Hey, I rigged up a camera that won't fry when you touch it. I was hoping you could send me back some useful intel.
Zeke Dunbar during the side mission Tourist Trap.

Cole utilizes the camera during one of his missions.

The camera is a device Cole MacGrath uses for snapping photos in Infamous 2. It is classified as a "power" in the game.



The camera is first introduced in the side mission Tourist Trap. While not technically a power, the camera is listed down as such whenever Cole can use it, under the 'Miscellaneous Powers' selection. The camera appears to be an old cell phone that Zeke Dunbar had modified for Cole so that it won't explode when he touches it. Cole utilizes it during specific missions, most of them being side missions, although it is used in one story mission. The camera can only be used during those specific missions. When selected, it is used by pressing and holding down the R2 Button on the DualShock 3 controller.


It was used in a very important mission where Cole works with Lucy Kuo to expose Joseph Bertrand using photographic evidence.[1] Before and after that, it is used by Cole to obtain data on his enemies, and also pictures of several landmarks and places.

Camera missions

Missions that involve the camera:


  • It is possible to keep the camera for a short period after the mission ends; before the mission ends, keep the R2 button pressed down. After the 'mission end' screen disappears, while you're still holding the R2 button, you can walk around with the camera and take pictures. Once you release the R2 button, the camera cannot be used anymore.
  • If you start the mission Exposing Bertrand without having played through any of the side missions that involve the camera, you will be given no explanation about how Cole is able to use it or how he got it.
  • During the second camera mission, Action Shots, Zeke states "The more we learn about our enemies, the more we can understand them, find a weakness." This is the basis of the photography missions in the hub worlds of Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, in which Sly Cooper must stealthily take photograph's of that world's boss to learn potential weaknesses, another easter egg.


Photo finish 2

Cole taking a picture of the Ice Tower.


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