Cars are the unliving, highly explosive, fully chargable, denizens of Empire City and New Marias


Cars appear as they do in our modern world with 4 wheels (mostly) and headlights. The colours of cars in Infamous have a huge range, but not many colours are on the brightside. There is also a human inside every car driving. Besides enemies, no trucks appear in the game.


Cars are either parked or drive around Empire City at moderate speed (No speeding). If Cole McGrath stands in front of a car, it will stop. This can cause massive roadblocks and congestion. Car A.I isn't top notch either because some cars simply drive around and around a city block (Find a car you can stand on and see). Unlike pedestrians cars aren't afraid of Cole and his big bad lightning. Also a glitch will let them drive through another vehicle.
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  • A small source of energy normally (about 3 cores) but can be charged after being destroyed.
  • Highly explosive.


  • All of the parked police cars are seen damaged. The only undamaged ones are parked outside the Eagle Point Penitentiary. Also, though there are a lot of police cars parked along the sides of the roads, none are ever seen moving.
  • Using shockwave on a car so it hits an enemy is one of the easiest ways to complete the Crush stunt.
  • If you look carefully you'll see that some moving cars don't have drivers in them.
  • Although Cole said that when he sat in a car it exploded he can still stand on one or touch it. This also applies to guns because meleeing an enemy would probably result in touching their gun.
  • There are only two models of cars in inFAMOUS, but they come in many colors.
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