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"I don't know if you've ever let someone down, got your ass kicked or straight up failed. But those are the moments that define us. They push you further than you've ever thought possible, and force you to make choices. No matter what the cost."
― Cole MacGrath, during the start of the mission Breaking into New Marais.[1]

Cole MacGrath is the original protagonist of the Infamous series, preceding Delsin Rowe and Abigail Walker. Originally, he was a simple bike messenger who was delivering a package for someone to somewhere in the Historic District of Empire City. In the midst of his delivery however, the package exploded, destroying half the city and killing thousands in the process. However, this event resulted in Cole activating his power of Electrokinesis.[2]



I was someone you'd never notice. Just a guy delivering packages to folks you'd never know.
― Cole, on his early days.[1]


Cole as a bike courier right before the Blast.

Four years back, before his time in Empire City, Cole practiced learning parkour with his best friend Zeke Dunbar in the city of New Marais, while the cops had their hands full. Cole mentioned during a conversation with Moya that he took part in urban exploration in Empire City, which is the reason why he is able to navigate through the city's sewer system with little trouble. Several remarks by Kessler suggest that his mother detested Cole's job, often telling her friends that Cole was a school teacher rather than a bike messenger. Kessler also said that Cole's father was emotionally abusive to him, often berating, overbearing and demanding of his efforts, placing unrealistically high expectations on his son which caused Cole a deal of insecurity. He approved of his relationship with Trish Dailey and commented that she was like "the daughter he never had".[2] Stated in a conversation with Nix, Cole had a little brother, though he hasn't talked to him in a while. Cole's education was something he decided on his own, dropping out of college and getting a job as a bike courier, "mostly just to piss off [his] parents". He also states that he dropped out with only six credits short of graduation, due to a professor’s harsh treatment of one of his friends.[1]


Young Cole.

Before he met Trish, Cole was involved in an accident where he got run over by a freight truck, an accident that should have killed him. However, he was able to get back up after a few days, only suffering some minor injuries from the accident. Only Zeke knew the full story of the accident, while Cole only told Trish a fragment of the supposed story after he met her, to make it seem like it wasn't something serious.


Birth of a Conduit

Day of the Blast

On the job as a bike messenger, Cole was assigned to deliver a package to someone located in the Historic District of Empire City. After receiving a phone call from his boss, Cole made his way to the intersection of 19th and Sloat. He meets up with a woman, telling him he's got the wrong address. Immediately after, the courier receives a call from Kessler to open the package. Cole refuses, but after Kessler offered $500 for opening the package, Cole did as he was told. The package revealed the Ray Sphere, which immediately activated, resulting in a devastating explosion that destroyed several blocks of the Historic District, and killing a large group of civilians, due to their energy being concentrated into Cole. The aftermath was a citywide blackout, the deaths of thousands, and the formation of a crater now known as Ground Zero in the Historic District, with Cole at the very center.[2]


Cole, right before the package exploded.

Shortly after the explosion, a weakened Cole was awakened by a chopper looking for survivors. Instructed to meet up at the evacuation area, Cole slowly made his way there. On his way to the evacuation area, Cole showed several signs of electrokinesis, absorbing energy from a nearby power source, and also calling forth a series of lightning bolts from the sky. After slowly making his way to the other side of the devastated bridge connecting the Historic District to the Neon, Cole succumbed to his injuries and fainted. Cole was then brought to the hospital by his girlfriend, Trish Dailey.[2]

The Quarantine

With time, I'm learning to control it ... master it. Just hope it's not too late
― Cole MacGrath, regarding his powers.[2]

Right after the blast, as Cole lay on a hospital bed, Empire City began to fall apart. A plague struck the city, followed by consecutive crimes committed by numerous citizens such as theft, rioting, and rape. As an attempt by the government to contain the biological threat, they issued a quarantine, locking down access in and out of Empire City. With several criminals on the loose, the Empire City Police went missing, either dead or fled in fear.[2]


Cole, being nursed back to health.

4 days later, as the city continued to deteriorate, Cole woke up from his coma. He immediately discovered his new found powers, along with Trish. Frightened at first, Cole eventually learned how to control it. He first tries his powers at a nearby dumpster and then uses it as part of Zeke's idea of making a business out of charging dead batteries for food, though it backfired as the civilians were more frightened than enthusiastic.[3] After Zeke barricaded and protected his roof, Cole practiced honing his powers there, using the mannequins littered all over the area as targets, and also charging the fuse box for Zeke's TV located nearby. As they watched TV, the so-called "Voice of Survival" jacked the cable, informing citizens that the government's sending in supplies for them to eat at the nearby park. Hearing this, Cole and Zeke quickly made their way to the park after Zeke fetched his gun that he made a deal for. Upon arriving, the food crate's parachute got caught on the statue, using Cole's skills in parkour, and his electrokinesis, Cole managed to climb up the statue and retrieved the food.[2]

After an encounter with the Reapers, and reuniting with Trish, the Voice of Survival spoke out again, this time calling out Cole. The VoS showed footage of Cole at Ground Zero, delivering the package, then declaring Cole as a terrorist. Claiming Cole is dangerous, civilians started to detest his presence, giving him suggestive looks and seemed like they were about to start a fight.[2]

As Trish left the area, with Cole subsequently claiming that their relationship was over, Zeke and Cole planned an escape out of the quarantine. Meeting up at the bridge out of the city, Cole and Zeke led a civilian force through the police checkpoints, with Cole taking down the police force. After several checkpoints, Cole, Zeke, and the civilians nearly broke free, only to be stopped by a wall of mounted machine guns protected by a thick barricade and razor wire. As the civilians were assaulted, Zeke burst through the nearby gate, falling into the harbor. Cole followed, jumping out of the way Zeke made and into a nearby decontamination chamber.[2]


I go back into the city, find John and the Ray Sphere, and she'll get me out of the quarantine and clear my name
― Moya's offer to Cole.[2]

After the door behind him closed, Cole was greeted by name. The voice introduced herself as Moya, an FBI agent who saw the footage of Cole at Ground Zero. Stating that she was waiting for him, Moya told Cole that right before the Blast, her husband John White was assigned to infiltrate the First Sons, a secret group connected with the Ray Sphere, the package that gave Cole his powers. Losing her connection with John the night of the Blast, Moya made an offer to Cole: to help her find John and the Ray Sphere, in exchange for his freedom, and Cole's name cleared.[2]


Cole's first encounter with Moya.

After returning to Zeke's place, and hearing his theory about the whole situation, Cole began to follow Moya's instructions, such as collecting John's Dead drop, who mentioned a man know as Kessler, and his involvement in the blast, and also traced Moya's associate, Brandon Carey. Cole also helped out a local makeshift hospital, and also gained new powers after reestablishing a part of the city's power, after a Reaper wiped out the local Power Plant.[2]

After restoring power to another part of the district, Cole got word from Moya that the Reapers' were contaminating the water line with a strange tar that acts as a control agent, and also a hallucinogen. Cole turned off the valve which resulted in getting his face splattered with the substance. After Trish helped remove the tar with a solvent (and after some partial hallucinations, including hearing voices from an unidentified woman), Cole searched for the other valves and turned them off as well. After the valves, Moya told him of the only remaining water source was below a tunnel, and after reaching the end of the tunnel, saw an armored water truck filled with the tar, being run by the Reapers. After its destruction, Cole returned to Zeke's house and called it a night.[2]


Cole, rescuing the civilians trapped in the train.

Waking up, Moya tasked Cole with restoring another substation. After doing so, he was then tasked into freeing a group of local civilians in the district's train, as she speculated that John might be inside. Cole fended off the Reapers protecting the area and restored power to the train railings. Using his body's electric energy, Cole charges the frontal car of the train, which made it move. Taking out more Reapers as he stood at the top of the front car, while also reestablishing the electricity of the other parts of the railings, Cole was able to bring the train at the next train station, where several civilians were waiting for its arrival. As Cole destroyed the side doors, the civilians went out, meeting up with their loved ones. As they left, Cole looked around to see if John was among them. After all of the civilians left, John was nowhere to be seen. Cole then leaves the area to continue the search.[2]

Friends and Enemies
Unknown: "She's going to be pretty pissed about this."
Cole: "Who the hell are you?"
Unknown: "Just a concerned citizen. Now hold still!"
—A conversation between Cole and an unidentified man.[2]

Following the rescue, more of the tar-induced water began to appear around the district, causing many to become ill. As Cole investigated one part of the area, he found Trish taking care of the sick civilians. Asking Cole why there is still poisonous water, Cole simply did not know. Just then, Moya informed Cole that the water towers are the only remaining water source in the area. Cole investigated the rooftops and found out that the Reapers have attached this metal keg, pumping in the black tar into the water main. After the initial destruction of the first keg, Cole subsequently destroyed the other kegs in his preferred manner, causing it to interfere with his powers and senses.[2]


Cole, seeing visions in his head.

As the last keg was destroyed, a mysterious man appeared from out of nowhere, mentioning that someone was going to be irritated by the situation. Cole asked for the man's identity, however, he did not answer, before leaping towards Cole. The man dug his fingers into Cole's head, telepathically showing him visions of various scenarios filled with carnage and death, an alternate future. As the man released Cole, he figured that the mysterious stranger was responsible, and somehow the Ray Sphere was involved. However, as Cole slowly stood himself up, the man had disappeared. After a quick look at his surroundings, Cole left the area.[2]

While restoring another part of the city's substations, Moya informed Cole of the Reaper's leader, a woman known as Sasha. She was originally a member of the First Sons that help skyrocket the research development but left sometime after. Moya tasked Cole with eliminating Sasha, to both stop the tar contamination from continuing, and also to learn more about the Ray Sphere. After helping Trish retrieve some medical supplies, Cole was then tasked by Moya to deal with Sasha, after Moya found the Reaper Compound.[2]


You don't know, do you? Of course not, how could you?! But you'll find out soon enough. And oh how you'll weep!
― Sasha taunting Cole during their battle.[2]

Attacking the Reaper fortress from within, Cole took out the Reapers that stood in his way. As he did though, he began having more hallucinations, with Sasha mocking him. He eventually took out the Reapers in the car tunnel, and to his discovery, he found several civilians condemned in cages, being bathed in the black tar, forcing them to become Reapers, allowing themselves to be controlled by Sasha.[2]


Cole, about to make Sasha talk.

Freeing the prisoners, Cole proceeded to deal with Sasha. When the Reaper spoke to him again, she called out Kessler and expressing a deep loathing for the man. Cole then arrived at the very end of the tunnel, with Sasha lying in wait. With the black tar surrounding them, the two fought. As they did, Sasha constantly taunted Cole, with demented insults regarding various aspects of Cole. After a long fight, Sasha was defeated and fell to the floor. As Cole stood before her, she demanded Cole to look at her, and claimed that Cole can't control his powers, it will control him instead. As Cole heard these words, he remembered his primary purpose there, which was to extort information about the First Sons and the Ray Sphere from Sasha.[2]

However, as Cole grabbed her, the blockage behind the other end of the tunnel suddenly collapsed, with large debris falling behind Cole. Cole was pinned by the rubble, unable to take action. However, he saw Sasha being dragged away by masked men, commenting that their actions were professional like. As the whole area began to collapse, Cole managed to get himself out of the Debris. With no way back into the Neon, he went forward, and into the slums of the Warren.[2]

The Warren
Moya: "Pulled some intel on the Warren. A couple of days after the Blast, the homeless people living there banded together and seized control on the entire borough. They call themselves the Dust Men."
Cole: "Guess that explains why they're all wearing trash bags."
―Moya informing Cole of the Dust Men.[2]

Barely escaping the Neon district and retreating to the Warren, Cole informed Moya of his location. Seeing as the power also cut off, Cole immediately went to the nearest substation. As he explored the sewers, Moya informed Cole of the Dust Men, a group consisting of some of the homeless people that inhabited the Warren, and eventually banded together and seized control of the entire area. Restoring power to the substation, Cole arrived above the surface and went his way.[2]

After restoring power, Cole got a call from Zeke, asking if he can do a favor for him to find their acquaintance, Dwight. After that, he received another call, this time from Trish. She mentioned that she needs help getting some of the civilians over at the Bayview Hospital due to the current clinic at the Neon being crowded. She told Cole of Roger Miller, who was supposedly in Valentine Park. Cole finished up the business with Dwight (which ended with Cole dealing with the Armored Conduit that killed Dwight), and after that, he went on to do Trish's favor.[2]

Cole went to the park and found Roger was taken hostage by the Dust Men. Taking out the Dust Men, Cole went to tell Roger Miller of Trish's favor. After that, the two went to the Stone Canal Bridge and tried to lower it, which only ended halfway. Roger contacted his fellow engineer Lou but was being held by Reapers at Memorial Park. Cole went to the park and took care of the Reapers. After that, he escorted Lou to the side of the bridge and protected him as he worked. After an ample amount of time, the two engineers were able to lower the bridge, with help from Cole.[2]

Cole: "This isn't a game, Zeke! Not anymore!"
Zeke: "Look, just because you have powers, doesn't make you better than anyone else. Not by a long shot."
―An argument between Cole and Zeke, after the former rescued the latter.[2]

Cole overloads the boat's engine.

After a long sleep, Cole went to the next substation at the Warren and restored power. After that, he was tasked by Moya to retrieve logs from UAVs deployed by the First Sons. As he did, he was contacted by Kessler, the leader of the First Sons, and also the one who showed Cole the horrible visions. He's heard torturing Sasha, and also mocking Cole about his current stature. Cole told him off as Kessler continued. After retrieving the last of the UAV's data, Cole sent them to Moya via a satellite uplink. Cole's next assignment was to rescue several hostages held by the Dust Men at boats by the harbor, hindering them from eliminate the quarantine and, in the process, hindering them an indirect green light to the Military to bombard Empire City. Also, Moya advised Cole to stick with the orders given by her, which she claims to be the best course of action.[2]

Passing by the shipyards, Cole was called out by an elderly voice. He exclaimed that the Dust Men have taken Zeke hostage, and will kill him slowly. As Moya protested, telling Cole to leave Zeke to his fate, Cole made it clear he doesn't abandon friends. Zeke was rescued, and Cole reprimanded him because of ignoring the troubles and dangers of wandering off alone. Zeke interpreted it as Cole saying that Zeke's just a liability. Cole told him that it wasn't a game anymore, and Zeke left, mad at Cole.[2]

Cole Against Alden

Cole and Alden's first encounter with one another.

After Trish was finished preparing her patients for transport, Cole returned to the Neon to help escort her bus. Eventually, they closed into the Bayview Hospital, but as they neared, an elderly man appeared at the hospital front, with one of his servants firing a rocket-propelled grenade at him. As Cole was pushed off of the bus, the old man, identified by Moya as Alden Tate, supposed leader of the First Sons, lifted the bus using telekinesis and threw it on the hospital roof. Cole immediately rushed to the hospital roof in order to save Trish and her patients, which he did. After this, Cole rested at the hospital.[2]

Zeke: "Time for some payback, bitches!"
Cole: "What the hell are you doing Zeke?! I told you to stay with Alden!"
Zeke: "That old man ain't going nowhere! They got him dressed up like a spring goose!"
—Cole and Zeke, after Zeke left to help fend off the transients.[2]

After resting at the Bayview hospital, Cole was tasked to help the ECPD's 43rd Precinct in arresting Alden Tate. The police have declared an all-out war with the Dust Men and wish for Cole to assist them. After settling the armored bus attacks by the transients, Cole went to the supposed rendezvous point with the police but found only the body of a police officer. Using his powers, Cole was able to track down an echo sent off by the officer's residual energy, able to see a recent effigy of Alden. Cole then tracks the echo, which leads him to the Infamous shanty town nicknamed "Tent City".[2]

Cole made his way through the makeshift town, fending off the incoming transients as he made his way through. After navigating to the very top-most part of the town while following Alden's echo, Cole managed to make his way to the open terrace leading into the transient's tower. As Cole was about to make his way there, the only path leading to it was barricaded by fire and was guarded by a Golem Conduit. Despite the supposed disadvantage, Cole managed to overcome the conduit, though; by the time he did, the police have already arrested Alden and were moving him to Eagle Point Penitentiary for the FBI to extract him. Cole immediately left the area to go meet up at the facility.


