down the street. Kuo then contacts Cole saying that he doesn't need to demonize these people and suggests defusing other bombs instead. Choosing the bomb will earn Cole Good karma and mugging the citizen will earn Cole Evil karma.[1]


  • If Cole fires a bolt at Blast Shard Bombs, they'll explode and grant him Evil karma.
    • The first bomb can be shot at, and blown, without any negative effect. The second bomb, however, must be drained - destroying it will result in failing the mission.[1]
    • Also, you can let the bombs blow up without doing anything and also receive Evil Karma.
  • Through a glitch, it is possible to both disarm the bomb and steal the Blast Shard in the mission, which if done, grants you two Blast Shards, although you must disarm then steal, otherwise the bomb blows up and you are left with one Blast Shard.



InFamous 2 08 - Bomb Scare

InFamous 2 08 - Bomb Scare



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