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Cole looking at college (center).

Coleridge College is an old and presumably abandoned building in the Warren.


It has several satellite dishes all around its exterior. Cole MacGrath utilizes them when he is sent by Moya to track down several spy drones sent by the First Sons to search for the Ray Sphere.

After crashing them and retrieving their flight recorders, he heads to the college to use the satellite dishes there because his phone does not have the supported bandwidth. Unfortunately, the Dust Men are waiting and they ambush Cole upon arrival. He gets through them and uploads the records to Moya, who reveals the drones are coming from the Historic District.

Coleridge College is either extremely old or suffered extensive damage in the Blast, supported by Moya's comment, "I hope the dishes still work". Its architecture consists of old stone with modern balconies and round dome structures around the corner.