Cole, looking at Zeke after his blunder.

Cole was greeted by Zeke, who was helping out the cops with their business. Cole was tasked with guarding the fence as Alden was being transferred to a different cell. After a successful defense, the facility was attacked by a large group of transients. As Cole and the cops fended them off, the generator holding Alden's power back ran out of power, due to some transients' meddling with it on the roof. Cole dealt with them and immediately returned to the open field and help the cops defend the facility.[2]

After a short while, Zeke suddenly came out of Alden's block, joining in the fray. Infuriated, Cole asked what was he doing outside and not with Alden. Zeke answered that the guards will be fine without him, due to him being restrained. Cole hurriedly went to the block and checked on Alden, but saw that it was too late. The block was littered with the bodies of officers, and Alden's restraining tools unlocked. Zeke felt very guilty for his actions and immediately left the facility. That night, the Dust Men celebrated their victory at their shanty town, as Alden makes plans atop his tower once again.[2]

John White
Cole: "What do you want me to tell Moya?"
John: "Who the hell's Moya?"
Cole: "Uh, your wife?"
John: "You're getting played. I've never been married, and don't know anyone named Moya."
—John and Cole, after the latter fended off a conduit.[2]

After taking a brief rest at the Bayview Hospital, and after a tirade from Moya regarding Alden's escape, Cole ran to the next substation and restored all the power of the Warren. After rising above surface, Cole was contacted by John White, whom told him to meet up with him at the old Adamson Building. After Cole informed Moya of this (which Moya was unable to intercept due to John disrupting his own signal), Cole went to the building and meet up with John.[2]

As Cole was supposed to meet up with John, an extraction team on a chopper flew by and was asking for John, telling him to come back to them. Fearing the worst due to his paranoia, John fled before the team could explain themselves. Cole thought that it was Moya's personnel, but she later confirmed that it wasn't hers. She then tasked Cole with following the chopper in case they were the First Sons and after John. Cole immediately left the area in order to intercept John, and by the time he got there, the chopper was destroyed by a powerful Golem Conduit. As John hid himself, Cole dealt with the conduit and succeeded.[2]

After the fight, John left the vicinity. As Cole tried to look for John, he was then called by John himself, whom was counting every second they talked so he wouldn't be tracked down exposed to the government. John told Cole that the Ray Sphere was in the possession of the transients and hid the sphere at the very top of their tower. He was told to bring a friend over to assist him, nothing more, nothing less. Just right after that, Cole asked what he should tell Moya about the situation. John did not know any one named Moya, and especially not anyone connected to the FBI (since Cole mentioned she was with them). Ending the conversation then and there, Cole headed out to the foot of the tower's terrace and called Zeke, asking him to meet up. After a very brief argument, Cole was able to convince Zeke to come.[2]

Know your enemy

After Zeke arrived, the two worked their way up, with Cole scaling large parts of the tower, while Zeke was assisted by Cole to rise up through the use of a makeshift elevator designed by the transients.While they were going up Cole complained about the fact that he still does what other people want him to do instead of what he wants to do even with his powers Cole still thought of himself as a errand boy although Zeke disagreed. After a thorough walk, Cole was able to arrive at the very top of the tower. Cole and Zeke then saw Alden Tate, inside a metallic mirror pod with the Ray Sphere attached to the front. With this, Cole charged through the transients while Zeke hid and prepared himself to steal the device. After Cole's dealt with the conduits, Zeke tried to yank the sphere out of its cradle and succeeded.[2]

Deal With The Devil

Kessler makes Zeke an offer.

Just then, Zeke was trapped between Alden and Kessler. Cole watched as he just stood there, and slowly realized that the key to making his dreams a reality was in between his hands. After that, Zeke activated the Ray Sphere, sending forth a powerful wave of energy coming out of the sphere, breaching the very ends of the building on where they are. But, as the field widened, Zeke and the others were dumbfounded when the sphere didn't work, as the field shortened out and disappeared. Thinking quickly, Kessler told Zeke that he knew what was wrong and that he'll help Zeke with the powers he wanted, so long as Zeke now answers to him. Zeke, looking at Cole's eyes one last time, went with Kessler and fled the tower via Kessler's chopper. Alden was enraged and nearly tore his tower apart, as Cole stood below falling debris, dumbfounded and numb. After waking up, Cole was still at the tower, only this time desolated of anything but debris.[2]


Yeah, this is the finish line. Just wish I wasn't crossing it alone.
― Cole, on his arrival at the Historic District.[2]

John called Cole after the failed attempt of stealing the Ray Sphere, furious about what happened. Cole told him that Zeke was the only one he could have trusted, but his trust obviously backfired at him. John told him that Kessler was now at the Historic District and Alden was on a rampage on his way there. Cole was tasked with stopping him before things escalate any further. Arriving at the bridge, Cole made his way through the debris and fog.[2]

Cole Defeats Alden

Cole defeats Alden Tate.

Dealing with the Dust Men around the bridge, and also negating Moya's calls, Cole managed to make his way at the near end of the bridge, where Alden, covered in a makeshift metal hide that forms a monstrous armor, made his last stand to combat Cole MacGrath. Despite the supposed size advantage and morale of Alden and his makeshift metal monsters, Cole managed to destroy the scrap metal hide of Alden, and subdued him there. Cole immediately grabbed Alden and attempted to finish him off.[2]

Alden, fearing for his life, changed his tone with Cole, stating that he wanted to work with him in subjugating Kessler and the First Sons. Cole listened to his reasoning, and the moment that he lowered his guard, Alden jumped down from the bridge, falling into the water. Since he was a conduit, his ability to survive was higher than a non-Conduit, but that mattered little to Cole for the moment. After brushing up, he went forward into the Historic District, where all of his enemies gathered.[2]

Historic District

I know what Trish means to you, how much you love her. Everyone has their price to pay, even her, and that's why she's sitting here next to me.
― Kessler to Cole about Trish

Arriving at the Historic District, John told Cole to lower the 19th Street Drawbridge for him to better escape if ever the situation escalates. After that, he was contacted by Kessler, who told him that he must change and adjust, or else, he'd die. After dealing with an Aura Conduit, Cole is contacted again by Kessler who informs him that Trish was right beside him, held captive against her will as a lure for Cole. Kessler also told Cole about several bombs that he had set around the city, surrounded by innocent civilians.[2]


Cole, swearing revenge on Trish's grave.

Cole was tasked with dealing with the bomb threats himself, being told to drain the electricity so to best avoid any casualties. After several bombs have been defused (and also taking in insults from Kessler), Cole was presented a choice by Kessler. On one end of the city is Trish, hanged alone in a very high building with a paper bag over her head. At the center area were six doctors who are hanged and gagged just the same way as Trish. Cole was to either save the woman he loved or save the doctors that can help cure a thousand lives. With this, Cole decided and went with his choice. Despite his efforts, Trish still ended up falling from her place, dying from the injuries.[2]

Cole, desperate to revive her, used all he could to do so, but only managed to get her alive for a brief moment. Trish told Cole on how she felt about the man he became, before finally dying at Cole's arms. Cole buried her at the park in the district besides the various victims who have died since the Blast. After the burial, Cole swore that he'd make Kessler pay.[2]

Severed Ties
Zeke: "What do you want me to say? That I'm sorry?"
Cole: "I don't want you to say anything. I want you to disappear, because when I find you, things are gonna get ugly."
―Cole and Zeke, when the latter tries to reason out to Cole.[2]

After a brief argument with John, Cole was tasked with restoring the outdated substations located at the Historic District in order to gain a new power and completely restore power of Empire City. After doing so, Cole was told to meet up at the Blue Canyon Building, where he was then tasked to eliminate the air balloons that's releasing a vile toxic gas born from Sasha's tar, causing several pedestrians and individuals to go berserk. Using his newfound power, Cole was able to break the barriers of the balloon, and also managed to destroy the UAVs surrounding the balloon. After the destruction of the four balloons, Cole was told by John that it was time to move on the offensive. He was instructed by John to meet with him at the old Ashford Building.[2]

John arrived in a chopper, rigged with a charged metal platform for Cole to ride on. Whilst flying over the city John told Cole that they needed find several jamming devices that were disrupting his radar's searching for the Ray Sphere. Arriving at one borough after another, Cole destroyed the devices while clearing his way of the First Sons. With the majority of signal-jammers destroyed the pair headed to the final device, hidden somewhere near Ground Zero in the Historic District. While travelling between the cities three islands, Cole was contacted by both Zeke and Moya, the former about reconciling with him, the latter about the dangers of the Ray Sphere. Both of them were shunned by Cole, hearing enough out of both of them and disregarding everything the two have said.[2]

After the devices were destroyed, Cole and John were able to pinpoint the location of the Ray Sphere somewhere in the Warren, at the Examiner Building. With this, the two move in for the steal.[2]

The Ray Sphere

Trish's crumble body flashes through my head. I think of Amy, Zeke. And I hit that sphere with everything I've got. But something goes wrong. The Ray Sphere cracks open, creating a vortex of energy. John's pulled in... and it tears him apart. And I run. John and the Ray Sphere are gone, reduced to ashes. Nothing went according to plan, but at least the the Ray Sphere's out of the picture.
― Cole, after deciding to destroy the Ray Sphere.[2]

After locating the Ray Sphere, John had a helicopter ready to drop a toxic chemical onto the building. Cole was tasked with disabling the anti-aircraft weapons below for the helicopter to drop its payload safely. As Cole destroyed the machines, he was called by Moya, who warned Cole that had he not followed her directions, chaos would have reigned in the city. Cole angrily dismisses Moya, who tells him that it was too late. Disregarding the vagueness of the response for the moment, Cole continued eliminating the machines for John. With the destruction of the last machine, the helicopter drops the chemical bomb. Yet the First Sons escaped with a truck that came in time.[2]

Telling Cole to follow him, John tracked down the truck throughout the borough, and arrived somewhere in the harbor area of the Historic District. Cole, while John was behind him, moved in on the harbor, eliminating every single one of Kessler's men. After a very brief combat with the First Sons, Cole and John were finally able to arrive at the very end of the harbor, where the Sphere stood.[2]

Sphere Destruction

Cole, after witnessing John's death and the destruction of the Ray Sphere.

The Sphere, encased within a sort of carrier with metal rotary rings, just stood there. Cole and John ponder over whether the Sphere should stay. Cole, after much thought, decided to destroy the Sphere with everything he's got. Although the Sphere cracked open, its destruction did not go without casualty, as John White's body is warped into the dimension that the Sphere has unleashed. Before he could be consumed by the fire and the dimension's wrath, Cole ran for the solid ground before he is killed. After the destruction of the harbor, Cole was contacted by Kessler.[2]

Confronting Kessler

And here we are, back where it all started. I was so worried that you weren't going to live through the Blast. But you were fine. More than fine, actually.
― Kessler, regarding Cole's journey so far.[2]


Kessler delivers his final message.

After the business with the Ray Sphere, Cole and Kessler finally confronted each other at Ground Zero, the site of The Blast. After a duel and a brief interference from Zeke, Cole was able to defeat Kessler. As Cole looked down upon him, Kessler uttered out weakly that he loved Trish, asking her for forgiveness. As Cole wondered why he would say that, Kessler lunged at Cole once again, digging his fingers into his head. It was there that Cole found out the truth, as Kessler's secrets played out in his head.[2]

Cole saw Kessler's nemesis, a destructive entity known only as "The Beast", whose intent was to eradicate every living being. During the early days of the entity's rise, Kessler could have used his powers to stop it, but instead chose to flee from it. Being hunted for years, Kessler and his family watched as the rest of the world fell victim to the Beast's wrath, leaving everything in its wake destroyed. After years, Kessler was left alone, with his wife and two daughters dead, and his powers barely standing a chance against the Beast.[2]


Cole's future self dies right before him.

In that moment, Kessler used his powers to time travel back to the past with no way back to his present in an attempt to rewrite history. Kessler seized control over the First Sons, ridding the faction of Alden Tate and accelerated the Ray Sphere's development. Kessler devoted decades testing the Ray Sphere, planning the layout of the Blast, organizing Empire City's quarantine, and locating Cole. The only thing that Kessler had from his past, the thing that drove him forward was a picture from his wedding day: When he married Trish, with Zeke as his best man. At that moment, Cole realized that he and Kessler were the same person.[2]

Kessler went back in time to prepare Cole for the Beast, to render him stronger, ruthless, powerful, going so far as to kill Trish. He prepared Cole for his future nemesis' imminent coming so that he can make the decisions no one can, all for the greater good. As Kessler succumbed to his injuries, Cole took one last look before leaving the area. Cole then vowed that he will be ready for the Beast's advent.[2]

Infamous: Post Blast

Remnants of the First Sons

They helped him create the Ray Sphere, make all of this possible. Without them, Trish's still alive .... which is why they're going to die.
― Cole, regarding the remnants of the First Sons.[4]


Cole, ambushing the First Sons.

A week after the death of Kessler, Cole revisited Trish's grave, still grieving over her loss. Warden Harms visited Cole as he mourned, as he tried to raise his spirits and made an effort to relate to Cole's situation. After that, Cole scoured the city, searching for the remaining members of the First Sons. After Cole disposed of several soldiers in a secluded alley, he was contacted by Warden Harms and the Empire Police, who were clearing out one of the First Sons strongholds and under heavy fire. Making his way to the area, Cole deflected an RPG launched by a soldier as it came centimetres away from Harms, then proceeded to dispose of them.[4]

After Cole brushed off the enemies and shot a glare at Zeke in response to a pat on the shoulder, Cole made efforts to make sure that those were the last of them, and went on to patrol the area. Later that night at Eagle Point Penitentiary, Zeke attempted to salvage his relationship with Cole and apologize, only for Cole to become angered to the point of throwing Zeke aside, and commenting how he, Kessler, and everyone was “sorry”. After Zeke asked what Kessler had to do with anything, Cole told him that he was Kessler, why he returned to the past, and how he killed Trish just to make sure Cole would be ready for the monster, the Beast, seen in Kessler's vision. He then told Zeke why he bares so much hatred for him, remarking that every time he looks at Zeke, he sees the image of Kessler laughing at him, which makes Cole want to strangle him. After this, Cole left the area, leaving Zeke behind to process the situation alone.[4]

Invasion of Empire City

The next day, Zeke asked Cole for help recharging car batteries for the police to use for patrols. After doing so, Cole asks Zeke if he believed what he said about Kessler, to which Zeke replied he did. Cole then confesses his troubled mentality, being haunted by Kessler, unable to eat, sleep, or even think straight, believing that he's destroyed his life and it will never be rebuilt. At this moment, Zeke stepped in and told Cole of his time with Kessler, stating that he was kept in a cell and that he'd get a visit from Kessler every now and then. In his last visit, Kessler said goodbye and thanked Zeke for being a good friend all these years, which only now made sense when Cole clarified that he and Kessler were one and the same.[4]


Cole, subduing all of Moya's men.

