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Cole MacGrath occasionally used a camera in Infamous 2 for snapping useful photos around New Marais. It is classified as a power in the game. It was shown to be an old cell phone that Zeke Dunbar had modified for Cole so that it would not explode upon touch.

It could only be used during missions that require use of the device.[note 1] When selected, it is used by pressing and holding down R2.


The camera was first introduced in the side mission "Tourist Trap," where he had to snap pictures of electric-powered poles and Militia troops threatening innocent civilians.

It was used a second time in the side mission "Trick Photography," where Cole had to take photos of a couple of buildings in the Red Light District of Ville Cochon, as well as some more enemies.

Following the first encounter with the Beast in New Marais, Cole needed to use the camera in the side mission "Action Shots" to capture shots of the destruction the Beast caused to the harbor cranks. He also needed to capture shots of more enemies and their abilities.

Cole waving his camera at Bertrand

During the story mission "Exposing Bertrand," Cole used the camera to snap photos of caged civilians, the Corrupted, and evidence of Joseph Bertrand's connection to the Corrupted.[note 2]

The camera was used one last time in the side mission "Photo Finish," where Cole had to snap photos of more enemies, as well as a Titan, in order to study its regenerative powers.


  1. It is possible to keep the camera for a short period after a camera mission ends. Before the mission ends, the player must keep R2 pressed down. After the 'mission end' screen disappears (with R2 still pressed down), the player can walk around with the camera and take pictures. Once the button is released, the camera cannot be used anymore.
  2. If one starts this mission without having played through any of the side missions that involve the camera, they will be given no explanation about how Cole is able to use it or how he got it.