A Swamp Monster, the most common form of Corrupted.

The Corrupted are unlucky citizens of New Marais that have been changed into monsters that seem to dwell in the swamps of New Marais.

Their mutation are from unknown means, but it seems that one of the reasons the Militia was formed was to fight them off. The Corrupted take the place of the second group of enemies that will face Cole in InFamous 2. Not much is known about the Corrupted.There are currently four Corrupted so far, three Special-type corrupted and a Grunt-type corrupted. The three special types are Ravager, Behemoth and Devourer, the Grunt-type, identified by a gameplay trailer, are called Swamp Monsters and somewhat resemble a human . They are shown to have pale skin, a larger than normal muscular build, split open mouths, bladed arms, and mutated legs which have a bone structure like an animal's, probably for achieving quick speeds. Upon closer examination of the mutants, it could be said that they have crab-like blades for arms, and run like dogs or tigers. Another possible type of Corrupted was shown in a trailer devouring a random citizen. Another type are Gasbags which replace the kamikaze bombers from the first game.


thumb|350px|right|IGN rewind: inFamous 2.

  • The Corrupted have green colored blood due to mutation.
  • The green-covered Corrupted can do a lot of damage to Cole if they get to close.



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