After Cole confided with Zeke, a cruise missile flew by and dropped near their vicinity, making them stumble over. As the two got up, they see a massive military aerial armada overhead, deploying soldiers, tanks, and attack helicopters into the city. Cole figured immediately that it was Moya, keeping her promise about destroying the city should Cole disobey. Telling Zeke to get the Warden, Cole and the ECPD mobilized to deal with the troops. Deciding the fighting had gone on long enough, Cole eventually dispatches the remaining forces with Lightning Storm. As the dust settled, Cole stated that this was only the start of the invasion. In agreement, the Warden decided that they need to formulate a proper plan, suggesting that they head inside the Penitentiary. Cole, while inside the facility as several personnel block the paths with turrets and barricades, was contacted by Moya, who gave him a proper warning; to surrender to them, or else the consequences will be dire. Cole told her off and simply said that she should ready her men for him. Moya gave him until the next morning to decide.[4]

David’s Vengence

The next night at a Police Precinct in the Historic District; Cole and Harms debated on Cole turning himself over to Moya. While Cole claimed that many of the citizens of Empire City would die if he stayed and fought, Harms explained that more would die if he left, stating that the First Sons weren’t gone for good, only waiting for their chance to strike, and Cole’s presence was the only thing keeping them in line. As Cole contemplated the no-win situation of the city being doomed no matter what he did, Harms made the point that the media can only keep up the humanitarian charades for so long before the people become suspicious, saying that if they could fight the military to a standstill, it would all be over in a week or so. Just then, David Warner, a former First Sons guard who was turned into a mutant Conduit as a result of Kessler’s experiments with the Ray Sphere, attacked the precinct in search for Cole, who he believes to be Kessler due to their identical genetics. Killing several officers, Zeke and the police attempt to fight off the horrifying creature, only for their bullets to bounce off his skin.[4]


Cole saves Zeke

Hearing the alarm David set off with his arrival, Cole rushed outside as the monster held Zeke in its grasp, draining the life energy away from him. Cole leaps at David, landing a punch directly in his face, causing him to lose his grip and save Zeke’s life. Cole assumed a fighting stance to challenge David, only to be effortlessly blasted through the precinct’s wall by a plasma blast from the mutant’s eyes. As Cole struggled to get back up, David grabbed him and beat him to a bloody pulp, causing Moya to send in troops in an attempt to save him. Despite being assaulted by a barrage of gunfire and rockets, David shrugged them aside, decimating them with an energy blast, leaving Cole in awe of the creature’s power.[4]

Quickly deciding to lure David away before he killed everyone, Cole leapt up towards the powerlines and blasted David with lightning, leading him on a chase throughout the city. As Cole rode on the wires leading into the Neon, David lunged at him, wrapping his tendril around Cole’s neck and throwing him into a nearby building. Regaining his composure, Cole then received a call from Moya, who warned him to get clear of the area while there was still time. Seeing the missile approaching his location, and David crashing through the roof of the building, Cole leaps away in an attempt to avoid a direct hit from the missile, but is nonetheless caught in the explosion, which levels the entire building and sends Cole flying while David is buried under the rubble.[4]


David chases Cole

Shortly after, Cole recovers and makes his way back to the precinct in the Historic as Zeke and another officer are collecting the bodies David Warner left behind. Cole then explains that between Moya’s forces and David determined to kill him, it would be safer for everyone if he wasn’t around, and asks Zeke for the keys to his apartment. Zeke protests, saying that Cole is the only thing keeping them safe, to which Cole replies that he stands no chance against David, and despite taking a direct hit from a cruise missile, he could still hear the monster down in the rubble trying to get out, and says that if it wants to kill him to badly, it could do it when he’s alone, so that no one else gets hurt.[4]


Cole breaks down

Later, in Zeke’s apartment, Cole sits alone in the dark on the couch, going through photo albums of his life with Zeke and Trish before the Blast, as well as the photo of Kessler’s wedding. As his memories, and the horrors, hardships and betrayals he’s endured come flooding, Cole breaks down in tears, releasing lightning arcs which destroy the table and scorch the apartment, and grieves until he finally falls asleep.[4]

Ghosts of the Past

As Cole slept, he was greeted by Kessler in a dream of the future destroyed the Beast, possibly as a result of Kessler implanting his memories into Cole’s mind. As Kessler led Cole across the ruined city, only rubble, charred corpses, and dead grass could be seen. Eventually, Cole is led to a trio of crosses in the middle of an open field, two of which have children’s bracelets hanging from them. Kessler explains they are the graves of Trish and his two daughters, who were killed by the Beast after years of running. Cole states that it wasn’t his fault, to which Kessler retorts, saying he was weak, that he ran when he should’ve fought. Cole fell to his knees, placing his hand on Trish’s cross, which has a photo of her nailed to it similar to the grave he made her in his own timeline, and says that they were his wife and daughters, that he had loved them and all he wanted was to keep them safe.


Kessler leads Cole through the ruined city

Kessler explains that love is a luxury they could no longer afford. That the Beast was coming, and that it was ravenous and unstoppable. He then says that the road that lies ahead of Cole is lined with graves, and if he was going to do what needs to be done, he would have to ignore them, regardless of whose bones they hold.

As the ground beneath Cole’s feet split apart, a giant flash of light consumes the entire city as he awakens from his dream, falling off the couch. He remarks to himself that he isn’t sure how much more of this he could stomach, unaware of the surveillance drones watching him from afar. Hungry and thirsty, Cole looks around the apartment for something to eat and drink, only to find all the food in the fridge rotten and the water system cut off. Just then, the military assault the apartment, gassing the room with Sasha’s mind-control tar converted into aerosol form, causing Cole to have visions of Trish, who verbally assault him, telling him he watched her die, that he had killed her and that he was a failure, causing him to have a panic attack. Desperate to escape the visions, Cole leaps out of the apartment onto the street, where Zeke and Warden Harms find him shouting at the visions to get away from him. Finally blacking out and collapsing, the military subdue Cole and haul him away via helicopter. Zeke attempts to charge at the soldiers to save his friend, but is held back by the Warden, who explains that if they tried to save Cole now, they would be slaughtered. The only way they could help him was if they ignored them and let them go, and promises Zeke they would find him.


Cole captured by Moya

Sometime later, Cole regains consciousnesses and finds himself bound, depowered, and shot up with powerful tranquilizers. He has been taken aboard the military’s base of operations, the U.S.S. Washington, an advanced aircraft carrier augmented by First Sons technology just off Empire City’s Steel Harbor. He is greeted by Moya herself, who decides that it was finally time for the two of them to have a very long talk.

Moya’s Proposition

Cole, still trying to clear his mind from Sasha’s gas, tells Moya she should’ve killed him when she had the chance. Moya corrects him, telling him she doesn’t want him dead, as not only would he make a valuable military asset, he was also their only hope of recreating the Ray Sphere due to their incomplete schematics of the device. She then explains that over the past two weeks, they have arrested over eighteen foreign agents on charges of espionage, and that they were currently tracking eight other suspects, two of which were operating out of New Marais, and says that they all wanted the same thing: Conduits. Cole states confidently that he could take care of himself, but Moya assures him that he couldn’t against odds such as these. Moya tells Cole that he is a national security asset, and that they needed to know what he was doing and where he was going at all times, and that anything other than that agreement was unacceptable. Cole blows Moya off, telling her he was done “playing hero”, who responds by saying she knew this conversation would be a waste of time, but that her superiors insisted she tried. She then pulls out a small First Sons mind-control probe, explaining that once they implanted it into the base of Cole’s skull, he’d do whatever they said without question, whether he liked it or not.


Sasha kisses Cole

After Moya left the room, the scientists began to put Cole under again, but at that moment, Sasha escapes and bursts into the room, killing everyone in the room before freeing Cole. As Cole is released from his shackles, Sasha confesses her love to him, forcing herself on him and kissing him. She then tells him to escape while he can as she holds off Moya’s men. After blasting a hole through the hull of the carrier, Cole meets up with Zeke and Harms, who have already launched a rescue operation to free him. Just then, David Warner appears once again, slaughtering everyone in his wake, and rushes over to Cole, ready to tear him in half.


The Military Conduits attack

Moya, seeing the severity of the situation, releases a trio of artificially produced military Conduits, and orders them to protect Cole at all costs, telling them everyone else was expendable. Cole, struggling to escape David’s grasp as he is being strangled to death, is saved in the nick of time as the military Conduits come bursting from the carrier and attack David, landing a powerful punch directly in the monster’s face, which generates a shockwave that sends Cole flying into a nearby wall.

Accepting Destiny

Once Cole gets back up to his feet, Zeke and Harms yell out to him, telling him to run. However, their screams fell on deaf ears as Cole remained transfixed on David’s violent and bloody battle with the military Conduits. It is here where Cole has an epiphany, realizing he had been walking away from everything his entire life, ever since he dropped out of college. He sees flashbacks of his own life, walking away from his father, from jobs, and from himself. Cole makes a vow then and there that his days of running away are over, lunging at David as he finished off the last of Moya's Conduits to begin their final showdown.


Cole kills David and sinks the Washington

After a lengthy battle which tears apart the U.S.S. Washington and takes the two below deck, Cole douses David in jet fuel, and promptly sets him on fire. Cole executes the final blow, channeling all his energy into a supermassive lightning bolt from the sky, which splits David’s body in twain and rips a hole directly through the Washington, causing the ship to sink into the harbor.

Moya then appears and holds a pistol to Cole’s head, which annoys Cole, telling her to give it a rest and admit defeat. Just then, the ship capsizes and knocks Moya into the water filling the hull, trapping her under rubble.

Unable to live with himself for leaving her to die, Cole attempts to pull Moya from the wreckage and save, who tells him there is no time, and to get out before the water kills him. Begrudgingly, Cole obliges, and climbs out of the ship and jumps back to the mainland as Moya drowns to her death. Upon returning, Cole is greeted by Zeke and Harms, the latter of whom comments that the government won’t be happy with billions of dollars of advanced technology sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

A few days later, a pair of reporters who had snuck into the city broadcast Cole’s fight with David on every news network and media outlet across the country, bringing the existence of Conduits in public light. Moya is disavowed as a rogue operative, acting without authority from her superiors. The news broadcast also claims that Cole MacGrath is still at large, and that the CDC has confirmed the quarantine will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, Cole and Zeke sit by a beach, and the latter asks if Cole thinks David is gone for good. Cole’s only reply is that he “really hopes so”. Zeke tells Cole that their fight is all over the news, and that a big Hollywood executive wants to make a movie about him, which Cole remarks that maybe they’ll hire him to do the stunts. He then receives a phone call from an NSA agent named Lucy Kuo, who tells him they need to talk.

Infamous 2

Leaving Empire City

Kessler told me about you. I'm not gonna let it happen!
― Cole, upon seeing the Beast on Empire City.[1]


Cole reviewing the papers given to him by Kuo.

A month after Kessler's test and David's rampage, the quarantine is finally lifted, and life in Empire City begins to return to normal, with most of the city’s architecture being rebuilt and improved, and the military blockades around the city being removed, allowing for open naval transportation. As Cole was on his daily routine, Lucy Kuo arrived in Empire City to meet up with him. She explained that she was fully aware of the Beast's nature and its imminent coming, also informing him of one of her associates, Dr. Sebastian Wolfe, whom previously worked with Kessler on the Ray Sphere. Offering Cole help to prepare and empower him for the Beast's advent, the only condition Kuo had was for him to come to New Marais. Cole agreed and prepared to leave for New Marais with Kuo, along with Zeke.[1]

As the three were conversing at the deck, Cole told Zeke that the trip was only for a short time, as he needed to head back immediately after he's received his powers, so that he can stop the Beast before it unleashes catastrophe. As they continued the conversation, Kuo noticed a slight disturbance from the distance at Archer Square. The group sees a destructive vortex open up right beside the square's statue, and blows open, tearing the area apart. Acting immediately, Cole got out of the boat and onto the harbor, running towards the site as his surroundings crumble and fall apart. Cole sees from afar, a gigantic visage of what was later revealed to be the Beast. After Cole fired a few bolts, the Beast threw the broken half of the statue at him, causing Cole to stumble over. At that split second, the Beast appeared right behind the statue, pushing it aside and confronts Cole.


Cole, held by the Beast after narrowly escaping.

Cole threw everything he had at the Beast and managed to subdue him after summoning a bolt from the sky as he tried to carry the harbor's floor. After the power subsided, the Beast fell to the water, thought dead by Cole and the others. After this, Cole was told to return to the boat before the harbor falls apart, which he did so.[1]

Empire in Ruins

I had been given powers to defeat the Beast. I was strong ... I was ready ... I had fought it with everything I had ... and it wasn't enough. That needed to change.
― Cole, on his failure at Empire City.[1]


Cole on the boat, as people tried to keep their distance.

As he jumped for the boat, he was held back by a mysterious force and was drawn back by the reformed Beast. Held between the Beast's hands, Cole was nearly killed by it if he hadn't fought back. After summoning another storm, Cole was freed from the grasp of the Beast, at the cost of his strength being drained and fell to the water, barely alive.[1]

Brought back to the boat, Cole was put in the infirmary to heal his wounds. As he awoke, he saw Zeke and the TV broadcasting the fall of Empire City by the Beast, how the entity reconstructed itself and destroyed the city. As the boat headed to New Marais, Cole wandered around the deck alone, as people tried to keep their distance from him either because of fear or respect. Zeke, Kuo, and the other individuals there were trying to continue their supposed routines, as the Beast's activities were being tracked, destroying anything in its path as it headed southwards.

Testing The Amp

Cole recovers from his injuries and goes to work on his powers.

Cole, disappointed in his failure, decided to further his strength while he was on the boat, working with Zeke to create a new weapon that focuses his powers when in use. As they arrived closer to New Marais, Kuo had called in one of her contacts to get a smaller boat, for they had to sneak in the rest of the way, given that the city was in lockdown. Reaching a Militia Checkpoint, Cole decided to go meet the Militia and handle them accordingly. Given the Amp by Zeke, Cole got out of the boat and went to work, subduing the hostiles ahead. After dealing with all the watchers and apparent attackers, Cole made his way into the city, as Kuo and Zeke's boat followed.[1]

Power Up

Zeke: "So uh...What happened? That old guy slipped you a roofie?"
Cole: "No, no. Actually, I think I might have a new power."
Zeke: "Really? Come on, let's see what you got."
—Cole and Zeke, after the former used the Blast Core.[1]

Arriving by New Marais' harbor, Cole followed Kuo as she led the way to Dr. Sebastian Wolfe, whom she contacted on the way to his place. As he expressed delight in MacGrath's presence, he delivered bad news, as the Militia had stormed in on his labs and took the Blast Core he was keeping. As the two made their way to Dr. Wolfe, the doctor contacted Kuo again, this time informing her that the Militia have returned and are trying to knock down his door. Kuo left Cole to retrieve the Blast Core so she can go help Wolfe. After subduing the Militia at the rooftop, Cole found the Blast Core and contacted Wolfe immediately, asking if he was still at the lab.[1]

After Wolfe have picked up his phone, a powerful explosion erupted at a far off building, sending several shards flying all over the city. Cole went to the disturbance immediately and found Wolfe's lab in ruins, with Wolfe still pinned down by debris. After Cole had helped Wolfe up his feet (and hear a comment from him about his likeness to Kessler), Cole admitted that he has failed to defeat the Beast in Empire City. Just then, Wolfe showed Cole the Ray Field Inhibitor, a powerful device created as a sort of anti-Ray Sphere. It has the ability to drain the powers off of Conduits, even the Beast. After Wolfe told Cole to keep it safe, Cole presented the Blast Core he found to the doctor.[1]


Cole giving Dr. Wolfe the first Blast Core he found.

