Listed here are the Dead Drop messages found by Cole MacGrath in Infamous.

Dead Drop messagesEdit

Initial MeetingEdit

John White: "Contact established with the First Sons. Met a woman who called herself Jane, and she asked me a variety of questions including whether I have ever exhibited extra-sensory abilities. Told her I have dream-based ESP and involuntary telekinetic abilities.

Jane seemed to mull this over for a while, and then she gave me an address. I was instructed to meet her there at midnight, No other details".

Induction, Part IEdit

John: "Ten-day communication delay due to being incapacitated. Met Jane outside of an abandoned warehouse. She put a black bag over my head and led me in. Counted two thousand steps and one right-hand turn. She sat me in a chair, strapped down my arms and legs, and left me there."


John: "I couldn’t stop Kessler from detonating the Ray Sphere. Damn thing took out five or six square blocks, killed God knows how many.

Found the Ray Sphere in the blast crater, next to some kid. I dunno if he was dead or not, I didn’t have time to check. I’m going to try and hold up somewhere. If anyone is even listening to these things, I need immediate extraction. Please. You need to get me out of here before Kessler finds me!"

Induction, Part IIEdit

John: "Don’t know how long I sat strapped to that chair- at least a couple of hours. Finally the bag was removed and this brute of a man stood in front of me. Had to be seven feet tall and four hundred pounds.

He told me he was going to beat me, and if I wanted him to stop, I would have to do it mentally, with my mind. Then he punched me in the face."

Installing DishesEdit

John: "Released from the infirmary. Initial assignment is installing and configuring satellite dishes across Empire City. When I asked what they planned to do with dishes I was told to mind my own business.

Because the dishes are relatively remote and secure, I use them for my dead drops."

Induction, Part IIIEdit

John: "For the first thirty minutes or so of the beating he focused on my midsection, hitting me square on the ribs. I tried to play along, squinted my eyes and gave him looks, look like I was really doing something with my mind, but that just made him laugh."

After landing three straight blows to my head, he bent over and told me to focus, to shape my thoughts and make them real. And if I couldn't do it, he was going to beat me to death. He then punched me so damn hard I blacked out."


John: "Kept in the infirmary for several days. Had my own room, and other than a nurse, didn’t see anyone. I tested the door five times and it was always locked.

Checked the IV, and they had me on a steady dose Dolapheen. So much for their healing abilities."


John: "Was introduced to Kessler today. He has some kind of metal device attached to his right arm, and his face was scarred, probably the result of an accident. One of the other guards said that Kessler had been the leader of the First Sons for decades, but that he vanishes for long periods of time.

Initial impression is that Kessler is a true believer. He has an agenda, and he’s going to carry it out. We may have to move against him sooner than we initially planned."

Lab AccessEdit

John: "Gained access to the primary lab. Audio surveillance will begin within the next twenty-four hours. I placed two recording devices in the lab, which should provide optimal coverage. I’m also going to attempt to place devices in the cafeteria and other public places"


John: "Change in assignment- I’m now tasked with protecting a woman named Sasha. She’s supposedly researching mind-control techniques. Something with a spray or a gel.

My gut tells me she’s a honey pot, so I’ll have to be careful around her."

Audio Surveillance: Kessler (Part I)Edit

John: "Audio recording of Kessler follows"

Kessler: "Test subject #345a is exhibiting remarkable signs of progress. The pituitary region of the brain has grown by 39%, and small muscle regeneration is almost instantaneous. I do have some concerns with the lack of proper blood flow to the lower extremities Oxygen absorption in those areas are off by 3.6%, a rather substantial decrease that could impact the subjects performance. We’ll need to perform more tests."

First Sons, Part IEdit

John: "Background information. The origins of the First Sons dates back to Medieval Europe, exact date unknown. Because they were viewed as witches, or in league with the devil, they were forced to flee to the New World in the 17th century.

Once settled in America, the group continued their meetings and experiments, focusing on telekinesis, precognition and channeling. This is probably apocryphal, but current members claim responsibility for what happened in Salem in 1692 and ’93 and use those events to validate their mentalist abilities."

First Sons, Part IIEdit

John: "Background information. Membership levels surged after the Civil War, as they sought people who shared their interests and beliefs. But it was the arrival of Richard Tate in 1892 that resulted in the creation of what we consider the First Sons.

Tate’s primary goal was to use the technology of the time to unlock the “true” power of mentalists. Tate firmly believed in emerging technology, particularly the work of Edison, could be used to enhance the groups mental powers."

Luigi GalvaniEdit

John: "Discovered a cache of documents relating to the work of Luigi Galvani. It’s obvious that someone, probably Kessler, took Galvani’s ideas of how electricity interacts with muscles and tried to expand it. Bunch of stuff here on creating a new kind of ion, but I don’t understand it. Going to copy all of this and send it to the P.O. box."

The WarrenEdit

John: "Escorted Sasha into the Warren tonight so she could meet with some older man. Don’t know his name, but Sasha made it clear she wanted the meeting kept a secret.

As for the Warren, it’s even worse than I had imagined. Homeless people everywhere, people starving, buildings on the verge of falling down. Someone needs to take a bulldozer to that place."

First Sons, Part IIIEdit

John: "Background information. According to the group’s official history, research surged ahead and numerous breakthroughs were achieved under Tate’s leadership. Side-note: No evidence remains of any specific breakthroughs. Repeated requests to witness anything created during this era were denied. End of side-note.

After Tate’s death, the First Sons formally designated Empire City as their base of operations."

