The following is based on non-canon content and is not considered to be part of the Infamous continuity.

"Death March" is a series of evil side missions in Infamous. They are located in the Warren and the Historic District of Empire City.

Objective[edit | edit source]

The missions are given by Sasha. They are similar to the good side missions, "Walk the Dogs." The only difference is Cole must publicly execute his prisoners after forcing them to their destination.

Escorting the prisoners[edit | edit source]

The objective is for Cole to escort the prisoners to a fixed location. Along the way, the prisoners will attempt to flee or attack Cole, and he must shock them until they submit and resume walking. He can zap a prisoner during the march to make them walk faster.

In the Warren, Cole escorts four standard Dust Men held captive by Reaper Conduits. In the Historic District, the only the prisoners Cole will escort are three First Sons conduits.

Videos[edit | edit source]


InFamous Sasha's Evil Side Mission 3

Death March 1 (The Warren)


InFamous Historic District - Death March

Death March 2 (Historic District)

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