Bomb Scare was the eighth story mission of Infamous 2. Cole was asked to investigate a weird device a civilian has found.

Story[edit | edit source]

I found something stuck to a wall. Maybe it's nothing, but you can't be too careful in this town.
— Male civilian

Zeke called Cole about an unusual device located on Gaffney Street, suspecting that it was a possible lead on Wolfe's whereabouts. Cole met with Zeke's source to find out what the device was. The civilian directed Cole to a nearby building, which had a strange, glowing device attached to it. As Cole tried to get close enough to see what it was, it exploded, knocking him off of his feet and killing a crowd of civilians.

Another device like the first one was found at a nearby location. Cole ran up to it and drained its electricity, thus defusing it. Once drained, Cole pulled out its power source and discovered it was a blast shard, meaning that someone was making bombs out of blast shards. With the second bomb defused, Zeke informed Cole about a citizen walking down the street carrying a blast shard. On the other hand, Kuo suggested that Cole refrains from demonizing the citizens and instead defuse other bombs.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Upon meeting Zeke's contact, approach the first bomb, which is attached to the wall nearby. It will blow up and kill all of the surrounding civilians, leaving no negative effects on you. The next and final thing to do is to head for the second bomb and defuse it (L2), then collect the blast shard. After the task is complete, you will unlock the good karma opportunity, disarming blast shard bombs around the city. Plus, you will be directed to a civilian walking down the street, with a blast shard in hand, unlocking the evil karma opportunity, stealing blast shards.

Note: If you fire a Bolt at the bombs, they will explode and grant you evil karma. The first bomb can be shot at and blown, without any negative effect. The second bomb, however, must be drained; destroying it will result in failing the mission. Also, you can let the bombs blow up without doing anything and also receive evil karma.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Through a glitch, it is possible to disarm the bomb and steal the blast shard in the mission. If done, Cole will receive two blast shards, although the bomb must be disarmed, then Cole can steal the shard. Otherwise, the bomb blows up and Cole is left with one shard.

Video[edit | edit source]


Infamous 2 Walkthrough - Story Mission 8 - Bomb Scare

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