I had a clinic over by the fountain, but the Reapers destroyed it. You've got to do something about them.
— Medical technician

"Clinical Onslaught" was a side mission in Infamous.


In the Neon District, Cole met with a medical technician, who informed him that the Reapers have overrun their makeshift clinic and asked him to defeat them to save it. Cole obliged by his request and took care of business for him.


After accepting the medic's request, you must head over to the marked location and wipe out the Reapers. You must defeat a total of eight Reapers in the area to fulfill this quest. Keep track of their locations on the minimap. Some of them will be down on the ground, but many of them will be firing at you from the rooftops of buildings nearby. Feel free to defeat these guys anyway you want. Once all of the Reapers are downed, this mission is complete, and you'll unlock the medical clinic.

Reward Edit

Upon completing this mission, you'll receive 100 XP and slightly reduce enemy activity in the Neon District.


InFamous- Neon District - Clinical Onslaught

InFamous- Neon District - Clinical Onslaught

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