Alright Reg, I hate to ask, but... any of your besties in blue know anything about these Core Relays?
― Delsin to Reggie

Catching Smoke is the sixth story mission of Infamous: Second Son.

The mission[edit | edit source]

After Delsin takes down the Mobile Command Center in Queen Anne, he asks Reggie if any of his partners know anything about the Core relay stations. Reggie states that they have been set up all over town and the police department been keeping an eye on them, since they have no clue how they work.

When Delsin asks Reggie to send him the locations, Reggie refuses, thinking he's just going to use them to his advantage for gaining more powers. He convinces Reggie to change his mind by reminding him how powerless he would be against Augustine.

Reggie then sends Delsin the locations and instructs him to stay away from Augustine. Delsin searches the three districts to find the devices and encounters several D.U.P agents trying to stop him. Upon locating each device, Delsin absorbs the energy from each one, gaining an extra power in the process. After Delsin sabotages all three devices, he asks Reggie for more, but Reggie won't allow it, claiming he is this whole bio-terrorist phenomenon has got him so worked up, and tells him that he needs to lay low somewhere.

Reggie then informs him that he is working on a possible lead with the detective from the police department, but refuses to move forward until Delsin has his head on straight.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Your main objective here is to locate the three Core Relays and absorb their energy to acquire more powers. They are marked on your map by the white square icons with black stars. They are found these three areas - Queen Anne, Seattle Center and the Market District.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Core Relay #1 - This one is found on top of a building. Up there you'll encounter two D.U.P agents. Take them out before you destroy the device. Upon destroying this one, you'll obtain Comet Drop.
  • Core Relay #2 - Head to the Seattle Center to find this one. It is found sitting within a parking lot. After clearing out the enemies in the area, sabotage the device to gain Sulfur Bombs.
  • Core Relay #3 - This one is found in the Market District. You'll find it within a back alley. Absorb its power and you'll gain the Cinder Missiles. After this one is down, the mission will be complete.

Video[edit | edit source]


Infamous Second Son Walkthrough- Finding the Core Relays (Catching Smoke Mission)

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