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Corrupted Acid is a power used by the Corrupted Conduits.


This power is used by all Corrupted monsters except the Swamp Monsters. They can generate a powerful acid, that causes explosions and corrosion on contact with anything or anyone, though the intensity of the explosion depends on the Conduit using the power.



Spikers can spit small amounts of acid, that do not explode, but can cause slight damage to a target. The Spikers are never a real danger, as the shot is too weak to injure a target, but in large number it can be a hindrance.


Gasbags fill their "heads" with this acid, and can explode it at a time of their choosing. They prefer to close in on the target, before "detonating" their heads, but this can be easily be avoided by shooting the head before they close in.

Ravagers and Hive Lords[]

Ravagers and Ravager Hive Lords can spit acid up in the air, in the form of tiny blobs that act as missiles. They can home in on a target, exploding on contact, and injuring a target. Multiple explosions can destroy cars.


Devourers can fire huge blobs of acid, that destroy anything in their path. One blob can easily explode a car, break through fences, and corrode the roads, and shatter structures. A full salvo off the attack can easily kill a target, even a Conduit as powerful as Cole MacGrath.

Joseph Bertrand[]

In his Behemoth form, Joseph Bertrand III has the powers of all the Corrupted combined. He can create homing salvoes like the Ravagers and Hive Lords, though his are far more powerful, and have a better seeking ability, though their slow speed makes them easier to deflect. He can throw balls of acid like the Devourers, and can throw a greater number of them. He can spit out a gas cloud of acid, that causes anything in its path to be thrown off their feet, and crushed between any other objects.

Though his version of the attack is the most powerful, it also has one major weakness. His massive size ensures that the attack takes a long time to reach his target on the ground, giving them the time to avoid it. If he gets closer to the ground for a better chance of hitting, he is forced to expose his weak points at his elbows. Oddly, his acid can be blocked with a Frost Shield, unlike the Devourers attack that explodes through the shield.

In his human form, he can use the acid to Corrupt Conduits into Monsters. In his behemoth form, he can wrap up targets with tentacles, and convert them in a similar manner.