The doctor explained that the Cores powered the RFI, and that by giving the Core a sudden surge of electricity, the nearest Conduit will receive new and enhanced powers. Once Cole is able to absorb enough Blast Cores, he will have enough power to use the RFI. Wasting no time, Cole activated the Core, which resulted in a powerful sudden surge of power through his body, causing him to black out after the process was finished. After that, Cole awoke to the sight of Zeke shooting some Militia soldiers. After the slight disturbance, Zeke asked Cole what happened to him. After Cole replied that he has received a new power, Zeke told Cole to see what he can do. After using the Kinetic Pulse, Cole was tasked with continuing the search for Wolfe.[1]

Looking for Wolfe


Hey, these people pay attention. Especially when you have lightning coming out of your hands.
― Zeke to Cole.[1]

Cole was contacted by Kuo to fetch a message left behind by Wolfe from a carrier pigeon at the top of the New Marais Clock Tower, thinking it will give them leads to where Wolfe is. After fetching the message, Kuo mentioned that there were several Blast Shards scattered near the tower. After that, Kuo told Cole to stretch his powers a bit as she continues the investigation.[1]

Just then, Cole was contacted by Zeke regarding some of the past people he met. He said they've contacted him, asking him to get them favors from the "Electric Man". Cole met up with him to further discuss this, and after they did, Zeke told him that both a cop and a junkie contacted him. Figuring that the people of New Marais would recognize his actions, Cole decided to send a message. After dealing with the Militia and gaining the city people's attention, Cole was contacted by Kuo, whom told him of the possible evolution of his powers through extensive and proper use. Dealing with a Militia mob at the district, Cole's power evolved further, able to shoot three bolts at once. After this, he continued his investigations.[1]

Kuo then admitted that Cole was becoming less and less anonymous as he continued his activities in New Marais. Before the majority of civilians asks for help, Cole remarked that it was time they find Wolfe. Seeing no other leads, Kuo told the team that the leader of the Militia, Joseph Bertrand, is about to make a speech at St. Ignatius. Seeing an opportunity there, Cole waits for Bertrand while telling Zeke to go ahead and watch from the crowd anonymously.[1]

The Demon of Empire City

Cole: "What'd I miss?"
Zeke: "Basically, Bertrand's been telling everyone that uh ... you're the devil."
Cole: "Oh, nice."
—Cole and Zeke, on Bertrand's event.[1]

Cole and Zeke discuss their next move in the midst of Bertrand's speech.

After nightfall, Cole met up with Zeke who was hiding in the crowd as Bertrand gave his speech. Just as they talked, Bertrand continued on delivering his propaganda message, stating that a "demon", referring to Cole, walked among them, along with the rest of the "deviants". Promoting the Militia's presence and supposed protection services, Bertrand assured the civilians that the "Demon of Empire City" will be brought to justice. Just when Zeke was contemplating on leaving, who was stopped by Cole, a swamp monster appeared behind some of Bertrand's propaganda materials and paraphernalia. As civilians flee in fear, and as Bertrand retreats to his car with his Militia, the monsters attacked the gathering, killing off the Militia soldiers.


Cole catches up to Bertrand and demands him to talk.

Cole ran through the area and fended off most of the monsters, while civilians looked on as he fought. After subduing them, Zeke told Cole that Bertrand was fleeing from the area on his limousine, along with some of his men. Cole takes to the rooftops in order to follow him quicker and safer, and after dealing with several of his men and navigating through the city, Cole managed to hop on the car of Bertrand, sarcastically asking him with enthusiasm to talk as the car drove through the city. Bertrand ignores his chatter, though Cole tried to threaten him if he refused to reveal Wolfe's location. Just then, Bertrand warned Cole to worry more about his head, as the car drove right under a chopper, knocking Cole off of the car and onto the street.[1]

As Cole tried to stand up, he was nearly gunned down by the chopper, though he was able to retreat. As he took his time evading, Cole eventually destroyed the chopper. After a call from Zeke, and a minor business that had to be settled, Kuo found a lead to Wolfe, which was Bertrand's interrogator. Cole opted to track him while staying on the rooftops after he's finished gambling. Reaching the nearby rooftop, Cole waited for Kuo's call regarding the interrogator's status.[1]

Great Escape

That thing from Empire City. I can feel it, it's coming for me. Now I got no way to fight back.
― Cole, after Wolfe's death and Kuo's abduction.[1]

Receiving word that the interrogator has left the casino, Cole went forward and followed him while staying away from his sight, navigating through the city via rooftop. He managed to track him down at a small house nearby some Militia checkpoints. Cole dealt with the Militia (and a Ravager) before Kuo arrived with a truck. After this, Kuo managed to get Wolfe out of the building and took him in the truck, though they tripped the alarm on the way. Cole made his way to the nearby alley and got on the truck, while also checking on Wolfe for himself, whom was a mess due to the interrogation methods inflicted upon him. Though Kuo wanted to ask more questions, Cole told them to leave immediately so they wouldn't be caught by the Militia.[1]

As they fled the Militia's base and fended off most of the Militia chasing them, Cole and the others managed to get themselves in a more open area where no Militia was present. There, he asked Wolfe what the Militia wanted with him. As he stated that the Militia and Bertrand planned something far worse that he thought (also stating that the Blast Cores were only the beginning), Bertrand's voice was heard from afar, through a radio transmission from a Militia truck. The truck ran fast, and rammed over the car Cole was on, sending it flying to the ocean.[1]


Cole, in pain after the impact caused by the Militia truck.

Cole managed to escape and hide near the storm drain, as he witnessed them take away Kuo from the wreckage. The Militia also saw the corpse of Dr. Wolfe pinned inside the car. Cole crawled through the drain, as he grieved over the death of Wolfe, contemplating on how he'll defeat the Beast as it draws closer to New Marais. After the Militia left, Cole managed to pick himself up and leave the area.[1]

The Beast is Coming

Swamp Witch

Nix: "It's all yours. All you gotta do is help me break a few crackers."
Cole: "Yeah, 'cause you really look like a damsel in distress."
Nix: "It ain't about needing help. I just ... want a little company."
—Cole and Nix, who asked help from the "Demon of Empire City".[1]

After recovering from the impact, and returning into the city, he was contacted by Zeke, who may have something of interest for Cole. After they met up, and after Zeke tried to raise Cole's spirits, Zeke told Cole that he may have found Kuo, stating that there was a woman who escaped the Militia lynch mob and tried to hide the swamps. Cole then dropped down from the building and made his way to the swamp, searching shack after shack for Kuo. As he approached the third shack's door, he saw a nearby disturbance. Figuring that it was Kuo trying to fight back, he made his way there.

Nix Cole 1

Cole's first encounter with the Swamp Witch.

Arriving at the area, Cole saw several fallen Militia and felt the presence of another individual. Just then, a woman appeared out of nowhere, then teleported to one area after another. Just then, he was pinned by the woman, who nearly killed Cole if she didn't see his face. Realizing who he was, the woman backed away as Cole aimed for her. The woman, who held a Blast Core, claimed she was a fan of Cole and introduced herself as Nix, a Conduit much like Cole. Cole asked for the Blast Core, though Nix asked him for help first before she hands it over. Agreeing to the terms, Cole followed Nix into the city, where he was led to a park filled with Bertrand's men and propaganda.[1]

She asked Cole to spill barrels of oil to several Militia banners, and also subdued the nearby Militia. After spilling the barrels, Cole ignited them with his electrokinesis, causing a chain of fire that burned most of the park. As the fire got worse, Nix and Cole got on the ground and dealt with the rest of the Militia. As the last soldier fell, Nix expressed extreme joy and satisfaction at the destruction she and the "demon" caused. After this, Nix handed Cole the Blast Core, after the latter stated to call him due to their similarities as a Conduit. After this, Cole left the area and met up with Zeke.[1]

Rescuing Kuo

After absorbing the Blast Core, and learning of Zeke's new job as an undercover Militia soldier for their side, Cole learned from Zeke that Kuo was being held hostage in a nearby fort protected by Militia soldiers. Cole, along with Zeke and Nix, tried to formulate a plan on how to get her out. Nix's initial plan was to utilize the train car that runs through the mansion's front, rig it with explosives, and speed up the train's speed so fast, it will derail the car into the mansion's front. Though Cole pitched in that a fire would make a great diversion, Zeke mentioned that it would kill the civilians nearby, and at the fort. Zeke then told of another plan, which involved freeing cops being held hostage by the Militia, much to Nix's distaste.

Cole Rescue Kuo

Cole frees Kuo and helps her escape.

Regardless, Cole managed to find Kuo after dealing with the Militia at the fort, holed up in an ice-cold containment room where she was bound at the very center. Held by two cuffs and had a metal headgear over her head covering her eyes, Kuo was experimented on by Bertrand, bled dry and filled up again with a different substance. Cole freed her after blasting her restraints, and helped her out of the containment room, though they were followed on the way out by subjects from a similar experiment.[1]

Cole tried to help Kuo on the way out, though as he did, several of the subjects were making their way out of the fort, as the Militia tried to both contain the subjects and stop Kuo and Cole from escaping. Kuo slowly made her way to the outside of the fort, where Zeke was waiting, bringing along a pickup truck. After making her way there, Kuo got on the truck, where Cole followed. The three then abruptly leave before things escalated, escaping the Militia, and the subjects.[1]

Run Down

Rosco L 7

Cole meets Laroche.

After restoring power at Ascension Parish, Cole was told by Zeke that a woman had been taken captive by the Militia and taken somewhere nearby the swamps. When he went there, he encountered and set free the woman for sacrifice to the Corrupted, Sara. She told Cole to follow her so he can meet up with her uncle Laroche, who was the leader of the Rebels in New Marais. After making their way through the park, Cole met with Laroche, who indirectly admitted to his niece that he knew of the Militia's sacrifice offerings. As Laroche and Sara were about to argue, the former catches sight of Cole, whom he knew best as the "Demon of Empire City". Cole offered to him and they worked together to take down the Militia, though as he did, a Devourer appeared. After dealing with the Devourer, Laroche contacted Cole and said that he's interested in an alliance, though he still has his doubts.[1]

Later that evening, Cole was told by Zeke that Kuo was up and about, and was gonna give something to him. Meeting with Kuo at St. Charles Cemetery, Cole found her with a new look to better suit her new Conduit abilities. Though Kuo's abilities were still unstable, Cole told her that he can help, and started with working together to dispose of the Militia around the cemetery. After that, Kuo sent Cole an image found in Wolfe's labs, which may lead to another Blast Core. After a thorough search, an encounter with a Hive Lord, and seeing the victims of the Ray Field Plague, Cole was finally able to find the Blast Core. After Kuo bid goodbye to her "coach" and left, Cole left as well and headed for Zeke's place.[1]


Nix takes Cole to a crater similar to Empire City's.

After gaining another power by activating the core, Nix asked for Cole's presence by the swamp pier, where she had something to show him. Procuring a boat, Cole and Nix saw several Militia posted at the swamp, with several of the Corrupted in the area, combating them. After making their way through the ruckus, dealing with the enemies that came their way, Nix was able to deliver Cole to the area. There, Nix showed the sight where her powers originated, a crater caused by a Blast similar to Empire City's, and explained everything about it. After learning that Bertrand perpetrated the event, Cole and Nix returned to the city, with Cole swearing to her that Bertrand would pay.[1]

Fort Philippe

Returning to the city, Cole was contacted by Zeke, who asked for a meeting, along with Kuo and Nix. At Zeke's roof, Zeke then announces that the Transfer Device is inside the fortress known as Fort Philippe, which was overrun by Militia. As Kuo and Nix were about to argue over whether to destroy it or not, Cole breaks them up and pitches in that they should think about how they will get the device first. Kuo mentions that if they give Rosco Laroche and his men food and supplies (which was all taken by the Militia), she will have to find the stash herself. Zeke then pitches in that he procured a map where all of the Militia's supplies are located.[1]

As the two abruptly leave and discuss their plan, Cole is approached by Nix. Nix pitched in her own plan, which was to dress up as a Militia and wreak havoc around the area, drawing the Rebel's attention. Cole is then to pretend that he took down the attacking Militia, which will endear him among the Rebels if done correctly. Though Cole thought the plan was crazy, Nix commented that she feels he rather liked it, and disappears, leaving Cole to decide on how to handle the mission.[1]

Regardless, Cole managed to get the Rebels on his side, and have begun preparations for the attack on the fort. Cole was to take out the turrets placed around the fort with Kuo, to which they did. After that, and after the Rebels stormed in, the power at the fort was out, which caused Cole to weaken. After he restored the power, he worked with Nix to dispose of the mortars around the fort, and also take care of the remaining Militia. After this, Kuo contacts Cole to inform him that they found the Transfer Device, and had the Rebels haul it out for a great bonfire.[1]

Power Transfer Cole Kuo Nix

Cole tinkers with the Transfer Device as Kuo and Nix watch.

The Device was put out at the fort, and Cole arrives as Kuo and Nix look at it. Seeing another Blast Core placed within the device, Cole tells them to strap him in. As Kuo expresses disbelief, Nix was ready to offer her powers to Cole. Cole explains that it would be better if they combined powers to help better the synchronization between each of them. Kuo's distaste suddenly segued into a reluctant offer of exchanging powers with her, to which Nix replies that if she chose her, she'd leave, and vice versa from Kuo. After deciding who to transfer powers with, and using the device, Cole sees Bertrand from afar, about to ride a chopper on the other side of the fort. Cole stumbles to Bertrand's direction and lets out a bolt strong enough to cause an incredible amount of damage to the chopper. Cole then slides into unconsciousness.[1]

Bertrand's True Face

That guy can run all he wants, it doesn't matter. I know his secret ... and I am coming for him.
― Cole, after seeing firsthand what Bertrand truly is.[1]

After regaining consciousness, Cole followed the chopper's trail and managed to find it near the bridge to Flood Town, destroyed and turned into debris. Cole glared upon it happily as he enters to check on Bertrand. But as he did, the ground trembled and disrupted. Seeing a dust cloud at the near center of the area, Cole investigates, only to find out later that a giant Behemoth is what was causing the tremors, and was wreaking havoc upon the city. The monster then went after Cole, as he flees with several of the Militia focusing on the Behemoth.[1]

As the monster chased Cole around the city, with the latter fighting back, Cole was attacked by both the Corrupted, and the Militia, though both of the factions were also busy dealing with each other. After destroying the specific weak-points of the Behemoth, Cole was able to defeat the monster, as he trash-talked it down. As the dirty smoke got thicker while it spun around the fallen monster, the dust settled down and Cole saw the weakened, human form of the monster: Joseph Bertrand III. Seeing the supposed human purist mutated into the monster he just defeated, Cole goes after him as Bertrand flees the area for Flood Town. Knowing Bertrand's deepest secret, Cole goes after him in the district.[1]

Sooner Than Later

Flood Town

After restoring power into the district, Cole was contacted by Zeke, who said that the Rebels found a cure for the plague. Making his way there, he later found out that there was no cure, though the Rebels and Zeke did need help from Cole, as several of the Corrupted were making their way into the town, attacking any nearby civilian. Cole was tasked to use the Dunbar Beam to reduce civilian casualties, and so he did. After dealing with the overwhelming amount of Corrupted, Cole retreated to the center of the district and worked with Laroche and Zeke in eliminating the Corrupted converging in that area.[1]

As they were nearly defeated, Cole and the others were saved by units from Vermaak 88, the Ice Conduits. They demanded Laroche surrender the Blast Core, to which he said he did not agree to. After defeating the Ice Conduits, Laroche was grateful and asked Cole one more favor before giving away the Blast Core. Several of the Ice Conduits damaged the wells around the district, causing a fire that created a very harmful smoke. As Cole cleared out the fire, he sees Bertrand with another man, experimenting on him with his powers. After he cleared out the fire, Laroche thanks Cole, and tells him to meet up with Zeke if he wants the Blast Core.[1]


Cole prepares for the arrival of the Swamp Monsters.

