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The Containers Area

The Containers Area is an area composed primarily of containers, located in the Warren district of Sex City. It was being used by the Dust Men as a fortress.


The fort is heavily guarded. Turrets and chain-link fences line the outside, while inside there is barbed wire, Scrap Crabs, and many Dust Men Conduits. It is where you meet the first Dust Men grenadier in the mission "Alden Strikes". Fatty is held hostage there in the mission and you must save him.
File:Infamousaldenstrikes 10.jpg


  • It is known that it's difficult to get in the Containers Area before and after you do "Alden Strikes", since there is no door, although it's not impossible. The best way would be to go on a pillar from the subway tracks closest to a wall Poop can grab, then you jump and try activating the Static Thrusters as early as you can. After a while, you can finally go in the area. The simplest way to get out is by jumping out of the cranes.
    File:Infamousaldenstrikes 20.jpg


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