Sasha and KesslerEdit

John: "A romantic relationship has formed between Sasha and Kessler. Although it largely appear to be on the level, occasionally Sasha will mutter that Kessler isn’t doing as “he’s told”, or that she doesn't understand why he's “different”. She's clearly referencing the beyond usual power dynamics present in any relationship."

Ray SphereEdit

John: "First glimpse of a device Kessler calls the “Ray Sphere”. It's about the size of a basketball and appears to be structured from two halves that are connected via an array of electrical cables and silicon boards. An unknown object occupies it's center.

At first blush, it looks like a bomb of some type. Going to have to track it carefully."

Audio Surveillance: Kessler (Part II)Edit

John: "Audio recording of Kessler follows."

Kessler: "Experiment #34j. Placing a male rat of average size into a lead box; the Ray Sphere is in a secondary chamber adjacent to test subject. All previous experiments have ended in instantaneous death of the subject. Closing the lid.

Activating the Ray Sphere. Ray Sphere is cycling down, and, wait. I can hear the subject moving.

Unbelievable – it’s flying! Dammit, shoot it! Shoot it!"

Sasha ExpelledEdit

John: "Kessler and Sasha had a very public falling out today. No real details about what prompted it, but it concluded with Sasha physically attacking Kessler. I was ordered to escort Sasha from the premises, which I did.

As she left, Sasha turned and looked at me and said she’d be back, that we’ll suffer and die by her hand. Got to admit, the look on her face creeped me out a bit. I expect to be reassigned to Kessler."

Audio Surveillance: Kessler (Part III)Edit

John: "Audio recording of Kessler follows."

Kessler: "Experiment 52c. A full grown, male chimpanzee is connected to the Ray Sphere via six electrodes. Mitch, go ahead and turn the meter to ten.

The subject is experiencing minor discomfort. Turn it up to 15. Interesting... Let’s go to 20. Subject is now in obvious pain and is bleeding from the nose and ears. Go up to 28 Mitch.

Dammit. Well, that didn’t work as I had expected. Mitch, get someone in here to clean that up."

Audio Surveillance: Kessler (Part IV)Edit

John: "Audio recording of Kessler follows."

Kessler: "Yes, I’d like to schedule a package for delivery. No, just one. Would it be possible to request a specific courier? I see. Well, I’m sure they’re all reliable, but there’s only one I trust. His name is Cole MacGrath. Yes, I’ll hold."

Operational SupportEdit

John: "Is anyone over there listening to these drops? It’s been two weeks since I’ve had any contact with the agency, and the stuff I’m seeing is a million times worse than what we expected. Animals with super powers, people moving things with their minds. You can’t expect me to handle this all on my own."

Audio Surveillance: Kessler (Part V)Edit

John: "Audio recording of Kessler follows."

Kessler: "Final preparations nearly complete. The device will be delivered to the corner of 19th and Sloat at 1900 hours, with detonation following two minutes later.

Post-blast, the device will be retrieved and placed into stasis while I await the results. In case the event doesn’t bring about the desired results, a second event will be scheduled."

Arrest KesslerEdit

John: "Based on the evidence I’ve collected, I’m recommending immediate action be taken against Kessler. Because of the threat he poses to national security, Kessler qualifies as for extraordinary rendition pursuant, to sub-section 34c of the Patriot Act. Please advise."

Audio Surveillance: Kessler (Part VI)Edit

John: "Audio recording of Kessler follows."

Kessler: "Animal-based trials have proven to be an effective, if limited, means of experimentation. Because animals lack the cognitive thinking of humans, the Ray Sphere literally “forces” extraordinary abilities upon the test subject.

That said, all data suggests that in the event the Ray Sphere is activated in the presence of a human conduit, the results will be extremely impressive. Abilities should manifest within 1 to 48 hours, and given the right circumstances, the conduit will have full control of their powers, within three weeks. Current testing shows that the Ray Sphere has no effect on humans who are not conduits."

Operation StatusEdit

John: "Listen, I’m sick and tired of getting the runaround. My handler has vanished and no one is returning my calls! How much more evidence do you need? If this goes down, it’ll be on your hands, not mine. You let this happen!"

Ray Sphere LostEdit

John: "Those damn transients, or Dust Men, whatever they’re called, found me. Busted in while I was sleeping and took the Ray Sphere. I shot two of them, but the others lost me – I don’t know the city as well as they do.

I have a single cache of UAV’s hidden near the docks. Going to deploy ‘em and see if I can figure out where they took the Ray Sphere."

Meeting with ColeEdit

John: "Made initial contact with Cole MacGrath, the so-called “electric man” and enlisted his help. Seems to have a good head on his shoulders, but he's been duped into working for someone called Moya.

My gut says she's a rival agency, a foreign power, or is working with Kessler. Would love to get my hands on her and find out what she knows."

Voice of SurvivalEdit

John: "Watched some of Kessler’s goons raid the TV station of the so-called Voice of Survival was using. He tried to send out a final broadcast, but they killed him before he could say much.

Too bad it ended the way it did. I kind of liked that kid."


John: "Been spending a lot of time thinking what’s been happening here. The CDC suddenly getting Military units, FEMA acting like a law enforcement agency. No word at all from anyone in the NSA, and God knows what the FBI is doing.

Seems like someone is setting the stage for a fundamental shift in the way this country works, and who runs it. If we don’t destroy the Ray Sphere, there could be people like Cole everywhere. And who would stop them? Nobody."

Message for John WhiteEdit

Director Houston: "Agent White, This is NSA Director Houston. Your operation has been terminated. No one is blaming you for what happened - we know you did everything you could."

"We will have a chopper at drop point Zeta everyday at 1650 hours. It’s time for you to come home."


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