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*[[Lucy Kuo]]
*[[Lucy Kuo]]
*[[Vermaak 88]]
*[[Vermaak 88]]
*[[Cole MacGrath]] (canon)
*[[Cole MacGrath]] (Good Karma)

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Inf2 Cryo Powers
Good Cole using the Ionic Freeze.
Attributed to: Cryokinesis
Upgradeable: Yes
Appears in: inFamous 2

Cryokinesis is the set of abilities featured in inFamous 2 that revolve around the manipulation or production of cold or ice. It is initially seen as the genuine ability of cryopathic Conduit Lucy Kuo, whose abilities were activated by an unknown means involving the replacement of her blood with a glowing blue substance. Her powers were then copied and "grafted" onto the members of the PMC Vermaak 88 by Joseph Bertrand using the Power Transfer Device. Kuo's powers can also be grafted onto Cole MacGrath using the same device. As siding with Kuo is considered a Good act, the Ice Powers are seen as a sign of a noble player.

Cryokinesis includes abilities such as Shatter Blast, Ice Grenade, Freeze Rocket, Ice Launch, Frost Shield and Ionic Freeze. This is the alternative to Pyrokinesis, which is earned by using the Transfer Device on the villainous Nix.

Known Cryokinesis users

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