Meeting up at a train car near Flood Town's entrance, Cole, Zeke, and Kuo prepare to activate the Blast Core. Before they did however Kuo found some notes from Wolfe's lab that state that the RFI was originally created to cure the plague ravaging the country, which originated from Ray Field Energy radiation. As Cole was about to activate the Core, he realizes that the Blast from Empire City was where the plague originated. After Zeke promised that they'll fix everything, Cole activates the Core and wakes up the next morning. Failing to activate the RFI, Cole remarks that a few more Cores will be enough to activate his powers, before leaving the train car to test his powers.[1]

Exposing Bertrand

After stretching out his powers, Cole was called in by Kuo, who asked for the team to meet up at the train car. As he arrived, Kuo and Zeke were discussing when and why Bertrand was in the Train Yard, as Nix listened reluctantly. As Cole sat down, Nix told him that she knew what was going on and that she was only being ignored by the two. When given the chance to speak, Nix told them that Bertrand was creating the monsters they were fighting all this time, stating that they belong to him. She's also said that it was the reason he was in the train yard, for it was there that he was making the monsters. She even mentioned that she tried to tame them and succeeded, though the monster died protecting her from the Militia.[1]


Cole mockingly waving at Bertrand with his camera.

Kuo and Zeke expressed minimal amusement and disbelief on Nix's story, to which Nix was angered by. As Nix was about to start a fight with Kuo, Cole held them off, and after settling down, Kuo suggested that she and Cole collect evidence of Bertrand's activities, if what Nix said was true. Nix disagreed and said that they should focus more on taming the monsters and use them as an army against Bertrand. Cole abruptly leaves the train car as he tells the team to be prepared. After this, Cole made his way to the nearby district of Gas Town, where he prepared to meet up with Kuo.[1]

Kuo was a bit occupied with the TV signal during that time, so she told Cole to go on ahead. Forced to take the longer route, Cole arrived at the train yard, told that most of the Militia were drugged. Using a camera lent to him, Cole took pictures of several civilians, the Corrupted and their variants, and also Bertrand using his powers on an individual. After taking the pictures, Cole sent Kuo the pictures, and broadcast them all around the city. Bertrand realizing he was played, he immediately disappeared from the site, as the yard was raided by rebels.[1]


Cole watches Nix escape with the Swamp Monsters.

Cole and Kuo worked together to free the civilians, and also to defeat the Devourer nearby. As he was rescuing some of the civilians, Nix appeared before Cole at the train yard and was evacuating the monsters out of the area. He told her that they were monsters that will only cause havoc, to which she replies that they aren't and that her plan against Bertrand will work. After Nix left and the last civilians were rescued, and after Kuo assured Cole that the Militia and Bertrand were nearly finished, the two left the area.[1]

Near Fallout

Cole: "Oh no, no way!"
Zeke: "Jesus. It ate a nuke, now it's back for more?!"
―Cole and Zeke, as they witness the Beast put itself back together.[1]

Zeke tells Cole to inspect what he had hidden at the back of the truck.

Just then, Cole was contacted by an ecstatic Zeke, who asked his friend to meet up with him. Cole made his way back to Ville Cochon and found Zeke behind the wheel of a Militia truck with a covered trailer. When Cole removed the panels, he saw a nuclear missile that Zeke found, apparently insurance Bertrand had Wolfe prepare if ever his experiments went "way south". Zeke drives the truck to Flood Town's harbor with Cole protecting them from angry Militia members. Zeke hopes that using it on the Beast while it's still far from the city will finish it off without harming New Marais.[1]

After clearing the area of Vermaak 88 units, Cole, using Zeke's targeting system, aims the missile at the Beast. The missile launches and hits the Beast, who stumbles and disappears from sight, however, the impact of the missile was strong enough to blast back several of the city's inhabitants, including Cole and Zeke. Cole wakes up at the sight of a red sky caused by the explosion, he contacts Zeke, who was pinned down by a dumpster. Assisting Zeke he revels in their success against the Beast.[1]


Cole witnesses the rebirth of the Beast after a near fallout.

As Cole helps Zeke make his way to the truck, a destructive vortex appears in between the cranes nearby, twisting and bending the metal of the pier. The Beast was still alive and was now in New Marais. As Cole and Zeke express their disbelief they hurried out of the area, away from the vortex's instability. As they fled through Flood Town, the vortex blast caught up with them, throwing the truck into the bay. Cole woke up beside the destroyed truck, quickly contacting Zeke he learns the Beast had made its way into the Gas Works before Zeke lost its trail.[1]

Piece By Piece

Gas Works

Listen to me Bertrand. You want me to save your city? You want me to kill the Beast? Get me out of here and stay the hell out of my way!
― Cole, upon hearing Bertrand's offer.[1]


Cole is ambushed by Bertrand and his men at Gas Works.

Cole makes an effort to restore the power in the Gas Works, New Marais' industrial zone. As he brought power back to each transformer, and as he fended off most of the Vermaak, Cole was captured and caged by Bertrand as he was about to restore power to the last transformer. There, Bertrand talks to Cole, in hopes of him understanding. He told him that he cannot stop the power of the Beast, though he believes that he and Cole can defeat it if they joined forces. Cole states that he's got the feeling that Bertrand will betray him when the moment presents itself. He then demands him and his men to get him out of the cage so he can make a solo effort to defeat the Beast, though Bertrand disagreed. He then ordered his men to kill Cole MacGrath.[1]

Cole hid behind several boxes and dodged most of the Militia's fire. As the cover ran out, He then immediately called Kuo for immediate help, though after a short while, Zeke storms in and shoots down the Militia, which caused Bertrand to flee. Zeke then helps Cole out of the cage. Realizing the way he's been treating Zeke, Cole apologizes to him, to which he just throws off, stating that what he did at Empire City was just as bad, if not worse. The two then reconcile and leave the area.[1]


Cole confides with Zeke.

Zeke later contacts Cole, who forgot his first reason for being there. He told him that a member of the Militia said that a Blast Core was present at a nearby warehouse. Cole goes to the area and locates a safe, though it only contained deeds to three other warehouses. Cole visited the three warehouses and found the Blast Core at the third warehouse after he defeated the Titan and several other hostiles.[1]

Conduit Arms Race

Cole found a briefcase beside the Blast Core, containing paperwork from the Militia and Bertrand's activities. What he found were several shipping documents for the Vermaak 88 units conceived by his experiments, to be shipped to several powerful figures and warlords all over the world, in effect, starting a new arms race. Cole then looks at the other documents and sees pictures and more paperwork, this time detailing Bertrand's several good deeds, the likes of donations and planting of trees. Though the two things conflict with each other, Cole takes things into consideration and believes that Bertrand plans to save the world through the same way as several Biblical Figures. As Cole pondered over these, he goes back to Zeke's place to use the Blast Core.[1]

After gaining a new power from the Blast Core, Cole was contacted by Zeke, who informed him that a shipment for the Forced Conduits will be happening later on that day. He goes by Gas Work's pier and attempts to sabotage the boat, though he was hindered by several of the Vermaak. Though they proved to be a tough fight, Cole managed to defeat all of them and managed to destroy the two boats before they got out of the city.[1]


Cole: "What the hell?"
John: "It's good to see you MacGrath."
Cole: "John, you're dead."
John: "You're right. I was. For a while."
—Cole and John's first encounter after the latter's supposed death.[1]

John White, upon meeting with Cole for the first time in New Marais.

Right after the successful sabotage of the last boat, a sudden flash of energy happened behind Cole and saw John White, his former associate who worked for the NSA just like Kuo. Though Cole thought he was dead, John said that he was reformed, albeit still feeling the effects of the Ray Sphere ripping his body apart. Seeing that he was no ghost or illusion, Cole concludes that he was a Conduit and asked why he was there in New Marais. John then told Cole he wanted to show him something, subsequently while giving him an enhancement to his power. John then told him to meet with him at the Plague Ward nearby.[1]

John told him of the plague that's ravaged Empire City before its destruction, and currently New Marais. The virus has spread all over the East Coast according to John, with millions dying. He remarked that the government cannot stop the virus due to its unreal nature, but remarks that he can, with Cole's help. After Cole arrives at the ward, he searches for someone who bore the Conduit gene and was told by John to heal the citizen. Cole failed several times; decided to give up on healing her.[1]


Cole witnesses first hand what John is capable of.

John then appears and told Cole that everyone at the ward is already considered dead, though he thinks differently to the woman with the gene. He told Cole that he can cure the woman by activating her powers under the same process as the Ray Sphere, though only a fraction of the negative results. As John used his power with Cole behind him, Cole expresses extreme disbelief when he found out that John was The Beast. As he came to this conclusion, the warehouse exploded, causing the death of many individuals, though it saved the life of the woman with the Conduit gene, who survived the minor blast. Thanking Cole, she then flew to the sky. John then remarks that humanity is finished, before asking Cole for help.[1]

End Of The Road

Bertrand's End

Conduits aren't monsters. No, see powers don't kill people. Oh no, it's the person behind the powers that kill people.
― Cole's statement to Bertrand's opinion.[1]


Cole and Bertrand talking at a helipad.

After the business with John, Cole was called by Zeke, who told him that Bertrand was on his way out of the district via chopper, though will not be leaving due to Zeke's sabotage. Cole rushed towards the sight and managed to catch Bertrand at the empty heliport. Cole confronts Bertrand about his actions, what he has been doing. Bertrand admits that he wanted to induce the fear of Conduits into everyone that do not have their abilities, and at worst, turn them hostile against the Conduits. Cole then figures out that Bertrand thought that he'd be a "superhero" through the power of the Ray Sphere, but instead it turned him into a giant monster. He then objects that he thought all of the Conduits are monsters, whose only real purpose is to kill most of humanity. Cole then mentions that those who are behind the powers kill people, not the powers themselves. Bertrand agrees, and jumps off the helipad, turning into the Behemoth once again.[1]

Cole jumps off the helipad and makes his way to Zeke's truck, and rides behind it while trying to lure Bertrand to the meeting point. Laroche and his men have set up a trap for Bertrand. After reaching the destination, Cole, along with Kuo, Nix, and several of the Rebels, attack Bertrand. Subduing most of Bertrand's underlings and also weakening Bertrand, Cole took off with the Rebel Chopper to draw Bertrand to another trap. Along the way, Zeke blasted missiles that were specifically designed for repelling Bertrand, though it wasn't enough to bring him down.[1]


Cole looks on at Bertrand's corpse after a long battle.

The chopper then managed to get to the destination, with a blockade of several propane tanks placed in the road as a trap for Bertrand. Bertrand was weakened by the explosion after Cole detonated it, though he was still standing. Cole and the others finally joined together to finish Bertrand off once and for all. After a long and grueling battle, Bertrand was subdued, and fell to the ground dead, dying as a monster. Cole then remarks that Bertrand got his wish; not being a Conduit anymore. Nix spat on the corpse of the monster, as Cole and Kuo express mutual happiness for her. The trio then left the area, as the Rebels began clearing the road of Bertrand's corpse.[1]

Last Piece

Zeke: "Looks like there's gonna be one hell of a storm."
Cole: "Yeah there is."
―Cole and Zeke, right before the former goes and fetches the final Blast Core.[1]

After the fight with Bertrand, Cole was contacted by Zeke, who managed to scrape off one last bit of information before the Militia went berserk over the loss of their leader. He learned that Vermaak 88 was keeping a Blast Core with them, and instructed Cole to meet him somewhere at Gas Works. He arrived as Zeke kept on with the hostile's location. After he pointed out the leader of the group to Cole, Zeke coughed heavily. Concerned, Cole used the power given to him by John and saw the plague eating away at Zeke. After promising to cure the phenomena, Cole took off to combat the Vermaak.[1]

The leader of the group fled the area and unto the tall tower at Gas Works. Filled with giant icicles and ice blocks, Cole made his way to the very top and found the Blast Core encased in ice, a move the Vermaak thought would assist them in their endeavors. Zeke sent Cole photos of the valves needed to melt the ice encasing the Core. As he went to do this, Cole was contacted by John through telepathy and asked Cole for help. Cole was reluctant to help him and mentioned facts about John's attack on him during Empire City. John apologized and mentioned that the act of rebirth was an overwhelming sensation, and saw Cole as a threat during that time.[1]

As Cole turned the other valves, and after John's messages subsided from his head, Zeke told Cole of an incident at the swamp area, where The Beast had killed all of the nearby life forms. Cole suspected the Corrupted were killed, and that it was John's work, as an attempt to "raise them up". After this, Cole managed to remove the Blast Core from the tower and fetched the Core after defeating all of the nearby Vermaak 88 Units. He then made his way to Zeke's place, asking him if he was ready. Zeke assured him that everything will be fine. After this, he activated the Core and slept through the rest of the night.[1]

The Final Decision


Cole is left with a choice.

After activating the Core, every member of the team was called in for a meeting, which concerned what will become of the Beast. Cole, Kuo, and Zeke all waited for Nix, who arrived extremely distressed due to her pets being destroyed by The Beast. Cole then explains the true nature of the Beast; a former associate of his named John White, who've been turned into a Conduit after being sucked into the Ray Sphere vortex. Though what he had been doing all along wasn't mass murder, but rather turn the majority of humanity into Conduits as a counter-measure for the plague, which the Conduits were immune to. He furthered it by telling them that John asked him to join him, much to the disbelief and rage of others. When told by Nix to do something about it, Cole agreed and grasps the RFI in his hands.[1]

Cole charged the RFI with all he's got, though as he did, it caused Kuo and Nix to stumble down and feel the pain of dying as Cole continued the charge. Acting fast, Zeke took the Amp and smashed the RFI from Cole's hands in order to stop him and the deadly process. When all stood up, they expressed extreme disbelief, as all along, Wolfe planned for Cole to die. The team then argue over which method will work best, ending with Kuo agreeing that John is the only way anyone will live, and Nix, decided that his life mattered less compared to the destruction of the Beast. Cole was forced to choose between the two options.[1]


Cole, Nix, and Zeke look at the RFI, much to Kuo's distaste.

