Breaking into New Marais was the second story mission in Infamous 2. Upon arriving in New Marais, Cole and his allies needed to find a way to sneak in.


This is gonna make one hell of an impression.
― Cole MacGrath, referring to the Amp

Unable to reach New Marais directly, Cole, Kuo and Zeke have acquired a small boat in the hope of sneaking past the swamp blockade. As Kuo joined Cole on the deck, she spotted the Militia blockade ahead and ordered Zeke to cut the boat's engine. She warned that the Militia's artillery would sink them if they got any closer. It was up to Cole to traverse the swamp and clear them all out. Before Cole could make a move, Zeke unveiled his latest weapon, the Amp, which he gave to Cole to use as a melee weapon.

Cole began traveling through the swamps, defeating Militia soldiers along the way. He came across a lifted bridge powered by a generator to its right. To lower it, Cole had to use his Bolts to charge up the generator until the green light powers up. Kuo warned him that overcharging it could blow up the entire village and kill all of the Militia, but also a bunch of innocent civilians.

Good karma: Cole fired Bolts at the generator until the green light came on, and the bridge was lowered, allowing him to cross. Kuo thanked him for showing some restraint.

Evil karma: Cole overcharged the generator, with Kuo warning that the machine was about to blow. The machine blew up, setting off explosions all around the village, killing all the Militia and civilians. Kuo was horrified by this, but Zeke explained that things tend to blow up around Cole and that she would get used to it.

As Cole began to venture through the village, Zeke phoned him, recommending that he heal the nearby civilians, as doing so would help win them over. Cole then proceeded through the rest of the area, fighting off an army of Militia who were trying to make sure he does not enter the city. After taking out the Militia's mortar equipment, Cole suspected there would be more troops hiding out ahead and continued making his way into the city. Upon reaching the dock, he notified his allies that they were clear to dock.

Zeke noted how the Militia changed the city, as it was nothing like it used to be.

New Marais

Yeah... Yeah, I remember New Marais.
― Cole MacGrath

Cole reflected on his past experience in New Marais with Zeke. He came here four years ago while learning how to climb. Half of the buildings were left abandoned after the flood. He described it as a haven for urban exploration, also mentioning how unlike any other city, the place was lawless, ranchy, and minus the hangovers, it was like heaven. This all changed when the Militia took over, eyeballing everyone and looking for "deviants" to punish. Tensions grew thick, and people were ready to explode. New Marais held the key to amplifying Cole's powers, and he was not going to let the Militia get in his way.


You begin on a small island on the outskirts of New Marais and will be given a bit of a tutorial. You will be given a melee known as the Amp. Try it out using Square. Head to the white marker indicated on your minimap. You will soon encounter two Militia soldiers, who you can test the Amp on. You can make several consecutive hits by pressing Square. Each hit you land fills you enemy meter, and when it is halfway full, you can press Triangle to unleash a special attack.

Head for the raised platform ahead and climb the ladder. You will be confronted by two more troops, who you can easily defeat by knocking them into the water with Cole's Alpha Blast. After this, go to the section of the platform that protrudes from the rest to locate a source of electricity (indicated by a lightning strike symbol on the minimap). While near it, hold L2 to drain the electricity. This quickly restores Cole's health and energy for his battery cores.

You will then need to lower the bridge to proceed across to the village. After being directed to the bridge's generator across from your position, you will given the option to choose between good or evil. The only way for you to charge it is to fire a series of Bolts at it, which will activate its light. To earn good karma, only charge the machine until its green light turns on, then wait for the bridge to lower, after which you can cross. Upon reaching the other side, your karma rank will become Guardian. On the flip side, by contining to charge the machine, its red lights will come on, and it will explode, destroying the entire village and killing everyone within it, thereby earning you evil karma.

After you lower and walk across the bridge, you'll enter into the swamp, with a few (or many, depending on what choice you made) Militia in the area. Kill as many as you see and you'll come to yet another karmic opportunity: heal the pedestrians. This one, however, is optional and you can decide to heal them or leave them or maybe kill them. By the time you're finished with all that, make your way through the power station and up to a place with several docks; you'll see a giant steam boat. Destroy it by aiming toward the propane tanks. Follow the path of debris in the water and you'll come to a series of platforms. Make your way across every one of them and defeat as many enemies as you can along the way. By the last platform you'll see a power line; jump on it and you'll hurl yourself forward onto a dock next to a large house. The mission will then end, with a cutscene following, leading you to the next mission.


  • If the player is playing the game from a save game import for good or evil karma, Cole will wear his neutral rank clothes even though he is at Guardian/Thug rank in the beginning cutscene. After it ends, they change into Guardian/Thug rank clothes.
  • Unlike Infamous, the karma meter does not appear until Cole makes his first decision in this mission, unless save data import is used.
  • The player can skip the healing tutorial if he defeats the two Militia guards without being shot.



InFAMOUS 2 - 01 - Breaking Into New Marais - HD on Hard

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