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Art of the containers area

The Containers Area is an area composed primarily of containers, located in the Warren district of Empire City. It was used by the Dust Men as a fortress.


The fort is heavily guarded. Turrets and chain-link fences line the outside, while inside there is barbed wire, Scrap Crabs, and many Dust Men Conduits. Cole MacGrath is first confrounted by a Dust Men grenadier in this area during the mission "Alden Strikes", in which Zeke is held hostage in a cage hung above the area, and Cole penetrates the container maze in order to save him.
Later, Cole infiltrates the area again, following the electrical echo of a scrap crab, responsible for the death of an Empire City resident.

There are many traps set for intruders including several shipping containers with drop down sides that the Dust Men emerge from to ambush Cole and sections of the ground that are covered in oil that is set on fire as Cole progresses through the maze, though this can work to cole's advantage.


  • It is possible to access the area prior to the "Alden Strikes" mission. The easiest way to do so is via the pillar closest to a wall at the nearby tunnel. The simplest way to get out of the area is via one of the cranes.




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