Cole decided and asked Zeke if he was able to repair the RFI. As Zeke, Cole, and Nix looked at the RFI for problems, Kuo attempted to steal the device, though failed to retrieve it. She leaves the area with an unhappy tone, stating that they will regret what will happen next. Cole and Nix then listen in on Zeke, who saw that the RFI lacked a proper circuit, and wasn't charged to the fullest. Zeke then pitched in that he had an idea, which involved charging the RFI on different substations until it's ready for use.[1]

Saving Humanity


Cole bids his best friend goodbye.

Setting up the substations along with Laroche and the Rebels, Zeke gives Cole and Nix the RFI and instructs him to go around the substations in order to charge it enough for use against the Beast. Once it is enough, Cole was to activate the RFI. Before leaving, Cole bids goodbye to his best friend in case he won't be able to later. After this, Nix lead the way to the substations, which was located somewhere by the plantations. They made their way out of the city and went across the bay with the help of Laroche.[1]

The Rebels delivered Cole near the site of the first substation, though it was destroyed by the Beast before Nix could have gotten to it. As the Beast drew closer, Laroche instructed the two Conduits to leave them behind, to soften him up before Cole faces it. Reluctantly, the two left and watched Laroche's boat get destroyed by the Beast. The two retreated into the city to the next substation. They arrived, and as Nix charges it, the Beast drew ever closer, as he was able to detect the RFI's presence. Cole fended off the Beast as Nix charged the device. Fending off John, and the interference of Kuo, Cole was able to subdue both and called forth a lightning storm down on John, which shook him considerably. Nix saw this as she was charging the RFI, and remarked that it wasn't enough to contain John. Acting on her own, Nix lunged forward as an attempt to stop the Beast with a suicide attack, creating a powerful explosion of fire and napalm that threw everyone around off their feet and critically injured Kuo, though only managed to make John stumble.


An injured Kuo with Cole, right before he activates the RFI.

Cole yelled out for Nix, though received no response. Cole, embittered, took the RFI while stating that John was going to be next. Cole made a break for it to St. Ignatius and charged the RFI for the last time. After attaching it, the device was fully charged and Cole was granted unlimited electricity from it for a short time. Cole then takes flight towards the Beast, tanking his attacks like nothing and bringing him to his knees in seconds. John was weakened and defeated, as Cole landed down to the ground.[1]

As he was about to activate the RFI, an injured Kuo arrives at the park, telling Cole to do it. Cole arrived to aid her, and as he held her in his arms, she admitted that the three were right about everything, right about the plan. She admits that she was afraid during the time, and took back what she said. She then lets Cole be in order for him to activate the RFI. Cole, with all he's got, charged the RFI, and lets go, creating a powerful surge of energy.[1]

Death and Legacy

Sometimes, I hear folks talking about Conduits and humans like they're totally different. That's bullshit. Because there ain't no nobody with more humanity, than Cole MacGrath.
― Zeke, on the life his best friend led.[1]

The surge of energy proved fatal, as Cole and the nearby Conduits, the Corrupted and the Vermaak 88 included, died. The surge burst through the atmosphere, affecting the entire planet, killing most Conduits and potential Conduits on different countries and continents. Though thousands died, the rest of the populace were saved, as the RFI was able to eliminate the plague, saving those critically affected by the plague.[1]


Cole's last moments.

As they celebrated, Zeke brought the body of Cole to the city of New Marais, greatly saddened over the loss of his best friend. The citizens of New Marais, fully aware of Cole's selfless act, brought the body for a grand funeral, where his Amp still sits in the stone in front of the Cathedral. Cole's selfless act regarded him among citizens as a saint, beloved by them. Zeke, who wanted to bid goodbye to his best friend alone, brought his body on a boat, and drifted away into the sea, as a flash of lightning struck the boat from the horizon in the shape of a question mark...[1]

inFAMOUS: Second Son

Seven years after Cole's presumed death, Conduits now dubbed as "Bioterrorists" continued to roam the Earth. A new agency called the Department of Unified Protection ensured that he was remembered as a notorious felon. This was done to help further their cause of ridding the world of "Bioterrorists", despite the fact that Cole chose to sacrifice himself and other Conduits to save humanity.


Cole's actions in Empire City and New Marais have made him a controversial figure in the world of inFamous. Despite the media attempting to paint him in a negative light, the general public has a somewhat positive opinion of him, as children are shown making drawings of him in The Longhouse depicting him fighting Reapers. In Seattle, several citizens can be heard praising Delsin Rowe as the "Second Coming of Cole".

Powers And Abilities

Before the Blast


Cole practicing parkour with Zeke at New Marais.

Four years prior to the Blast, Cole began practicing Urban Exploration; parkour and climbing.[2] He also traveled down to New Marais during his training, exploiting the drop of law enforcement. Through extensive training, Cole was able to perform parkour with ease, able to walk on narrow cables and climb buildings. This has aided him well in his job as a bike messenger in Empire City.[1]

Being a latent Conduit, Cole also seemed to have a stronger resistance and endurance to injury, as he was able to make it out alive after being run over by a freight truck during the time before the Blast. Zeke mentions this to Trish when the latter was worried if Cole will get out of his coma or not, assuring her that he'll be fine.[4]


Outside, things were bad. But inside - inside me - something was...beginning.
― Cole MacGrath, regarding his powers.[2]


  • Electrokinesis and Electromagnetism: This gives Cole the ability to channel lightning in and out of his body. Cole can use this to a variety of means, one notable example being its use in hand-to-hand combat. Cole combines martial arts while electrifying his hands to fight his enemies. He can greatly improve the damage he can inflict by charging both of his arms with electric energy (Gigawatt Blades), and taking down almost any human in a single hit.[2] Cole could also use his Electrokinetic abilities to his advantage in various ways. He could use it as a radar (Radar Pulse) to locate electric sources nearby, and differentiate friend from foe, find Blast Shards, or locate John White's Dead drop. He could use his powers in an almost Telepathic way, reading a deceased person's thoughts through neuroelectic energy absorbed from their synapses (Psychic Vision). He could read a memory of his choice, such as finding out how a person died or finding something they hid (namely Blast Shards). Should he see how they died, he would also see an "echo" through neuroelectric remnants of a person connected with the death. he could see the echo through the use of his Radar Pulse.[2] Cole's primary offensive ability was to fire an Electrokinetic bolt of lightning out of his hands and onto any target he has it aimed to (Lightning Bolt). This bolt passed a current through any target, stunning enemies, electrifying bodies of water (thus killing anyone in it), or charge up electric devices. Several variations of this attack include: a continuous chain of lightning (Arc Lightning), a massive amount of energy concentrated into a single bolt (Overload Burst), and a sniper-like bolt of electricity, shot while speeding up Cole to a point where time appeared to slow down. (Precision).[2]This allows him to use electricity in order to generate magnetic and anti-magnetic effects. He can also charge himself with energy as he falls, creating a powerful explosion as he lands (Thunder Drop). With Electromagnetism, Cole could perform several attacks with various uses. He could bind an explosive kinetic charge with Electromagnetism, sticking to any enemies, bouncing off walls, and exploding a few seconds after impact (Shock Grenade). He could also trap a massive explosive charge in a swirling rocket-like mass, that would explode on contact (Megawatt Hammer), and generate a shockwave that knocks targets into the air (Electromagnetic Shockwave (TK Blast)). Cole could hover in the air using electromagnetism (Static Thrusters), and also grind through metal wires and railings (Induction Grind). Cole could also use magnetic tethers to throw vehicles and objects at enemies (shown in the comics) and could lift any object, even non-magnetic ones, and could even use it to lift and throw enemies. Cole had the ability to form a defensive barrier that can protect him from harm through the use of electromagnetism (Polarity Wall).[2] Also, Cole possessed "touch-related" abilities, such as "leeching" an individual's neuroelectric energy to instantly heal any body damage inflicted unto him (Bio Leech), restraining a wounded individual with the use of electrokinesis and electromagnetism (Arc Restraint), and also healing a nearby injured individual back up their feet (Pulse Heal).[2] He also possessed upgrades for most of these powers, with the general upgrade path being accurate and more inclined to damaging the opponent and leaving civilians unharmed (Good Karma) or destructive and splitting into multiple blows, maximizing destruction (Evil Karma). He also possessed a unique ability, to gain an endless supply of energy for 30 seconds (Karmic Overload). His lightning is powerful enough to destroy the Ray Sphere, which was completely undamaged by it's own detonation. He's been able to destroy large buildings, bridges, attack helicopters, and was able to kill David Warner and sink the U.S.S Washington aircraft carrier in one shot, despite the former feeding on electricity to survive.
  • Electrical Resistance: Cole is mostly immune to electricity, as shown when his powers first manifest, he was electrocuted by exposed cables without injury. He is also shown to be unaffected by electrocution, lightning strikes, and standing on transformers and surfaces conducting thousands of volts of electricity with no detriment, and using said energy to charge himself up. He is consistently able to use his own body a conduit for substations to channel the city's electrical power gird to restore blacked-out districts. During his final battle with Kessler, while he wasn't completely unharmed, he was highly-resistant to Kessler's lightning bolts, only suffering minimal damage. While he can be injured by his own grenades and rockets, this may be due to the kinetic energy stored in them. Strangely, game trailers and Cole's visions initially showed him being unaffected by the explosions.
  • Weather Manipulation: Cole can control weather phenomena such as lightning storms. He exhibited this power firstly after The Blast when he summoned a thunderstorm over Empire City. This storm was also powerful enough to accidentally destroy the Fremont Bridge. Afterward, he gains full control over this ability by being able to create thunderstorms at will and rain lightning upon his enemies.

Basic Conduit Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength and Durability: As a Conduit, Cole gains superhuman strength. Resistance to injury, reflexes, agility, and physical abilities have been enhanced to levels far beyond that of any human. Years before Cole's powers manifested in the Ray Sphere explosion, he survived being run over by a truck, which hit him square in the chest and whipped him underneath, running over both his legs. Although he should've been killed or crippled by this, he walked out of the hospital the next day with only some bruises. Cole also survived being at the epicenter of the Ray Sphere explosion, which smashed several blocks of Empire City into rubble and could rip apart other Conduits like John White at the atomic level, with even Kessler afraid he wouldn't survive. Cole could shrug off getting hit and sent flying by the speeding trains running on Empire City's islands. After fighting Sasha, Cole was blown up and crushed under several tons of rubble within the Jefferson Tunnel when the First Sons came to retrieve her, and proceeded to free himself and make his way into the Warren. During the mission “Anything for Trish”, he easily shrugs off a direct hit from an RPG with no damage, barely noticing he had been hit as he was too transfixed on Alden Tate’s power. Similarly, while dumbfounded by Zeke’s betrayal, he was violently crushed under several tons of steel and concrete from Alden’s Tower, “barely feeling the impact” in his own words. During Cole's battles with David Warner in the DC Comics, he withstood being thrown through a building that was subsequently destroyed by a missile, although he was briefly knocked out. He has been exposed to powerful explosions, energy blasts, shockwaves, flaming debris, being thrown through and crushed under buildings and giant towers, and blasts capable of demolishing buildings and even entire cities, and is able to shrug them off with ease. He is strong enough to harm Conduits comparable to himself with physical blows, pry open the mouth of a Devourer with his bare hands, lift giant metal beams, toss around cars with physical strength (via Lightning Hook), and was able to overpower Kessler at the climax of their fight and send him flying through the air with an uppercut.
  • Superhuman Speed, Reflexes, and Agility: Cole MacGrath is far more agile, and reactive that normal human beings, as well as some Conduits. He is able to easily scale buildings, and can land on his feet after dropping from tremendous heights. He also possesses incredible equilibrium, allowing him to balance himself on narrow surfaces such as poles and telephone wires, and can even run across them with ease. His agility also allows him to perform complex acrobatic maneuvers to evade attacks in combat. His reactions and combat speed are inhuman as well, being able to easily dodge and deflect RPG-7 rockets and redirect them within inches of their target, which travel at nearly 300 meters per second. He easily dodged a hail of gunfire from a wall of automatic turrets, with Cole himself stating that he “moved faster than he knew he could”. During the military invasion of Empire City, he was able to simultaneously fight off a horde of military soldiers and attack helicopters all while dodging fire from a chain gun. Most impressively, in his fight with Kessler, he was able to avoid his lightning bolts from close range and block them with his Polarity Wall, which move at roughly 90,000 meters per second. His reactions are further increased with Precision, being able to view the whole world around him as slowing to a crawl, and being able to easily shoot electric panels through turbine fans.
  • Healing Factor: Cole gained a healing factor from the Blast, able to quickly heal any damage his body takes in in seconds, due to his body's natural ability to heal being greatly accelerated, through the stimulation of Cole's muscle tissues and his immune system when electricity isn't available. Cole was rendered impervious to most diseases, such as the extreme toxic gases that Kessler's air balloons had released (a by-product of Sasha's mind-controlling Black Tar). Even these toxins did not give the user complete control over him, only causing him a lot of pain and draining him of his powers temporarily. His healing ability was accelerated when Cole absorbed electricity (Electric Drain)[2]

Over the month after his fight with Kessler, his powers grew tremendously. For one he appeared to have an unlimited supply of energy, and his hands had electricity flowing through them when in a fight, as though he was using a permanent form of Karmic Overload. His Bolts had become much more powerful, with the size and power of Rockets (they never hurt him if he fired too close to himself), but chained electricity like Lightning Bolts, and had a smaller radius of the explosion. His grenades apparently lost their adhesive abilities, as any grenades he threw would bounce off the Beast's skin. His Electromagnetic Shockwaves had evolved into Blasts, no longer appear like swirling circular electrified blasts, instead appearing more similar to an expanding Polarity Wall, and a wider area of effect.

His durability had increased to the point that he could shrug off the Beast throwing the Archer Square statue at him from multiple city blocks away, as well as being crushed between the Beast's hands for an extended period of time. He could survive several of his blasts which could easily destroy buildings, and all of Empire City in one shot, and could withstand being sucked into his gravity Singularity, which could disintegrate any matter or energy that comes in contact with it. His Static Thrusters were much more powerful than before, though he still couldn't use them to fly. He had also learned how to summon Lightning Storms while on uneven ground, giving him a huge advantage in battle.

Infamous 2

My powers are getting stronger. Tempting me to do things I couldn't have imagined.
― Cole MacGrath, on his power's metamorphosis.[5]


Cole obtains a Blast Core, which will grant him a new power after use.

At the end of the battle with the Beast, Cole's power was massively drained, and leaving him severely weakened and depriving him of most of his advanced powers. He could no longer fire Megawatt Hammers, create Polarity Walls, or summon Lightning Storms. He stopped using some of his other powers such as Overload Burst (Good Karma) and Arc Lightning (Evil Karma). Cole received new powers through the use of the Blast Cores, refined cores of used Ray Spheres.

