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The sacrifice 3

The Devourer in The Sacrifice

Devourers are the largest type of Corrupted, with the exception of the Behemoth. They have armor in the form of large scales which are able to sustain even the greatest damage. They have a large, strong tongue as well, which they use to get hold of their targets. They appear by themselves, or with a few lesser members of the Corrupted.


Devourers have extremely tough armored hides that make their only weak area the open mouth. They are gigantic and powerful creatures and will crush anything they come into contact with, destroying cars and dealing major damage if they step on Cole. Their huge size means they are very slow, but they are slightly faster walking forwards than Cole is walking backwards while aiming, and will constantly gain ground on him if he is doing this, requiring the player to stop and run further away occasionally. They have two main attacks which they alternate between, both requiring them to open their mouth.

At regular intervals a Devourer will briefly open its mouth wide and roar: if any non-Corrupted NPC or Cole is within the fairly short targeting range, they will shoot out their long tentacle-like tongue at the nearest target. If this attack connects, the Devourer retracts the tongue and bites into the victim; NPCs are simply swallowed whole. If this happens to Cole, he will have a brief opportunity to attack the creature's mouth while he is pulled in, forcing it to release him. Should he fail and be pulled into the Devourer's mouth, a brief QTE of Cole trying to hold the creature's mouth open will be triggered, during which Cole will take major damage even if the player succeeds. If Cole is already at low health or the player fails the QTE, Cole will instantly die by getting eaten.

Their second attack has them open their mouth partway drooling acid, then stop moving and let loose with a sustained volley of large pod-like acid globules. These arc in flight and will destroy any destructible scenery, and have a fairly large splash damage radius: being hit even once will knock Cole off his feet and leave him vulnerable to further hits. They can be reflected with the Blast powers, but come too quickly for this to really be practical: dodging repeatedly or taking cover behind indestructible scenery such as buildings or trees is the only reliable way to avoid damage. The Devourer's mouth is open during this entire attack, but it is unwise to attempt to damage it once it has started throwing the globules.


Since the creature only takes damage at set times in its attack cycle, the primary weapon against a Devourer should be whatever the player has that deals damage the fastest: grenade and rocket powers are best, with Sticky Grenade or Double Grenade preferable for fighting early ones and Freeze Rocket or Hellfire Rockets against later ones. Avoid getting too greedy with damage when the creature is preparing to do its acid globule attack: while the long period with the creature's mouth open is tempting, it is virtually impossible to deal damage to it after it starts firing without being hit. Bolt Stream will kill a Devourer very quickly, and summoning an Ionic Vortex will take about half the creature's health if its mouth is open. The Kinetic Pulse can also be used to throw objects at the Devourer's open mouth, though this can be tricky to time.

Devourers are also unable to pass through certain indestructible terrain, such as the gates of the Cemetery, and will simply stand still outside, constantly trying to attack.


  • In UGC the Devourer is shown to have 3000 health.
  • The Devourers weigh so much that anyone underneath immediately dies, even Ravagers.
  • In ugc editor, if you spawn two devourers besides each other and have them tongue cole, cole's arms will stretch. You can see Cole does not die, but rather hang on to the devourer's uvula, and after it shuts its mouth, Cole splits his legs.