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A cloaking Conduit.

Cloaking Conduits are one of the two Conduits of the First Sons.


These Conduits, when they are not cloaked, have a similar appearance to the First Sons Aura Conduits. they appear much larger than a normal human, wear gas masks with multiple tubes attached to the large air tanks on their backs, and also wear a metallic wrist device on their arms. They carry large shotguns with a wide barrel. These conduits are deadly, especially when appearing in groups, but they do not appear frequently outside of missions.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Cloak: These conduits can cloak themselves at will, only uncloaking when using their shotgun at close range.
  • Super-Human Leg Strength: Able to jump up onto buildings 10 stories high easily.


These conduits can be dangerous, if not lethal to an inexperienced Cole. They will cloak themselves when far away, and will continuously creep towards Cole until they are in range. When in range they will uncloak and shoot Cole with their shotgun, stunning him, and then recloak, walk away, and repeat this until they are killed. A good way to expose them is to throw grenades in their general direction. If the blast from the grenade successfully hits the conduit, it will expose him, and may even kill him.


  • These Conduits have the word "Caution" tattooed multiple times on their arms.
  • They are the only other character in the game that are able to access a higher level by jumping great distances, where they will often sneak attack you while you are on top of a building.
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