  • Electrokinesis: Cole furthered his Electrokinesis in Infamous 2 to impressive levels. Originally, his Lightning Bolts became slightly weaker (this may have been intentional) and began consuming energy. However, Cole began honing his skills and powers in New Marais in preparation for The Beast's imminent advent. Cole retained many powers, including Static Thrusters and the Precision attack (though he needed to "reawaken" the latter with a Blast Core), while other powers were revamped considerably. Most notably, Cole's powers evolved after stressing his body in different ways. The first evolution took place after Cole took down several Militia, which granted him new powers. His primary ability evolved from blasting a single bolt (Alpha Bolt) to blasting three bolts at once (Pincer Bolt), and also able to gain other variations, such as the ability to blast a longer, stronger bolt (Magnum Bolt) and also the ability to blast a bolt that has a farther range (Artillery Bolt). Cole further evolved several of his abilities, including the Grenades and Shockwave attacks.[1] Cole's melee combat has been improved, now using a powerful electric weapon instead of hand-to-hand (The Amp). Cole gained Electrokinetic abilities that improved his mobility, such as the ability to jump at a higher altitude while on top of a car (Car Jump) and also the ability to create a tether that allows Cole to drag himself to a surface that allows the tether to attach (Lightning Tether). He has also exhibited new forms of attack, such as the ability to use lightning as a lasso, and drag enemies off of their feet (Lightning Hook) and an enhanced Shock Grenade, able to electrocute several enemies before detonation (Electrocution Grenade). He gained a new precision Blast that had a much longer range, though a smaller area of effect, and a Grenade that hops towards the nearest enemy.[1]
    Firebird Strike IF2

    Cole using Firebird Strike.

  • Electromagnetism: In addition to many of his powers from before, Cole was able to use a form of telekinesis, as Cole is able to lift a metallic object through the use of his powers and able to throw them at his opponents (Kinetic Pulse).
  • Ionic Manipulation: Cole lost the ability to manipulate Lightning Storms through his own Electrokinetic abilities, instead of relying on Ionic Manipulation. Occasionally, one of his enemies dropped a charge when taken down. He could use its power to perform devastating powers akin to the attribute, such as conjuring a powerful hurricane (Ionic Vortex) or a more powerful, stationary Lightning Storm (Ionic Storm).
  • Superhuman Strength and Durability: As a result of his fight with The Beast, Cole's physical strength and durability were much weaker than they had been in Empire City. Shortly after arriving in New Marais, he broke his leg by being thrown from a car crash, despite having withstood much worse impacts without a scratch before he even got his powers. His durability would increase along with his Electrokinesis as he absorbed the energy of the Blast Cores, as shown when immediately after this car crash, he absorbs another Blast Core which amplifies his durability to the point that he could survive a direct hit from a mortar round without a scratch during the mission(s) "Leading the Charge"/"Boom!". After absorbing six of the seven Blast Cores, he could survive an explosion that destroyed the Plague Ward and sent him flying across a street relatively unscathed in the mission "The Face of Change". After absorbing all seven Blast Cores, he has regained and surpassed the strength he had in Empire City, being able to once again combat The Beast and survive his attacks. Cole has also been able to survive massive globs of acid and beams of sub-zero cryokinetic energy. Cole's strength is also much more prominent, as he has been shown to lift large light poles over his shoulder with ease, pry open the mouth of a Devourer with his bare hands, and effortlessly throw around enemies like the Corrupted and Vermaak 88 with his Amp attacks.
  • Power Transfer Device: Through the Power Transfer Device, Cole gained abilities and attacks attributed to either Napalm Manipulation (if he chooses to transfer powers with Nix) or Cryokinesis (if he chooses to transfer powers with Lucy Kuo). Several powers exhibited by Cole involve gliding at a low altitude while wrought in fire (Firebird Strike), and spiking off a tall icicle from the ground, able to jump greater heights (Ice Launch). Powers attributed to an ionic charge can also be used to perform attacks akin to the two elements, such as the ability to spike off several icicles from the ground, freezing nearby enemies (Ionic Freeze) and also the ability to drain the life force of nearby hostiles and bystanders (Ionic Drain). Several attacks are different variations of Cole's electrokinetic powers, only done in their element (such as the Nightmare Blast and the Frost Shield). Both abilities are attributed to negative (Napalm) and positive Karma (Cryokinesis), meaning both cannot co-exist in one inning.[1]
    • Ice Manipulation: If the player chooses the "good karma" side in Infamous 2, then Cole will have the ability to manipulate ice; the ability that he got from attempting to transfer powers with Lucy Kuo. Among the new powers that he'll acquire are the Ice Launch, (Cole flash freezes water molecules under his feet, creating a large pillar of ice that lets him jump higher than a Super Jump), Ionic Freeze, (Cole uses an Ionic Charge to launch a wave of ice at his enemies. Human sized enemies are instantly frozen by this move), Shatter Blast, (Cole flash freezes a small group of icicles and launches them at his targets. Consumes twice the energy of the Alpha Blast but with twice the damage), Frost Shield, (Cole creates a small field of ultracold air that blocks bullets and converts them into energy, similar to the upgraded Polarity Wall), Ice Grenade, (Cole throws a ball of ice that detonates on impact, creating a small field of icicles that can be used as temporary cover. Weakened targets hit directly by this grenade are instantly frozen), and Freeze Rocket, (Cole launches a ball of subzero gas at his targets, instantly freezing anything caught in the blast radius. Travels at a faster speed than other Rockets).
    • Napalm Manipulation: If the player chooses the "evil karma" side in Infamous 2, then Cole will have the ability to manipulate napalm; the ability that he got from attempting to transfer powers with Nix. Among the new powers that he'll acquire are the Firebird Strike, (Cole envelopes his body in fire and flies a short distance before creating a small explosion), Ionic Drain, (Cole uses an Ionic Charge to expand his Bio-leech ability, draining life energy from his surroundings, including energy sources. Larger enemies are not affected by this power), Nightmare Blast, (Cole creates a cloud of smoke and ash, blinding human-sized enemies caught in the blast radius), Napalm Grenade, (Cole throws an explosive ball of oil that detonates on impact, delivering a greater blast radius and damage than other Grenades), and Hellfire Rockets, (Cole launches a cluster of five fireballs that explode on impact, delivering greater damage than other Rockets).

Cole is also able to gain bonuses that coincide with his Karmic rank, such as the ability to heal several civilians at once, and also able to gain unlimited power for a limited time after performing a Bio Leech onto an individual. Both of these upgrades are automatically received after reaching the specific Karmic rank. Several other upgrades function the same, and can only be gained once a specific Karmic rank is achieved.

At the end of his final confrontation with the Beast, he got a glimpse of his full potential when the fully charged RFI amplified his powers. He began to fire Missile Bolts as he did during his first battle with the Beast. He appeared to have a permanent form of Karmic Overload he was seen using in the first battle. His Static Thrusters allowed him true flight ability and was less hindered by the Beast's attacks. His powers were amplified to the extent that he could bring down the Beast within moments, while it had taken a much longer time when the RFI wasn't fully charged.

Since Kessler was Cole's future self, it can be assumed that he would have gained all of Kessler's abilities had he stayed alive for as long, and perhaps even surpassed them (Kessler may not have had to restore electricity to Empire City or look for Blast Cores in New Marais).[2]


Zeke: "The second you touched it, the electricity in your hand cooks off the gunpowder and the whole thing goes 'KABAM!' Hahaha! The look on your face was priceless."
Cole: "Damn near blew my hand off."
―Zeke and Cole, recalling a past event.[2]

Cole has several weaknesses, most notably his body regulating electricity. Cole is able to store and channel electricity in and out of his body, though it comes from a different power source. Meaning, the energy he is able to produce is limited by the amount he can store. In order to use his more powerful abilities, Cole has to absorb energy from a power source to fuel them. When out of energy, Cole can only perform minimal actions and attacks. Also, Cole's body reacts to the energy that's surrounding him. If energy is absent in the area, Cole's body weakens, which makes him even more vulnerable, considering that there is nowhere for him to absorb electricity.[1][2]

Another weakness he holds involves being submerged into a large bodies of water. When submerged in water deeper than his waistline, Cole will be short-circuited for as long as he stays there. However, Cole can withstand up to neck-deep water for up to 30 seconds before he is killed, and is unaffected by small amounts, as he is seen able to drink bottles of water and beer, and is unbothered by puddles and small fountains, although this causes the water to produce a static field, electrocuting anyone other than Cole that stands in it. Falling into the middle of the ocean will usually kill him instantly, though he has survived it on one occasion after his initial confrontation with the Beast. This is the limit of his ability to interact with water, and it is stated that he must sponge bathe.[1][2]

Mentioned by Zeke, Cole is unable to use guns, for the gunpowder reacts to the electricity at the palm of his hand, heating it up enough for the gun to explode. However, Cole can use this to his advantage, as he is able to destroy mounted machine guns used by his enemies through the use of electricity, rendering them defenseless. Cole is unable to sit in cars, for the electricity within his body reacts to the car fuel, causing it to explode. He is, however, able to stand on top of cars, perhaps due to his rubber shoes, which the non-conductive surface renders the electricity immobile. Cole might not be able to hold normal cameras, as Zeke gave him a special camera that won't explode when he touches it.[1][2]



Download (11)

Cole as he appears in Infamous

Cole wears a leather jacket and pants with a stripe on the right leg, forming a small union jack design on his knee, and a sling bag with his phone attached to the single strap. This sling bag has a Sly Cooper logo and the numbers one and 3 designed onto it. He has a shaved head with a light stubble beard and speaks in a gravelly voice. Cole shows a high form of intelligence and is able to logically deduce the outcomes of any actions he might take.[2]

Depending on Cole's choices, his appearance (and powers) will change drastically.[2]

  • Good or Neutral: Cole retains most his appearance, though he looks cleaner and neater. The electricity that comes out of his body is light blue, due to his good nature.[2]
  • Evil: Cole gains a much more paler skin, and gets paler to the point of dark gray if he continues to do evil deeds. His clothes deter to gray and black, and jet-black markings that resemble a lightning current start to show around his body, and get more noticeable and darker as he continues his evil deeds. The electricity coming out of him turns to a light red, due to his evil nature. If Cole chose to absorb Ray Sphere for his self-benefit, the electricity turns from light red to jet-black, with a deep red hue that surrounds it.[2]

Infamous 2


Cole, as he appears in Infamous 2.

After recovering from his wounds, Cole's attire has been changed to a simple black and yellow T-shirt, paired with black cargo pants that has a white Union Jack design on its right leg, this time spanning his entire leg. Cole's sling bag has also been changed to a simple brown/orange with a sly cooper sign where his new melee weapon (the Amp) is being kept on a strap attached to his bag. Cole also has tattoos on his arms, that change corresponding to his Karmic state. Cole also gained a scar on the right side of his face sometime after dealing with Kessler, and now wears sports shoes ('tabi boots') specifically for parkour.[1]

Like in the first installment, Cole's appearance also changes depending on his choices, though unlike before, the changes appear right after ascending a Karmic rank, and will show a brief cutscene, depicting how the changes are implemented. After the changes have been applied, Cole lets out an electric burst.[1]


  • Guardian: Cole's skin is unchanged, remaining a light tan. His lightning turns to a light blue.[1]
  • Champion: The scar on his face will start to heal. The inner portion of Cole's shirt is changed to white, with the black areas changing to a very dark, navy blue, and he is given several tattoos akin to stars and wings, representing his good motives. His bag also changes colors to a very light olive drab, and his pants will appear smoother.[1]
  • Hero: The navy blue portion of Cole's shirt is changed to a light gray, and his lower apparel is changed to track pants. His scar will appear nearly healed completely, and Cole's melee weapon will appear cleaner and shinier. His lightning appears to have an icy look to it.[1]


  • Thug: Cole's skin and overall appearance will start to turn noticeably pale, appearing a sickly gray. The Union Jack sign will have a pale red look to it. His lightning turns into a light orange-red.[1]
  • Outlaw: The inner portion of Cole's shirt will appear red, he'll have a dark gray T-shirt underneath and also the Union Jack design on his pants turn to a dark red. His bag changes to a dark olive drab, and is given several tattoos that imply negativity (downward arrowheads and fire motifs, among others). Also, his veins will start to appear, and his scar will start to worsen.[1]
  • Infamous: Cole's veins will become more noticeable, appearing all over him. His stubble gets darker and more noticeable than before, his scar will worsen further, and his T-shirt's colors will turn darker, and several rips and holes will appear on them. His pants will also have rips, along with the addition of a dark red belt. The Amp will also appear rustic and dark, with some subtle dark red indents and the handle looks oxidized.[1]

Festival of Blood

Cole Closeup Ashes 001

Infected Cole

Before his transformation into a vampire Cole's appearance was of his neutral appearance in Infamous 2.

After being bitten by Bloody Mary his shirt and pants are stained with his blood and his skin is pale with veins appearing all over his body. His eyes are red and he (like all vampires) grows fangs.

He loses his amp (or it was stolen) and replaces it with a stake attached to a cross. His lightning is orange.


Classic Cole


Classic Cole

The Classic Cole skin is worn in the beginning and available for Cole to wear later in Infamous 2 if one purchases the Hero addition, pre-orders or downloads the skin from the PlayStation Network. This skin is similar to the outfit worn in Infamous. It consists of Cole's yellow-orange and black courier jacket, black jeans with the union jack sign spanning across his leg, tabi shoes and brown sling bag similar to the one worn in New Marais. This skin changes as Cole does good or evil deeds.

Good: Cole's jacket becomes slightly lighter and his skin becomes more tanned.

Evil: Similar to the changes applied to Cole in the original Infamous, his jacket becomes dirtier and soon


Reaper Skin

becomes black, the union jack sign on his pants turn red, his sling bag turns black and his skin is a sickly gray.


The Reaper skin is based on the Reapers of the original Infamous. This skin is available if one were to purchase Infamous 2: Hero addition, pre-orders or downloads the skin from the PlayStation Network, or downloaded for free using the voucher included with the Infamous Collection. Cole wears a red jacket with a skull on the hood, brown cargo pants with bandages on the legs, a dark gray sling bag, and his skin is a grayish-black and sports a skull painting on his face. This skin is unaffected by Cole's Karma state.


Kessler headshot

Kessler Skin

The Kessler skin represents the antagonist from the original Infamous, Kessler. This skin is available if one purchases the Infamous 2: Hero addition, pre-orders or downloads the skin from the PlayStation Network, or downloaded for free using the voucher included with the Infamous Collection. Cole wears a white trench coat, white trousers, and a white hood and has cybernetic implants on his chest and right arm. Cole looks much older in this skin and his eyes give off a dim blue glow. Cole's sling bag is replaced by an unknown object that acts as the strap for the Amp to be inserted. This skin is unaffected by Cole's Karma state. The way his eyes glow in this skin is similar to that of Raiden from the Mortal Kombat franchise.

Full Vampire

Vamp cole 2

Full Vampire

The Full Vampire skin could possibly be how Cole would've looked if he and Zeke didn't defeat Bloody Mary. This skin is available if one were to purchase Infamous: Festival of Blood and has completed 15 UGC missions. Cole's appearance becomes very dirty with minor changes. He wears a very dark red-orange and black shirt, black pants with a very dark red union jack stripe, his sling bag becomes very dirty appearing black, his ears become pointed and his skin changes to a dark gray. His lightning remains orange.

Other Designs

The following is based on non-canon content and is not considered to be part of the Infamous continuity.


While Infamous was still under the code name "True Hero", the design for Cole started with something more urban looking, and athletic. The design featured Cole's face differently, with thick brown hair, and a leather jacket with a light hooded sweater and a black undershirt. He wore some gloves and shin guards, and some light beige pants with a holster. He also had a shotgun with him and wore boots.

The designer commented that this stylized design was somewhat reminiscent to the Sly Cooper series. The design was later revised.

