The Chain is the melee weapon used by Delsin Rowe in Infamous: Second Son, which he acquired in Betty's fish cannery during his pursuit of Hank. He keeps it wrapped around his wrist when not in use, and uses it to deliver devastating attacks by amplifying its strength with his current active power.

Functions and usage

Swinging the chain serves as Delsin's primary form of melee attacks and close combat. Because of its versatile nature when used in conjunction with Delsin's powers, the chain is an ideal weapon.

Smoke Power

Smoke chain good karma.jpg

When used in conjunction with Delsin's Smoke power, the chain becomes superheated. When swung, it flairs out in a whip-like manner and produces trailing flames behind it that will cause a small smokey explosion when it comes in contact with its target.

Smoke chain evil karma.jpg
Neon chain good karma.jpg
Neon chain evil karma.jpg
Video chain good karma.jpg
Video chain evil karma.jpg

Neon Power

When used in conjunction with Delsin's Neon power, the chain uncoils from his arm, becoming straight and rigid due to the neon energy, taking on an appearance similar to that of a sword. Delsin can then swing the chain to knock enemies away from him, causing them to be covered in neon gashes.

Video Power

Delsin does not use the chain when Video power is active. Instead, he digitally creates either a heavy longsword (Good karma) or a pair of bird-like claws (Evil karma) which he uses to deliver slow but powerful attacks.

Concrete Power

Delsin wraps the chain around his fist like a brass-knuckle when Concrete power is active. He slowly slams and devastates the ground, knocking out or dealing heavy damage to affected enemies.



  • This weapon was nicknamed "The Chain of Chaos" by Greg Miller (of IGN fame) after it's resemblance to "The Blades of Chaos" from the God of War series.
  • The chain must be extremely strong, due to the fact that it can kill a D.U.P. officer with one or two hits, and can withstand high temperatures, as well as the fact that it can suffocate a Conduit within seconds.
  • The chain's immense strength and power to shift weapon forms is similar to the Marvel superhero Ghost Rider's chain, which has similar abilities.


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