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Cole MacGrath standing in the park

The Burial Ground was a location in Infamous. Formally a park, it served as a makeshift graveyard for those who lost their lives as a result of the Empire City Blast.[1]


It used to be a normal park, complete with a playground and several terraces. After the explosion, it has become a place where the survivors of The Blast have buried their loved ones. Situated in the Historic District, it was located very close to Ground Zero.


After Kessler kidnapped Trish Dailey and tied her to a building rigged with explosives, Cole MacGrath had to choose to save her or the doctors Kessler also captured. Either way, she was still dropped to her death. Cole then buried her in this park with her picture on a cross.[2] It was also here that Cole began sleeping next to his girlfriend's grave, since he didn't trust his friend Zeke at the time.[3] He continued to sleep here until the time came to deal with the Ray Sphere and Kessler.


  • All of the wooden tombstones say the same thing: "Here lies Obadiah Wood. Died at age 36. Wood was his life, now in wood he stays."


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