Gear Wolf

Another early design was made for Cole, nicknamed "Gear Wolf". The concept showed Cole with, again, a full wad of hair. He also wore some aviator-style shades and wore a red and white vest with a sling bag. He would wear bandages on his forearm and some motorcycle gloves. He also wore shin guards, cargo shorts, and brown cleats.

The designer admitted that the base idea for the concept was Cole's job as a bike messenger, explaining that pinpointing the facet of the character as a major breakthrough. The design was then later revised.


Cole design 1

Cole's initial design in Infamous.

Several concept arts of Cole was made under the name of "Chance". There, Cole wore a sling bag and jacket similar to his Infamous render. Also, Cole wore black track pants with Japanese characters and the letter "Z" on the right side, with a yellow stripe. Cole also raised the left side of his pants a bit, showing bandages on his leg. He was also bald and wore a scarf to cover the entirety of his face. He also had a gun kept on his bag's sash.

An early render of this design can be seen at several websites, albeit modified. Cole's sling bag design was more detailed, rendering it a purple/violet and white one with a tribal design at the back. The design on his jacket was also brought into more detail, as the material appeared to be leather padding. He also lost his face scarf. This design was later changed.

An interesting element of this design involved the developers deciding to remove the gun and come up with a mechanism to render it obsolete, thus giving them the impetus to develop Cole's latter electrical powers, as well as the decision to remove his hair, as baldness was easier to render.

Infamous 2 Cole


Cole's original design in Infamous 2

The first ever image of Cole during Infamous 2 was released to the public, which showed concept art of Cole with thicker hair, and a thicker, more noticeable beard. He wore a simple black T-shirt and a black sling bag. Cole wore black track pants with a white Union Jack design by the side, and also used sports shoes specifically designed for parkour. Cole's accessories included bandages, some rope necklaces, and tattoos with designs different from his current tattoos. This design was then rendered in 3D and was seen in the E3 Gameplay and Debut trailer of Infamous 2. Several other screenshots render Cole with even thicker hair, and also minor changes to his design.

This design was scrapped after a majority of negative fan reactions, due to Cole looking like an entirely different person, barely resembling his original look.

This design for Cole was received several nicknames such as: Original Infamous 2 Cole, E3 Cole, and Cole Drake/Nathan MacGrath(due to his similar appearance to Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series.)

This design of Cole was also used as an Easter Egg in the Naughty Dog video game The Last Of Us where he appeared on a movie poster for the in-universe movie Fame.

End of non-canon content

Alternate Timeline



In Kessler's timeline, Cole and Trish married, with Zeke as the best man.

In an alternate timeline, Kessler/Cole's original world, Cole was married to Trish and had Zeke as his best man on their wedding day. The couple had two daughters, and lived in an unnamed city (most likely Empire City). During the said timeline, Cole had his powers, and his world was being ravaged by an entity known as "The Beast". Instead of fighting, he fled from the Beast, even though he had the power to stop him. After years, the Beast had destroyed most of the world, and Kessler was too late to save his family, or anyone else. In an attempt to rewrite history, Kessler goes back in time.[2]

Evil Cole

The following is based on non-canon content and is not considered to be part of the Infamous continuity.

Cole becomes the Beast.

In a different scenario, Cole chose to side with Kuo and John in the decision to destroy the RFI, a decision that would mean the plague would spread, leading to the death of humanity leaving only the Conduits alive. However, before Cole has a chance to destroy the RFI it is stolen by Nix and Zeke, forcing the trio to track them across New Marais. Finally after killing Nix and his best friend Zeke Dunbar on the roof of St. Ignatius' Cathedral, Cole uses his Amp to smash the Ray Field Inhibitor into pieces. With nothing left to stand in their way, John admitted that though he believes in their plan, he can no longer continue, stating that he has had enough of the killing. John then announces his decision to transfer his powers to Cole, believing that his resolve will let him see the plan through. As John passes his powers to Cole it caused a massive explosion, destroying much of New Marais, wiping out all non-Conduits but activating those with the Conduit gene.
Leaving behind the husk of New Marais, Cole, Kuo and those Conduit's the pair were able to find, quickly move to cure more potential Conduits before the plague took them and destroying the armies that stood in their way. Cole began to see the plague as a evolutionary jump and realized that though everything that had happened to him, the lessons that Kessler had taught him and the powers he had been given to prevent this change, he now was the change, he was the Beast. [1]

Festival of Blood


Cole, as a vampire.

After mentioning his connection to Cole MacGrath to a woman in a bar, Zeke tells a story of Cole as part of his attempts to impress the woman.

It is possible that these events happen after Infamous 2 (if one believes that Cole survived) as several citizens will shout "He's alive!" upon viewing Cole in-game, referencing his "death" at the end of Infamous 2.

Pyre Night

Cole investigates a St. Ignatius's Cathedral after hearing the screams of several civilians.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Cole is represented by two characters: Cole MacGrath, who is the hero incarnation, and Evil Cole, who follows the evil path. Both Coles have separate Arcade storylines.

Street Fighter X Tekken


Cole appears as a character in the PS3/PSVita versions of Street Fighter X Tekken.

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Cole's Story


Playstation All Stars Battle Royale - Cole Intro, Rival Fight, and Ending

Opening: Cole's story begins in New Marais as Cole is attempting to protect its citizens. He claims that even with his powers, he can't protect the city alone and seeks help from others. He hears of a gathering of "special" people and decides to find out who they are. He's unsure of whether or not they are Conduits, but nevertheless decides to find them so that he can bring them back in hopes of gaining their help.

Rivalry: Cole's rival is Raiden from the Metal Gear series. Cole continues his search in a PlayStation landscape as Raiden appears. When Cole tells him that he is searching for certain "people", Raiden thinks that Cole was searching for him and pulls his sword on him. Cole states that Raiden is either with him or against him and as Raiden made his choice, there is only one way to end their discussion and the two prepare to fight.

Ending: After defeating the final boss of All-Stars, Polygon Man, Cole absorbs his power and returns to New Marais. He returns, unsure of if the other characters were Conduits or not, but claims that it's time that he showed off his new powers. He states that with his new power, he will attempt to save New Marais, or die trying.

Evil Cole's Story


Playstation All Stars Battle Royale - Evil Cole Intro, Rival Fight, and Ending

Opening: It opens in New Marais as Evil Cole claims that he is at the top, the strongest Conduit in the city. He still seeks more power and, contradictory to his ending in Infamous 2, seeks to destroy all Conduits so that he can add their powers to his. After hearing about a gathering of "special" people, Evil Cole decides to join in the possibility of gaining new powers.

Rivalry: Evil Cole's rival is, oddly enough, Fat Princess from the Fat Princess series. A somewhat comedic rivalry, the scene opens as Evil Cole continues his search for Conduits in a PlayStation landscape as he comes across Fat Princess, whom he addresses as royalty. Cole respectfully asks if she has seen any special people and Fat Princess merely replies that she wants cake. After she demands that Evil Cole "surrender" his cake, Cole becomes angry and states that he will not surrender to anyone and prepares to fight her.

Ending: After defeating Polygon Man, Evil Cole absorbs his power and returns to New Marais. Cole walks around talking about how Conduits are misunderstood. He claims that although power itself isn't dangerous, he is and unleashes his newfound power upon New Marais.

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  • Nate Fox stated in an interview that Cole is 27 years old at the beginning of Infamous.[6].
  • In the Japanese version of Infamous 2 Cole is said to be 26, however, due to it only be stated in the Japanese version it is considered non-canon.
  • Although Cole isn't the first Conduit in his timeline, as the NSA, FBI, and DARPA all knew of Conduits and regularly worked with inactive ones, and worked with the First Sons who had Kessler, Sasha, and Alden Tate within their ranks, Cole is the first publicly known Conduit.
  • Cole's pulse is 45 BPM, and his respiration is 10 breaths per minute.
  • According to the InFamous 2 press kit given to members of the audience at E3 2011, Cole's Courier license was registered on February 20, 2007. However, there is no expiration date given.
  • Cole is a playable character in the crossover fighting game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, alongside other Sony characters like Jak and Daxter, Nathan Drake, and Kratos. "Evil Cole" is also a playable character. Evil Cole's level 3 ability is the power to transform into The Beast, making this the first time "Beast Cole" has been playable.

Cole's official artwork for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

  • Cole's last name, MacGrath, is coincidentally similar to that of Douglas McGrath, the director of an unrelated movie named Infamous.
  • Cole's default tattoos in Infamous 2 were the following:
    • A decorative armband-like tattoo on his right biceps.
    • A modified caduceus on his left forearm, with a sort of gear attached to the staff-like motif of the symbol.
    • An Old English-like lettering on his left arm, with the initials "TD" (meaning Trish Dailey).
  • Strangely Cole's tattoos seem to disappear during comic 2D cutscenes, this is another small continuity error likely due to the part the developers would have no way of knowing Cole's karma states throughout certain points in the game.
  • The color of Coles Shirt also doesn't stay consistent with his in game appearance, in earlier 2D cutscenes Cole's shirt appears yellow until the defeat of Bertrand in which his shirt appears white in 2D cutscenes, Regardless of Karma state and for the rest of the game, evil Karma ending included.
  • It is ironic that Cole dropped out of college since in a conversation with Zeke in Infamous 2 Zeke states that Cole took mostly college prep classes in high school while he took mostly shop classes.
  • In the Infamous DC Comics, Kuo tells Cole she worked with John White in the NSA, yet in Infamous 2, Cole asks who her contact was in Empire City, to which she tells him again, that it's John, and Cole reacts surprised to this.
  • Cole wore a different sling bag during his initial confrontation with the Beast. It was brown, similar to the current bag he's wearing, but there were no latches where he can place a melee weapon. Like his other bag, the Sly Cooper logo is present in the bag.[1]
  • While Cole's Jacket is seen as iconic to his appearance in the original game, and in the opening of the sequel, in most outside media, he's mostly shown in his New Marais rendition, such as the Michael commercial, and PlayStation All-Stars promo.
  • There are several easter eggs and similarities from the Sly Cooper series, which was also developed by Sucker Punch Productions, that can be found in Cole.
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    The Cole statuette, included in the Hero Edition.

    • Cole has a sprinting and parkour style similar to Sly Cooper, the Sly Cooper series' lead protagonist.
    • If you look closely at Cole's backpack, it features a Sly Cooper symbol, along with the numbers "1" and "3".[2]
    • The Sly Cooper symbol reappears on Cole's new sling bag in Infamous 2 (both his bag in Empire City and New Marais).[1]
    • Cole's Thunder Drop technique might be a reference to "Thunder Flop", a signature move of Murray, one of the members of Sly Cooper's gang. Both involve falling from a distance and using splash damage.
  • A simple thing such as Cole running or jogging has about twenty animations, for the way human beings change balance when changing directions, to subtle motions in different body parts.
  • Infamous 1's Cole's Good and Evil Karma versions appear as downloadable skins in the multiplayer mode of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, along with Zeke, and several other characters from PS3-exclusive games. "Good Cole" and "Zeke" are characters on the "Heroes" team, and "Evil Cole" is a character on the "Villains" team. There are some slight alterations of Evil Cole's design in Uncharted 2 from his original look, as he doesn't have the same pale skin or the black veins on the back of his head.
  • In addition to being a skin for the multiplayer of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Cole's courier clothing from the first game also appear as an outfit for avatars in PlayStation Home for playing the demo. Cole from Infamous 2 is also a purchasable downloadable costume for PlayStation Home, including his face and amp, and a special charging animation rather than just his clothing.
    Cole's New Home

    The avatar of New Marais Cole in PlayStation Home

  • Cole compares the feeling of being in an area without power to that of being "thirsty".He and Zeke also have a habit of referring to electricity as "juice".
  • In the Infamous 2 mission Nix's New Family, Cole mentions having a younger brother. It is unknown as to his current status or location.
  • Cole appears to be ambidextrous, meaning able to use both hands for writing, etc. This is most likely due to Cole being able to change which hand he'll use to shoot by pressing the right analog stick and at several points during the story. This is a trait exhibited by no other character except Zeke Dunbar.[2] Also, in the gameplay trailer of Infamous 2, Cole switches the Amp between his left and right hands, which further suggest that Cole is ambidextrous.[1]
  • Cole appears in Street Fighter X Tekken, as an exclusive character in the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita versions.

    Cole's appearance in the Michael commercial.

  • Cole's name changed through the development of the character: Talon, Gear Wolfe, Chance, Dylan, and Cole. The reason Dylan was changed was due to the similar name of the Spider-Man Marvel electric super-villain Electro, whose name was Max Dillon.[7][8]
  • Cole is only called "The Electric Man" on five occasions.
    • When he is trying to retrieve the first blast core, the Militia guarding it will say, "It's the Electric Man, open fire!"
    • When Zeke tells Cole that he promised people help from the "Electric Man".
    • Bertrand, during his speech, will call him by that name, saying, "Cole MacGrath... The Electric Man.. is here, in New Marais".
    • The News Anchor of USTV, comparing the newly emerging conduits to "Cole MacGrath, the so-called Electric Man".
    • During the final good Karma ending, two Militia soldiers will have a talk cheer for Cole, the first calling him "Demon" and the second saying, "Go get 'em, Electric Man!"
  • Cole's phone number is [[1]], which was once advertised on TV by Zeke during one mission, trying to get Cole in a new romantic relationship.[1]
  • A statuette of Cole was included in the Infamous 2 Hero Edition, appearing in his neutral karmic state. Two other statuettes, each based on his maximized Good and Evil Karma appearance, are available as part of the prizes in a UGC Contest held by Sucker Punch.
  • Cole MacGrath was featured in the live-action commercial dubbed "Michael" as part of the PlayStation 3's Long Live Play advertising campaign. In the commercial, Cole talks with another patron at a pub about his exploits in New Marais, and how the gamer, "Michael", brought out his good side, showing his powers glowing in a blue hue. He would then chant Michael's name in unison with the other characters.
  • According to Cole in Festival of Blood, he'd read Dracula as he claimed to know how to properly kill vampires(which is likely a reference to how recent entertainment outlets such as films, television, video games, and especially comic books have gone far off from how Bram Stoker portrayed how to kill a vampire in said novel). It's likely Cole read the novel in question in high school as in New York(which Empire City is based on), reading Dracula is a requirement for passing the class.
  • Cole has appeared in a total of nine games, six outside of his own. As a playable character with access to his powers, Cole appears in Infamous, Infamous 2, Festival of Blood, Street Fighter X Tekken, and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. As a costume, Cole appears in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, LittleBigPlanet, LittleBigPlanet 2, and PlayStation Home.
  • The Voice of Survival mentions that Cole once committed a robbery, and his parents bailed him out. Although this isn't internally confirmed, considering that Dallas was finally getting info of him, such as his name, it is possible to be true. If so, it creates a similarity between him and Delsin Rowe, as both have a superior family member bailing them out.
  • In Infamous: Second Son, there are electronics stores in Seattle named Cole McG's Electronics, a reference to Cole and his electric powers. A second reference is the store Cooper & MacGrath, a parody clothing store of Abercrombie & Fitch, which uses the names of both Cole and Sly Cooper, a previous IP of Sucker Punch.
  • With the release of Infamous: Second Son, Cole exists as a PlayStation Network avatar in the forms of Pixel Cole and Cartoon Cole.
  • Cole appears in the 181st episode of the popular web-series DEATH BATTLE!, where he fought against Alex Mercer from the [PROTOTYPE] series. He was portrayed by Paul Guyet.


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