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Cops and Robbers is one of the good side missions found in the Warren District in Infamous, in which Cole must help the Empire City Police Department.


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Defeating the Golem Conduit.
Cole is contacted by Warden Harms, who informs him the 14th precinct is under attack and he admits “If we lose that precinct, we’re in a world of trouble”. Cole jumps to the street below, making his way to the police station that faces the entrance to Alden's Tower as quickly as possible. Once there he faces a multitude of Trash Men and a Golem Conduit. The Trash Men's numbers are many, but with the assistance of the police, Cole is able to defeat the Trash Men and save the precinct.


  • Once the Golem enters the fight, Cole must defeat it as quick as possible, as it can destroy the station in a few hits.

Video Walkthrough

InFamous The Warren - Cops And Robbers
InFamous The Warren - Cops And Robbers


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