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Cole, grinding on the tracks in the Catacombs


The Catacombs are a large expanse of underground tunnels beneath New Marais in Zeke Dunbar's Pyre Night story. The Catacombs spread under New Marais from St. Ignatius cathedral to Fort Philippe and is used as a hideout for Bloody Mary and her Vampires.


Cole first accesses the Catacombs after hearing there were people in trouble trapped beneath the cathedral, however his heroic's ending with his capture and subsequent unwilling part in the resurrection in Bloody Mary. Over the next eight hours Cole would return many times to the Catacombs in order to stop the vampires plans and try to locate the Barbed Cross, the weapon used by Father Ignatius used to defeat Bloody Mary many years before.

Eventually Cole and Zeke enter the catacombs a final time, and after Zeke has planted white phosphorus bombs around the catacombs supporting beams, the pair detonate the bombs, destroying the remaining vampires, and a good portion of the catacombs.


  • The two catacomb access doors are visible in Infamous 2 but cannot be used.
  • The area in the Catacombs in which Zeke plants the bombs cannot be accessed before, or after that mission is complete.



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