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Are you out of your damn mind?
― Brandon questioning Cole's sanity

Brandon Carey was an electrician in Empire City and a DARPA contact.[1]


Brandon Carey lived and worked in Empire City. He was a qualified electrician, but was also one of Moya Jones contacts in the city. Brandon was happily married to Lynnae Carey. After the Empire City Blast, the Reapers were attempting to abduct Brandon when his wife, Lynnae, tried to stop them. As she distracted them, her husband ran away, infuriating the Reapers so much that they murdered her. Brandon, unaware of his wife's death, runs and hides in the sewer, jamming the gate leading to the substation.

Meeting Cole MacGrath[]

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Moya, concerned that Brandon had not checked in, asks Cole to locate the electrician. Cole makes his way to the alley Moya believed him to be in, but all he finds is Lynnae's remains. Using his powers, Cole is able to see a vision of Brandon's abduction, and is then able to follow Brandon's residual neuro-electric energy to his hiding place in the sewers. Brandon is furious that Cole has tracked him down asking if Cole was seen. When Cole explains that he needs to get through the gate, Brandon refuses, stating that “The Reapers will kill my wife! No one is getting in here!”.

Cole tells Brandon about his wife's murder.

Cole presses Brandon, but the electrician would not be moved, and he yelled, “Screw you! I’ve jammed this thing up tight. No one is getting in or out until she’s safe!”. Cole then breaks the news that Lynnae had been murdered, after which Brandon briefly laments the loss of her before he opens the gate. He then, in his grief, asks Cole to “kill all of them,” to which Cole simply replies, "I'll do what I can."

The following is based on non-canon content and is not considered to be part of the Infamous continuity.

In an alternate timeline, Brandon again chose to seal the door to prevent Cole from entering. However, Cole simply electrocuted Brandon, killing him, and opening the door.

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  • During the mission "Against the World," Brandon can be seen among other civilians attacking each other and Cole due to the toxin coming from the air-balloons.
    • Although he was still wielding his crowbar, he didn't seen to use it and used a standard headbutt. Also, he seemed to be able to throw a rock at Cole faster than anybody else.
  • Although nothing is known about Brandon after "Against The World," it would be presumed he died when the Beast attacked Empire City, or during the Empire Event. However, he could have survived if he was a conduit.