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DARPA, (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is a U.S agency responsible for developing new technology for the Military.


Now DARPA is the motherload of Black Ops crap. It's the secret pentagon group that doesn't answer to anybody! If she's in with those clowns, you better watch out, son.
― Zeke Dunbar describes DARPA

After Cole MacGrath first meets Moya Jones, Zeke Dunbar looks into her background and discovers that she is a DARPA agent. Zeke describes the organization as "The mother load of black-ops crap" and advises his friend to "Stay away". His prediction later comes to fruition when Moya's deception is revealed.
Cole breaks off his deal with her, but as the Military prepare to storm Empire City, Cole receives a call from Moya in which she states "I warned you that if I lost control, they'd escalate things. You shouldn't have reneged on our deal." She also threatens to "Bury" Cole so deep that he won't "know which way is up". Also after Cole first meets Moya, she copies his phone's frequency to make sure she knows everything.


  • DARPA was secretly funding the First Sons development of the Ray Sphere, but were betrayed by Kessler, who used it for his own plans.
  • The real DARPA is mainly involved in research, and not field work. Given John White's report on how FEMA was empowered as a law enforcement agency, and the CDC was assigned military units, radical departures from what they are in real-life and what in-universe they're supposed to be, it is probable that Moya was part of a top-secret black ops section of DARPA dealing with experimental technology. This is further supported by the fact the NSA is mainly SIGINT in real-life, but was responsible for spying on the First Sons, possibly due to the fact they could handle electronic surveillance in-house.
  • In Infamous 2there is a memo at Laroche's Flood Town hideout that reads "FEMA LIES".
  • In the DC comics sequel to Infamous, Moya and the Military invade Empire City and start executing surviving citizens. This normally wouldn't be possible without proper authority by the President. It is revealed in inFamous 2, Navarro authorized the Quarantine, but not the invasion, which lead to his impeachment.