‎Kessler's trying to hide from me. Disguise his true nature. But through the glory of God, I know the truth. Kessler won't escape my fury.
— David declaring his revenge on Kessler.

David Warner was a father and husband, who was a security guard employed by the First Sons and a carrier of the Conduit gene.[1]


The First SonsEdit

David Warner lived in the Neon District of Empire City with his wife and daughter. David worked as a security guard at the First Sons' research facility. During his time there, David had a large debt that he worked to pay off. Struggling with it, Kessler offered David money to repay the debt in exchange for becoming one of the Ray Sphere test subjects. David agreed to this, and Kessler promised to deliver the payment to David's wife personally.[1]


David as a test subject for the First Sons.

David was kept in the laboratory and exposed to the Ray Sphere multiple times. With David's Conduit powers unlocked, his skin changed to purple and he grew two extra arms. However, David was kept a prisoner of the Ray Sphere tests. Kessler did not follow through on their deal, and David's wife killed herself out of desperation. His daughter died later.[1]

After being exposed to the Ray Sphere thirty times, David gained various new powers.[1]

Hunting ColeEdit

As a side-effect, David needed neuroelectricity to survive. After the blast, and later Kessler's death, David escaped from the First Sons' facility and returned to his home. Finding his wife dead, David became enraged, blaming Kessler for not following up on their deal. David then vowed revenge on Kessler, though he was unaware Kessler was already dead. Because Cole MacGrath and Kessler were the same person, David believed Cole was Kessler in disguise and subsequently pursued him. During the hunt, David attacked a Police station and fought against Cole and the police, though Cole, quickly realizing the damage the fight was doing to the people around them, decided to draw David away from the police and any nearby civilians. [1]


David is attacked by military Conduits.

As Cole fled, David pursued and slammed him into a nearby building. However, the military used a bomb to destroy the building. David was buried under the rubble as Cole escaped. Eventually, David rose from the wreckage, still determined to kill Cole and return home to the bodies of his wife and daughter. David drained the neuroelectricity from civilians to stay alive, though he did so with regret. David soon tracked Cole down to Steel Harbor. When he assaulted the military ship Cole was on, David was attacked by several military made Conduits.[1]

David easily killed the military Conduits and was confronted by Cole. As David and Cole battled, David was set on fire with jet fuel, and Cole finally used lightning storm to kill David. As he died, David saw a vision of his family, who told him they loved him.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit


David drains the neuro-electricity from civilians.

David possessed a wide range of powers: life-force absorption, super human strength, some form of infrared vision and possibly clairvoyance; additionally, Moya said that David can "smell" people on the genetic level. David needed to feed on neuro-electricity, as he will die without it, which was his main weakness. He was able to drain the neuro-electricity from a person, killing them in the process. David has shown to possess some form of Electrokinesis powers, which was red.[1]

Also, David survived being bombed and buried under a building, displaying a great degree of superhuman durability. David also had four arms, allowing him to have an advantage in close combat.[1]

Appearance and personalityEdit

David is a religious man; invoking God numerous times for allowing him to live on and asking for forgiveness when killing people by draining their neuro-electricity. David also loved his wife and daughter very much, and was horrified when discovering that they were dead. David had an aggressive nature, attempting many times to kill Cole, who he believed was Kessler, for revenge.[1]

After his Conduit powers were unlocked, David had purple skin and four arms, though it appeared he had several tentacles on his body as well. After gaining his powers, David also became bald, much larger than a normal human being and very muscular.[1]


  • Despite giving a relative location of David's home in the comics, it cannot be found anywhere in the Neon District in game.
    • This is most likely because the comics were created after the game.
    • It could also be the fact that it is out of the city, most likely just on the other side of Stanton Bridge.



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