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There were a large amount of companies and products in New Marais.

  • IBAU: I.B.A.U. is an industrial company providing several products to New Marais. Their gas tanks can be seen spread around Gas Works and can be used as explosives. I.B.A.U. was not only producing gas to New Marais, but was also dominant in the industrial and manufacturer areas. There is a giant IBAU sign on one of the buildings and even the Ice Tower has IBAU written on it.
  • GWP Warehouse: GWP Warehouse is a warehouse in New Marais.
  • Bug J Machine: Bug J Machine is a manufacturer in New Marais.
  • HMD International: HMD International is an international industrial manufacturer providing several products to New Marais.
  • J & I Merger Industries:  J & I Merger Industries is a company in New Marais, formed in 1955. Their building was built from help by the I.B.A.U. sub-company Industrial Steel.
  • B Harder Inc: B Harder Inc. is a company in New Marais.
  • New Marais Railway: New Marais Railway is a company providing the functioning railway system for New Marais. By the time of the Empire Event, however, no trains were functioning in Flood Town.
  • Red Ring Electronics: Red Ring Electronics is an electronics store. It's name is a pun on the "Red Ring of Death" in the Xbox
  • Subway: because Subway promoted the inFamous 2 release, many Subways (sandwich shops) can be found around New Marais.
  • D'Lorah's: D'Lorah's is a television store in New Marais.